Akina Trivia Quiz Answers: Sing Sing Singles (Part 2)

Okay, now onto the answers on the quiz I posted a few days ago. I didn’t want it to get lost in one of those posts by revealing the answers in a reply because I think Akina deserves more and there are very wonderful reasons why some of her songs didn’t reach No. 1, which seems to be the most interesting part of the quiz, based on the comments, so I will start here:

Part 1:

(a) トワイライト~夕暮れ便り~ 

– Tien guessed this correctly. It was 薬師丸ひろ子さんの「探偵物語/すこしだけやさしく」that stopped 「トワイライト -夕暮れ便り-」from reaching No. 1.「探偵物語」was the movie theme song to the same movie title that 薬師丸ひろ子さん starred in. It was the beginning of a string of very successful movies starring 薬師丸ひろ子, which were big hits. Hence, not surprisingly, the theme song became a hit too. One of the reasons why it sold so well, is also probably because there were 3 separate single covers for the same song. Now, only if Akina did that too.

探偵物語/すこしだけやさしく」sold a total of 84.1 万枚 and ended up being the 4th best selling single of 1983.

「トワイライト -夕暮れ便り-」was an unfortunate victim, debuting and staying at No. 2 for a total of 4 weeks!! Total sales: 43.0万枚 (No.20 on 1983 Year End Chart)


(b) 北ウイング

– Our new visitor got this correct. Very unfortunately, Akina chose to debut on Oricon charts with the top selling single of 1984 もしも明日が・・・。」by わらべ. 「北ウイング」is one of the most memorable songs of Akina ,which 山口百恵さん  reportedly liked to sing at Karaoke, and would have reached No. 1 easily, if not for the bad fortune.  「北ウイング」stayed at No. 2 for 2 weeks.

もしも明日が・・・。」– Total sales : 97.0万枚 (No. 1 in 1984)

「北ウイングTotal Sales: 61.4万枚 (No. 9 in 1984). It is interesting to note that it is only when we combine the sales of  「北ウイング/涙の形のイヤリング」- 56.8 万枚 and 「リ・フ・レ・イ・ン/北ウイング」that was released later that same year we arrive at 61.4万枚 .

Eugin will be happy to  know that it wasn’t 松田聖子 さん that prevented Akina from reaching No. 1. If there was something to be admired about 松田聖子 さん’s No. 1s, it was that her team always made sure there was no strong competition on the same week that she would debut her new single.


Now, Eugin attempted this but unfortunately it is incorrect. 抱きしめて Tonight」was a big hit for 田原俊彦 さん on the Best 10 but not on Oricon, managing total sales of  only 27.9 万枚. It was a comeback hit for 田原俊彦 さん though.

The Oricon chart for the week ofI MISSED "THE SHOCK"」’s debut is as follows:

(1) 1 とんぼ –  長渕 剛 – around 9 万枚

(2)  –  Melody – 浅香 唯 – 8.0 万枚

(3)  –  I MISSED "THE SHOCK" – 7.4 万枚


とんぼ」 would have been the best selling single of 1988/89 if its sales were not spilt up because it was released at the end of 1988, about a week or two before 「I Missed "The Shock"」was released, which remained at No. 3 for 2 weeks too. As for Melody」, she was reeling off a sudden success, but this would be one of her last singles which would have strong first week sales. Unfortunately, I am unable to remember which other song stopped I Missed "The Shock"」 from moving to No. 2 the 2nd week, but all I know is that Melody」had dropped further down the chart.

Total Sales for all three singles:

とんぼ – 長渕 剛 – 103.5 万枚 (No. 3 in 1989 Year End Chart)

Melody – 浅香 唯 – 21.6 万枚 (Now, we can all scream!!)

I MISSED "THE SHOCK" – 31.1 万枚

(d) 二人静-「天河伝説殺人事件」より-

Lastly, the 2 other songs that stopped 二人静-「天河伝説殺人事件」より-」from entering at No. 1 even though its first week sales were at a very impressive 100,830 (10.8 万枚) are:

No. 1 – LADY NAVIGATION」 B’z – Total Sales: 117.3 万枚 (No. 7 in 1991 Year End Chart)

No. 2 – Oh! Yeah!/ラブ・ストーリーは突然に」-  小田和正  Total Sales: 258.8 万枚 (No. 1 in 1991 Year End Chart)

No. 3 –  二人静-「天河伝説殺人事件」より-」- Total Sales: 48.4 万枚 (No. 20 in 1991 Year End Chart)

So, there you go, these are the very good reasons (except Melody) that prevented Akina from taking the pole position these 4 times.

