2013 – 復帰!?


According to this website/news, Akina is preparing for her comeback in 2013 – vocal training and talks of a possible Spring Drama?!

I hope this is for real!! Can’t wait for her return!!

「ザ・ベストテン 中森明菜 プレミアムBOX」


Akina and Mariya

It is no secret that if a poll was conducted between fans on their favourite Akina album, a large number of them would have 「Crimson」down as one of the Top 3 choices. It is my personal favourite because it presents Akina in a totally different light from the image that she usually projects with her single releases.

After her mysterious turn with 「不思議」which marks her first mature album, she follows it up with a 180 deg turn into exploring womanhood, with an album full of potential hits, but none released as a single.  山下達郎さん famously criticised her rendition of「駅」in Mariya’s million selling self-cover album 「Request」but retracted his comments later by saying that it was the arrangement rather than the singer.

「駅」is probably one of Mariya’s most covered tracks together with 「元気を出して」, which coincidentally was also originally recorded by 薬師丸ひろ子 in her debut album, and not released as a single. Mariya sings it with a free soul, having moved on totally from her ex-lover with 「駅」, but Akina’s version is painstaking, and in my humble opinion, a better rendition and interpretation of the lyrics, especially the bit where she realises that her ex-lover’s true love was her.

Recently, I started wondering about 山下達郎さん’s comments, and wonder if his comments had more to do with Akina not releasing any of the songs given to her by Mariya as singles, rather than his issue with her treatment of the song in「Crimson」. Mariya is a respected and accomplished songwriter and she brings clout to the singers who usually release her songs as singles, but Akina had chosen only to include it in an album. Did they believe that she showed disrespect this way? Should they have given 「駅」to Teresa Teng, because they thought it would make a nice 歌謡 song?

In my opinion, she should definitely have released 「駅」as a single, but then, I believe Akina preferred 「約束」because she performed that in 夜ヒット, and it would have made a better single than 「Fin」. Anyway, one can’t rewrite history but I think this performance below, which is one of my favourite Akina performances ever shows what a beautiful rendition Akina’s 「駅」is.


竹内まりや – 【駅】

A great start to Akina’s 30th Anniversary


While Akina recuperates and prepares for her 30th anniversary next year, there has been many relatively negative reports rehashing old news (comparison with Seiko, attempt suicide etc) and speculation on her “premature” retirement, most of which is frustrating, boring and most of all, trivial.

Today, we are greeted by this great news that TBS has decided to release Akina’s performances on the Best Ten program in a DVD boxset, making her the third artiste after Momoe and The Checkers to be honoured with this collection.



体調不良で無期限活動休止中の歌手、中森明菜(46)が往年のTBS系人気音楽番組「ザ・ベストテン」に出演した際の 名場面集DVD-BOXが、来年2月29日に発売されることが14日、分かった。「ザ・ベストテン 中森明菜 プレミアムBOX」(5枚組12時間45 分、定価3万円)で、デビュー30周年を記念しての発売決定。明菜は「すっごく すっごく 嬉しい!!!」と直筆メッセージで喜びを示した。


09年10月に発売された「ザ・ベストテン 山口百恵 完全保存版DVD-BOX」に続くスペシャル企画で、関係者によると療養中の明菜も可能な限り編集 をチェック。「ずっと何もしてあげられない あたしですが…ちょっと頑張ってみましたー みなさんに…少しでも喜んでもらえるかナ…と」とつづった。

体調不良は過労による免疫力低下が原因とされ、昨年10月下旬から活動休止中。所属レコード会社関係者によると「十分に静養してもらうが、明菜自身は復帰 について諦めていない」と明かし、復帰に向けて体質改善や体力づくりをしているとも。デビュー30周年に、歌姫復活への期待は高まりそうだ。


盛り込まれているヒット曲は「少女A」「セカンド・ラブ」「北ウイング」「ジプシー・クイーン」など。番組名物だった中継では、新幹線の中で「十戒」を 歌った84年8月23日放送のシーン、プロ野球の阪神優勝に沸く大阪・阪神百貨店のタイガース・グッズ売り場で歌った85年10月31日放送のシーンな ど、懐かしい場面も収められている。

This news article basically reports that Akina is extremely happy (written in the personal note above) that they are releasing this collecti0n entitled “The Best Ten – Akina Nakamori Premium Box”, and premium is the right name as it is reported to be priced at around 30,000 yen, which is quite a hefty sum. It also glorifies Akina’s achievement on the program where she is the titleholder of most Number Ones for female artistes (17 in total to Seiko’s 15), and her grand tally of 69 weeks at No.1 is the highest ever for the program (male or female).

