帰省〜Never Forget〜


The above pictures are from 明菜‘s 「帰省」MV.  Arranged by Kenji (どもう有り難うございます!)

After some efforts to translate 帰省~never forget~, I would say that I get a much in-depth understanding of the song (Thanks to Hamu for her assistance in correcting my translation=)

In my opinion, it is closely linked to the the drama, 冷たい月.

帰省: meaning to return hometown in japanese, takes on similar meaning in the song, where Akina(in the drama) wanted her husband back alive (which her husband committed suicide).

It also brings out the ideology of endless/eternal love. If you truly ever loved someone, it will never fade….even when he/she is dead.

Common. shared dreams is emphasised in the lyrics often, which most japanese believed in dreams(夢) a lot. Couples in love must have common dreams to live together and love each other.

The bitterness of the song comes in when Akina sings about waiting in despair for the return of her loved one, which will never happen. The wait is described in bitter winter, snow..and cold. Very cruel and harsh.

Akina had performed this song in 1998 SPOON LIVE, 1999 Dinner Show(in some areas), 2000 LIVE,2002 LIVE(only selected places)…

This is definitely one of Akina’s most requested song for a live performance. Those who have seen Akina sang live for 帰省 could only comment that one has to see Akina in action to be in disbelief!

The closest performance that could match 帰省’s emotive style today may well be 赤い花, when she sings live and bends over her body expressively to sing.

Akina has commented before that it is a very difficult song to sing for live, but from all the comments gathered from the fans, it is even more incredible than the CD single recording.

Hence,just like any other fans, I sincerely hope that Akina will consider to perform this song again in the near future…maybe next year’s concert?


 Tranlsated lyrics for 帰省〜Never Forget〜

深い眠りの中 今は遠いあなた You are now fast asleep in the distant slumber land
古い愛の歌を 途切れず唄ってた I sang the old love song non stop
絶望の淵でも 眠れぬ夜でも Even in desperate despair and on sleepless nights
その先の明日を信じ合えたはずなのに we should still believe in tomorrow regardless
雪を 雪を見たかった I wanted to see snow, snow
真っ白な雪を 知らない二人 the two (of us) who not know pure white snow
疲れを知らない 時間は駆け足 Time ticks on without fatigue
春と夏を過ぎてその先はない No season after spring and summer
輝いてたはずの 自由に迷う時 Bewildering in freedom which ought to be radiant
都会の空の下 鳥は居場所なくしてた The city below the sky, birds lost their nests
叶わぬ夢 他の誰かじゃなく Unfulfilled dreams, not like anyone else’s
今は背中 まだ見せないで唄い続けてる限り

Facing (you) with my back,
I can continue singing without being seen

同じ道を歩いたあなたへ (I’m) walking along the same route towards you
このかすれた声消えるまで until this cracked voice dies out
『Ah 夢を愛を唄うの 祈りたい 届けたい人いる限り

[Ah singing of love and dreams just for the one
that I wish to pray for wish and return to

せめて今を恥じないで 負けないで生きている だから since at least my current life is without shame and regrets
同じ夢過ごした日々を忘れない』☆ I can’t forget the time when we shared common dreams]*
今夜も眠れず 街は冷たい月 Sleepless again tonight, the street is the cold moon
語り合った夢も ぬくもりもない There is no shared dreams and warmth
うつろう昨日は果てしない明日へ From faded yesterday to aimless tomorrow
抱きしめた体も凍えてゆくばかり The body (I) embraced is totally numbed
折れた翼 もとに戻せるなら If my broken wings can heal
二人の夢も また変わるのに our dreams may change again
追いかけて行くから I’ll run after you,
いつも微笑んでいたあなたを who are smiling as usual
この曇った空 晴れるまで until this cloudy sky clears
Ah 遠く一人唄うの Ah I’m singing alone at a distance
雪が降る 誰もいないこの街で Snowing on this empty street
過去じゃなく明日じゃなく 今を唄い続ける限り

Not the past nor the future,
I’m singing continuously for the present

その瞳 歩いた道を忘れない I’ll not forget those eyes (of your) and the path we took
☆Repeat * Repeat

By Hamu & 乱火





Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

6 thoughts on “帰省〜Never Forget〜

  1. ライブで、一番聞きたい曲ね。。。。Love the chorus ♪Ah 夢を愛を唄うの 祈りたい 届けたい人いる限り♪

  2. I was there when Akina released「帰省」, and I bought it on the day of its release, making it the first and only time I have contributed directly to Akina’s first week sales.

    I have only seen the snippets of the video in HMV when with Leslie, he remarked that it is a good song and a good video too. He says it’s great that Akina is singing such good songs again (after some less impressive numbers). I will always cherish those moments.

    Do you think one of you can send me the file for the video? I would certainly like to see it. Thanks!

  3. Oh! I forgot to add. Great work on the translation. It is always good to know finally what she is singing about … sadness … loneliness … lost love … her favourite theme (tsuki). I guess that’s why we love her.

    If she sang sunny (taiyo) songs like Seiko, we might feel a little uncomfortable …

  4. great job with the translation. i’m giving the song a spin now and matching it with the translated text. Jamez, sure Ranbi can help with the video. actually, it’s Akina’s BEST MTV. well shot. and great vengeful look in her eyes…

  5. One of my high rotation songs… now with translated lyrics… thanks!

    帰省〜Never Forget〜 is one of her best shot music video. Timeless. Simple yet nicely done!

  6. It’s great for me to come across the translated lyrics here finally !!!! Thanks!!! This song performed by Akina, touches one,s soul deep………………….

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