Talented but not super woman

The news, which I pick up from カルト事件簿, you’re going to read aren’t good/positive reports on 中森明菜 but they may prove to have news value for those who are not that familiar with 中森明菜. And for those who know her inside out, let’s reminisce.

Well…. I hope 中森明菜 fans can understand that she is just a talented woman and not a super woman – accept the fact that she can (and has) make mistakes too…. And let’s l@@k forward to 「落下流水」 & 「Empress Concert」 DVD ^0^/

8 Aug 1986
中森明菜 cancelled her 2nd concert at 京都会館第一ホール minutes after the concert started. Into the fourth number during her 2nd concert for the day at 6pm, 中森明菜 suddenly rushed to the backstage and vomited. She was then rushed to the 大沢病院 emergency room. The doctor diagnosed 中森明菜 with acute gastroenteritis, which was triggered by the summer heat and overwork.

28 Mar 1988
During a 「歌のトップテン」special live at 東京・渋谷区宇田川町の渋谷公会堂, a man with a history of Schizophrenia threw a note at 中森明菜. He was arrested and brought to the police station for further investigation.

11 Jul 1989
The fateful incident…. (I don’t wish to elaborate)

31 Dec 1989
中森明菜 held a press conference after 10pm at 東京・港区内のホテル to explain the reason behind the fateful incident and her plans for the future.

22 Apr 1990
中森明菜‘s parents was annoyed by and resorted to violence towards the reporters who wanted to intereview 中森明菜 at 中森明菜 eleder brother’s wedding ceremony.

11 Oct 1994
中森明菜 failed to appear on a radio talk show, TOKYO-FM「アフタヌーン・プリーズ」. According to insiders, 中森明菜 decided not to go on the radio show after she was being told there was a crowd of reporters waiting for her at the radio station. Instead, she did the show with DJ 高見恭子 over her mobile. the DJ explained that 中森明菜 couldn’t make it due to bad traffic on the highway… and 中森明菜 also sounded very apologetic when she said she was still on the highway.

17 Oct 1995
A magazine, 「FOCUS」 reported that 中森明菜 was brought to court for paining the walls of her 東京都渋谷区 luxury flat, which she rent from Jun1993 to May1994, white without seeking permission from the management . The court ordered 中森明菜 to pay the management 1490万円 for damage caused.

29 Dec 2002
The infamous NHK 紅白歌合戦 rehearsal incident. 中森明菜 was hopping mad as the band failed to play the right note three times…


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One thought on “Talented but not super woman

  1. Thanks for all that. I think NHK should thank her for creating news and a reason to watch to see if she will miss her key during her performance.

    Thankfully, she didn’t disappoint and gave a great performance, though you could see that she truly relaxed only at the end, which is a pity because she always looks so happy singing Kazari during her concerts.

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