This is great news for all Akina fans and most of all for Akina herself, which is a new source of income for her (as it would close to nothing this year) and a great start for her in 2012. Let’s hope that she will be able to launch this herself.


Another article:



歌手、中森明菜(46)がデビュー30周年を迎える来年の2月29日にDVD BOX「ザベストテン 中森明菜 プレミアムBOX」を発売することに なった。明菜といえば、松田聖子(49)と並んで“80年代アイドル”として一時代を築いた。だが昨年来、長期休養が続いている。直筆のメッセージを寄せ た明菜、今どうしているのか。

DVD BOXは、TBSの看板歌番組だった「ザ・ベストテン」(1978年1月19日~89年9月28日)で明菜が出演した30時間にも及ぶ映像を厳選して12時間45分に編集し、5枚組のDVDに収録。編集したDVDは可能な限り明菜本人がチェックしたという。

ランクインしなかったデビュー曲「スローモーション」を除き、「少女A」や「セカンド・ラブ」「北ウイング」「ジプシー・クイーン」などヒット曲の連続に 明菜の凄みを再認識。「ザベストテン」の名物だった“追っかけ中継”では、84年8月23日放送の新幹線の中で歌う「十戒」など生々しい場面も収められて いる。




「休養中の明菜が発売に踏み切ったのは、もちろんファンへの気持ちが大きいが、それ以上に当時の自分に自信と誇りを持っているためだと思う。今の自分を勇 気づけているようにも見えるし、スターとしてのプライドを持ち続けている証」と復帰に期待をつなぐのは、芸能ジャーナリストの渡邉裕二氏。

DVD BOX発売がひとつの契機となるか。

From what I understand, the only interesting new item in this article is that they have edited the video footage from 30 hours to 12 hours and 45 minutes, due to sensitivity of other artistes appearing on the same program. One of the other VAMPires can translate the others.

This is Akina’s transcript:

すっごく すっごく 嬉しい!!!
みなさんも…本当!! 本当!!
楽しみにしていて… うれしいナ…
昔の自分… 自分でも 好き…
ありがとう みなさんへ

北ウィング is a mystery

Call it a mystery or pure bad luck, but due to inexplicable circumstances (or someone just way too keen), 北ウィング lost out on the No. 1 coveted spot on the Oricon Chart in January 1984.

According to this site, if one observed the chart for 1984.1.9, which collects sales data for the week ending 1983.12.26, 北ウィング makes its debut on No.2 on its first week on the Oricon chart, selling 8.5万枚, losing out to eventual 1984 sales champ もしも明日か。。。by わらべ. Call it bad luck.

Chart 1984.1.19

If you look at the chart closely, you will notice that 北ウィング is the only single released on 1984.1.1.

Now, let’s look at the next chart, which collects sales data for following two weeks (as Japan shuts down for the New Year). You will see that 北ウィング sold more (two week total) at 12.3万枚, but still insufficient to defeat the champ.

Chart 1984.1.16

However, look at the sole new entry that week -クライマックス御一緒に by あんみつ姫 (小泉今日子). The release date for that single is the same as 北ウィング (1984.1.1), which means that 北ウィング’s entry in the previous chart was premature.

Somehow, Oricon had calculated 北ウィング’s sales in advance and charted it early, causing 北ウィング to miss out on the coveted No. 1 spot, which it would have because its combined sales would have been 20.8万枚, eclipsing もしも明日か。。。and entering at No.1.

What caused this? An over eager staff member releasing the single for sales earlier and Oricon punishing Warner? An over zealous Seiko fan who was working at Oricon? I guess we will never know. It’s unfair but there’s nothing we can do to correct “history”.

