Faithway updated!!!

WoW~~~~ so W(本物) is really 本物~~~~

Hot from Faithway is the annoucement of the release date for 「落花流水」& 「Empress Live」DVD!

Looks like the image is similar to “AL-MAUJ”. No wonder she put on that gim gim costume and there is a Buddah statue….

Just the same as what W(本物) wrote on this BBS.

As such, I’m more concerned over “そして今年の7/15に行われたライブDVDもリリースされます。こちらは1/11に超大型レコード会社から華々しくリリースされますので楽しみにね。 (In addition, the concert shot on 15 July 2005 will be released in DVD format. It will be out on 11 January by a major recording company. So stay tune~)

I read two messages here:
(1) the “Empress Concert” DVD isn’t gonna be snip shot but a complete live show recorded on 15 July.

(2) Akina could be in the process of changing her recording company.

So what do you think?


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

7 thoughts on “Faithway updated!!!

  1. Isn’t Universal still a major recording company? It’s one of the Big 4 or 5, or is it 3 now? Ha! Ha!

    Maybe she is moving from “Kitty” to “Universal Japan”? Just don’t tell me she is joining Sony so that she can release a new single with Seiko chan. Then Ranbi will really faint! Ha! Ha!

    Still, it would be nice to see them trying to outdo each other. Seiko will win by trying to look cute and idiotic while Akina’s vocal prowess will drown Seiko.

  2. Sorry. I think we should all rejoice that 超大型レコード会社 is going to release Akina future works. At least, it shows that she is still marketable and we will see more works … even an album? Maybe she joined Inoue’s company?

  3. SUPER YEAH!!!

    wa lau eh, the “超大型” very promising and sart sart. Avex Trax? Sony? or EMI? or maybe back to Time Warner? hoot hoot!!

    i quite like the image for the new single – i didn’t go “oh no”…. kekekeke. that’s pretty rare of late. and realise it’s realised on a wednesday. mizu, as in luo hua liu mizu. geddit? so clever Akina!!

  4. actually, almost all artistes time their release on Wednesday. Think it has something to do with sales chart…. Probably Oricon starts its weekly counting on Wed….

  5. this is my motivation to move on in my exams..haha…whichever label Akina goes, I just hope that she be herself and keep up the nice tunes…but no duet with *ahem* pls!!! Maybe its Sony…anyway, this jacket looks really good and decent…=)can’t wait for more!!~~!!

  6. fans on other bbs are wondering if Avex Trax is the one…that Akina is moving to…to join Ayumi and Namie

  7. If it’s Avex, then it’s good news for Singaporean fans because then they can buy “cheaper” CDs than from Universal …

    As for the jacket, we finally get to see her face again. Maybe she realises that no one will buy a cover with an eye, ear, nose or just one part of the body. They don’t even know who it is, considering there is not much marketing for her anymore because she is not big. “Utahime 2” sold so well because it was advertised everywhere. My aunt still thought she has only one album “Zero” even though she released “Utahime 3”. That’s the power of marketing. If she has a lousy cover, it just doesn’t attract me to buy the single, because I know that I used to sometimes buy singles/albums for the cover, though that was long ago. But still …

    Lastly, Hamu is correct about chart action. Usually, we will see the single enter the daily single chart on a Thursday, after its debut on a Tuesday. Don’t ask me why it says it is released on a Wednesday but I can bet you anything (like for “The Heat” and “Days”) that people will be able to get their hands on it on Monday/Tuesday. Still the chart counts from Wednesday.

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