Bilitis on Music Station

Akina performs one of her best b-sides ever – Bilitis (b-side of I Missed “The Shock”) – clad in gorgeous black and white.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

9 thoughts on “Bilitis on Music Station

  1. Would any of you Akina-experts care to update her wikipedia page? It seems woefully inadequate for a singer of her reputation. I would except that I know next to nothing about her (I just happen to like some of her songs).

    BTW, congratulations on setting up this blogsite…it’s the first result returned on Google!

  2. it’s me again f(^^
    During the brief conversion, Akina revealed that initially “Bilitis” was supposed to be the side-A number (and of course that makes I Missed “The Shock” the side-B song)…
    How I wish Akina and her staffs didn’t change their mind….

  3. Honto?! I guess she thought it would create more news with IMTS (if it is linked with her sister’s nude photos) but “Bilitis” is a much stronger song than “IMTS”, just like “Again” than “Solitude”, “危ないMON AMOUR” than “Fin”, “清教徒” than “Blonde”, “薔薇一夜” than “AL-MAUJ”, and we’re just talking about her glory days …

  4. Thanks for adding the link. It is great. Unfortunately, not so great is the description of Akina. It sounds so tragic that the article should focus on her suicide attempt instead of how she changed the face of Jpop with her personal demands on herself and the challenges with every new project. I think we need to work on that together to give anyone who wants a “definition” of Akina the true essence of a utahime …

  5. hey Visitor! here’s a big HELLO! thanks for finding us. thanks Google. 😉 oh yah, i agree Akina deserves more than a stub on Wikipedia. let’s write a GP essay on her! hahahahaha.

    it should mention her achievements, the phases she’s gone through, the awards she’s won. and we can link back to this site’s individual posts for more info!

  6. She’s so amazing. Personally, I am glad that Bilitis was the B-side. IMTS is one of my favorite Akina songs. Somthing about the driving beat appeals to me. Shock! Shock! Wooooooooooo….

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