The only saving grace is that 北ウィング topped ザ・ベストテン chart for 5 weeks, which is a more definitive chart of sorts because it tabulated airplay requests as well.

A fan in Leslie Cheung

This is an article that was drawn from Issue 1256 of Hong Kong TV Times periodical  [《香港电视》第1256期] on 1991.11.28

张国荣喜欢有时代感,性格倔强的女孩子,他说: 「在圈中,我喜欢MAGGIE(张曼玉),我喜欢她的外形。」 「对她可有性幻想?」 「不会啦,大家太熟络了,早在她选港姐时我已留意她,后来跟她合作『缘份』,哗,看见她骂导演很凶,哈哈。」张国荣口直心快。 「钟楚红也漂亮呀。」提醒他。 他说:「是,不过我觉得她大过我似的,她衬发仔会好看一点。」 然后,说了一大堆名字,包括夏文汐、叶童、李丽珍、柏安妮……,张国荣都说对她们没有幻想。

那麼,谁令他有非非之想? 他坦白的答:「中森明菜,我喜欢倔强的女孩子,我对她有幻想,有一次听闻中森明菜来香港,可惜没有人给我『通水』,要不然我去的士高撞她。」 至於中森明菜的亲密男友近滕真彦,张国荣直言不甚欣赏他。 他无端爆了一则漏网新闻。

他 说当年近滕真彦来香港表演,他们在新秀中碰头,张国荣礼貌的上前跟他说:「你表演得很好。」 谁知近滕真彦板著脸孔跟他说:「点解?」 这记闷棍吃个正著,张国荣好生气,说对方没礼貌,他说:「可能他视我为情敌,那时候近滕真彦与阿梅(梅艳芳)很好的。」 张国荣无意泄露了近滕真彦为阿梅争风呷醋的趣事,真够精彩。 张国荣这次小休复出拍戏,简直可以用「神采飞扬」四字来形容他。

In the article, the flamboyant late HK singer-legend Leslie Cheng described the women that he liked. I guess that was before he declared his homosexuality. He proclaimed that he liked strong and  opinionated women. He started by saying that he liked Maggie Chueng because of of her looks, but denied that he was seduced by her sexually, because of their close friendship off-screen. He said that they are close friends and he had already noticed her during her pageant days.  When they collaborated on the film “Destiny”, he had a good chuckle watching her having a strong argument with the director. He also praised Cherie Chung’s beauty but due to her seniority over him, felt she was more suited to Chow Yuen Fatt. After that, he rolled off a list of names that included Pat Ha, Ye Tong, Loretta Lee, Anna Bridgewater etc.

So, who does Leslie have sexual designs on? He replied honestly, “Akina Nakamori. I like women with strong personalities. I fantasize about her. I once heard that she came to HK, but unfortunately, no one leaked that secret to me, or I would have bumped into her at the discotheque. As for Akina’s close beau, Matchy, Leslie declared that he doesn’t admire him, and revealed an interesting incident.

He said “When Matchy came to HK to perform some years ago, we met at a show, and I congratulated him courteously on his performance, to which he rebuked “What for?”.” Leslie had obviously not forgotten the incident and felt very angry because he thought that Matchy was rude. “Maybe he thought I was his rival in love because he was very close to Anita at that time”, he said.

It’s a little tabloid tidbit but it’s good to know that Akina has a fan in Leslie. I am not so sure that Leslie actually fantasized about her sexually more than actually wanting to dress up in Akina’s dresses. I think they may have been nice girlfriends, but I wonder how Anita would feel about that.

Fly on the Wall

Once again, thanks to the generosity of nagareboshi0713b, we have these amazing footage of Akina during her 1988 Calendar photoshoot. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Oh, those glory days. Miss you Akina. Come back soon!! Love, VAMPires.


Incredible Akina CF Rehearsal Footage

Thanks to nagareboshi0713b, we have access to these amazing rehearsal footage of Akina filming her Pioneer CF. This is the first time I have seen it, and I think most of you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Part 1

Part 2


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DESIRE ーカバー篇ー

A cover version of DESIRE on youtube was found and would like to share with all fans here!!

小柳ルミ子 sings DESIRE

ORIGINAL by 中森明菜



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