Akina Trivia Quiz: Sing Sing Singles

Since I have now been "outed" as a statistics person, I want to see if anyone knew which Akina single posted the best 1st week sales amongst all that she has released.

There are also a few singles after "少女A" and before "Everlasting Love" that did not reach No. 1. What were the songs that prevented her following singles from hitting No. 1:

(a) "トワイライト~夕暮れ便り~ 

(b) 北ウイング 


(d) 二人静-「天河伝説殺人事件」より-

Did you also know that "赤い鳥逃げた" reached No. 1 only on its 2nd week on the chart. Which position did it occupy on the first week?

Do know what which position did "セカンド・ラブ" occupy on its first week on chart, and out of the number of weeks it stayed at No. 1, how many were consecutive weeks?




Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

8 thoughts on “Akina Trivia Quiz: Sing Sing Singles

  1. oh dear me! i am absolutely clueless! didn’t IMTS go to No. 1? I thought it did. there used to be a CD shop in Plaza Singapura (where i got all my very expensive Akina albums and singles) eons ago and they would stick the charts up on their glass door. i remember seeing IMTS at No. 1 leh…mebbe it’s a different chart?

  2. 薬師丸ひろ子さんの「探偵物語」stopped 「トワイライト -夕暮れ便り-」from reaching No1. The rest, I’m clueless

  3. Hamu is correct, and 「トワイライト -夕暮れ便り-」stayed at No. 2 for 2 weeks.

    Ha! Ha! Daniel, I guess you need to look at the link that Eugin just included from the Akina fun site. It is stated that IMTS only reached No. 3.

    Natsukashii!! The music shop at Plaza Singapura … I think I know the one you’re talking about. It’s on the same level as the Japanese bookshop right (is it Maruzen?)? I only bought the singles there, and some cassettes. I brought “Supreme” there and it was damaged … it should have been a 33 rpm but I think it ran at 22 rpm. So, she sounded even more distorted. Ha! Ha!

    I don’t recollect them displaying the singles chart. Only Familiar Music Library at Orchard Point did that, but by 1988, they had already closed down.

    I will wait for Eugin and Kenji’s answer (or anyone else who wants to try) before I post the answers.

  4. White flag raised! Simply clueless, dude…

    Awwww.. IMTS was never number 1? The song is awesome.

    I never liked it in the beginning, until a rainy morning… on the way to work… in the train…

    that’s when I fell in love with the song…

  5. here are my wild guesses :

    for 北ウィング、if i am not wrong…could it be Seiko’s 瞳はダイヤモン??

    as for IMTS, could it be Toshi’s 抱きしめて?

    二人静。。。my wild guess..since it is 1991…could it 小田和正「ラブ・ストーリーは突然に」??

    my wild guesses…haha~~

  6. aiyor…so tok gong all of you. i dun care about the charts, every single she’s released is No.1 in my heart. with the exception of…SOLITUDE!

  7. Very good. We have a few answers being revealed here and one is from a new person. Eugin is a quarter correct too.

    Sorry to put a damper on this. I am going to reveal all the answers in a new post because there is too much information.

    I also have to correct about “Twilight” being No. 2 for 2 weeks. Read on to see how many weeks “Twilight” actually stayed at No. 2!!

    Lastly, I like Danny’s concept. Is there anyone out there who wants to challenge that. Solitude was a low point in Akina’s career when she could have sold so much more if she released another song. Even the B-side “Again” is a much better song.

    I remember “Hao Shi Dai” (a HK mag) reviewing the single and saying that “Again” was a better song too. As for IMTS, “Ai” (Japanese English) magazine reviewed IMTS saying it had a simple melody but difficult arrangement.

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