about the newsletter…


this issue of the newsletter is so so so much better than the previous one….let me walk thru the contents:

 – Akina’s msg : Summer’s heat…Club EX Live was good…it’s the season for Dinner show again…hope see all fans at the dinner show..

– Dinner show 2005 schedule

-Report about Empress Live @ Club EX

    :: It’s a wonderful place @ Club EX…balacony seats like watching an Opera, the floor seats surround the round stage in close proximity…

    ::  11 days (=17 shows) is harsh on Akina’s health that she had to be on drip during the series of concerts…

     ::  Video Recording …Akina was so nervous (despite being such an experienced singer)…that she trembles from head to toes…to get out of this nervousness, Akina looks upwards to the audience in the balacony seats

    :: Riverside Hotel and Asylum received good feedback from the audience.

    :: The real reason that Akina gave for selecting "Riverside Hotel" was that she felt the intro of the song was interesting for the second half.

    ::  The round-and-rotating stage allowed audience from all angles to have a chance to see Akina.

– New song and DVD are in plans…earliest next year.

– Pics of Akina wearing the 17 sets of dresses for all the shows (mix-and-match)

– Survey results

     :: Most voted favourite album of Akina (by fans)

           1. Resonancia

          2.  I hope so

          3.  Cruise

    :: The most impresionable song from this year’s Live

          1. Riverside Hotel

         2. 私は風

   3. アサイラム

   :: 8% of the fans (based on 936 entries for the survey) attended all 17 shows..


  ******* Special mention : " Even though it is surprising that 8% of the fans attended all 17 shows, the MOST SURPRISING thing was that fans from as far as Singapore actually attended this year’s concert.

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~ (this refers to Ranbi+Dannybunny+Hamu+Jamez+Joy+Jamez’s aunt)

we get recognition from Akina finally…for all our unwavering support for her!! We are all so touched!!

   :: Some themes that Akina fans proposed for Akina’s new song/single:

      1.   Anything that Akina is comfortable with

      2.   Back to the 80s pop

      3.   Ballads (translated from Japanese–>Emotive songs that will shake you up in the backbone!!)

      4.  Ethnic-type (like Latin..etc..)

       5.   Rock (like Stock,十戒)

– G Project…it’s pretty clear and we conclued that it has to be that G= GOLD…CM?PV?映画??

– Akina Goods for mail order ( ** it’s possible to order from Overseas if you are fan…indicated here..1 item 800yen postage)


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

2 thoughts on “about the newsletter…

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that we were acknowledged!! I wonder why it has taken 2 years though. I thought the “2” referred to the project taking 2 years to eventuate?

  2. yar lor! good right? and for that both Hamu and myself have decided to Join Faithway! one day she’s going to realise “eh…how come so many Singaporean fans?”

    we’re planning to put info on how to join the fan club on here so we can increase her membership. we’re even thinking of helping people with the application and stuff. sort of a “service”. tell you, over time Akina will see our efforts, and perhaps invite us for tea…or sake with wasabi! hahaha.

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