Boxset manic

Sony will be releasing a special boxset in Jan 2006 to commemorate the 25th year of Yamaguchi Momoe‘s retirement from show biz. Yamaguchi Momoe is Akina’s 憧れ女. Akina wanted to become a female just like Momoe – retires from show biz totally to get married and have kids… Yamaguchi Momoe is not actually Akina’s idol. Akina prefers 中島みゆき、今井美樹。。。

And to make the boxset really worth its big price tag, Sony plans to release all, not just the previous edited version, live recording they have of Momoe ^0^/

It’s worth every yen you spend, if you’re a true fan of Momoe.

I hope Akina will do something similar as part of her "G2" project. Maybe G2 stands for "gold unreleased 20 numbers". Heehee…..

Oh… another artiste who had some link to Akina is also releasing a boxset. Click here to find out who that is….. Not Seiko, I can assure you. Heehee….


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

4 thoughts on “Boxset manic

  1. Yes. I read that too. I wished it was Seiko, at least I like her songs better. Leslie recorded their best collection (Toshi and his). I only listened to his a couple of times and threw it aside. I think it is his voice that irritates me.

    Interesting fact: I didn’t know that Akina didn’t idolise Momoe. I always thought she listed Momoe as her idol, though you refuted that a few times. Why doesn’t she sing any Miyuki songs then?

  2. I think Akina respects Momoe as a singer, not as to idolize her. I do remembeer Akina mention her liking for 岩崎宏美、which explains the choice for 思秋期 in Utahime 1. As for James qn on Miyuki songs, if you read Hamu’s blog some time ago, she posted something like Miyuki wrote a song for Akina which Akina didn’t want to sing…or something like that…that’s why, Miyuki didn’t cooperate with Akina..and neither Akina sings Miyuki song in anyway…

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