Now, onto the other questions:

Part 2:

「セカンド・ラブ」debut at No. 2 on its first week of sales but quickly moved onto No. 1, staying for 3 weeks, and then falling down to No. 2 again, and then back to No. 1 for another 3 weeks. 6 is the most number of weeks Akina stayed at No. 1 on Oricon and two songs achieved that feat. The fore mentioned 「セカンド・ラブ」in 6 non-consecutive weeks and 1/2の神話」for 6 consecutive weeks.

Part 3:

「赤い鳥逃げた」nearly didn’t make it to no. 1, probably because her fans didn’t recognise Akina on the cover of the first and only 12 inch single that she released. It marked the first time in JPop history that an artiste released two similar melodies with different lyrics. Thankfully, her marketing company probably pumped up the promotions the week after (and a different cover too), moving the 12 inch single from its debut position of No. 12 straight to No. 1 the second week. 12 inch singles are a fad only in the mid 80s, and I am proud to say with sales of 35.4 万枚, that I believe that「赤い鳥逃げた」is the best selling 12 inch single in Oricon history. Akina also achieved a double Top 10 Entry with ミ・アモーレ」 and 「赤い鳥逃げた」both in the Top 10 for a couple of weeks. An amazing feat!!

Part 4:

The best first week sales for all the singles in Akina’s illustrious career is … 「Dear Friend」. I remember the Straits Times having a small column saying that it was a big comeback for her with first week sales of 320,000 copies sold (I think it meant being shipped out), because on Oricon chart, the first week sales were 158,780 copies (15.9 万枚). I don’t really know many others but the other one that I can remember being very strong was「Desire」with around 11 万枚 and second week sales of  8万枚. From then on till 「Al Mauj」, it was always 9 万枚 and second week sales of 5万枚.

So, here are the results for the first trivia quiz posted. Hope you enjoyed this little game … and if you’d like, more will be revealed in future …


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

6 thoughts on “Akina Trivia Quiz Answers: Sing Sing Singles (Part 2)

  1. Jamez,
    Thanks for all the valuable info < (^ ^)> We should have more such trivia quiz on Akina. Great to learn something new on Akina ^^

  2. This is a valuable lesson for a new fan like me.

    Arigato, Jamez.

    So interesting! This is fun, we should do more of this. =)

  3. You are most welcome. I was hoping to inject some fun into this site and I am happy that you enjoyed it.

    I had a lot of fun as well (except for the pasting of the single covers which took me an hour because it kept overwriting some text). Thank God I wrote it somewhere else first.

    I was a little afraid when I posted those questions that I might not have the detailed answers like exact sales figures for 「二人静-「天河伝説殺人事件」より-」 and 「Dear Friend」. I knew I had it somewhere, I just needed to search for it. When everyone started getting ethusiastic, I couldn’t disappoint, so it was good I found it.

    Leslie and I used to pour over Oricon every week and he used to subscribe, so I would end up photocopying some of these (which I left in Singapore or threw some away during spring cleaning) but I managed to copy it down next to my discography file, so I’m happy I can share all these today.

    I will search deep and see if I can formulate more fun quizzes like this again.

  4. uhmm…at Seiko was the one behind all these non-No1…at least her team knows when to market her and not to embarass her sales records..haha…I was partially correct for the Futarishizuka one..hehe…Thanks Jamez, look forward to more of such #s quiz…you really amazed me with the #s

  5. SUGOI Jamez!! how long did you spend on that post!? wah, alotta info there. so interesting.and you write so well!

    the links going out to Seiko’s site doesn’t work. i’ll edit them for you no worries! ;))


    i had to laugh at the My Melody part. hahaha….

  6. Ha! Ha! Eugin. I was crazy for chart action, and would stay out every week (Thursday) waiting for the new issue of Oricon to appear. It has all paid off now. I think this is the first site to provide most of these information, so we can all be very proud of ourselves.

    I spent around 2 and a half hours on the post. Writing it took 1 and a half and then the editing and pasting of links and correcting them took another hour. I have not had so much fun for so long, so Thanks for the support!!

    Long Live Akina!

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