Promotional posters for FIN and TANGO NOIR

following up from "Favourite Akina single jacket", here are 2 small pics to share with all:





I think the TANGO NOIR poster is really coolz!~~ 


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

10 thoughts on “Promotional posters for FIN and TANGO NOIR

  1. I have never seen that Tango Noir poster. It is so cool. It reaffirms that as my No. 1 fave.

    I thought she has only one where she was posing sideways with her hands clasped and her head tilted back, letting her hair flow down. That was beautiful, but this is cool.

  2. Fabulous! (I just had to say again).

    James, regarding the other photo you mentioned: would you be referring to this shot (see phonecard)?

    It was used on the “Century of Akina” jacket and numerous Ken Kikaku collectibles, like the phone card. The promo poster shot was used (only in part) on the lyrics booklet cover for “Century” as well. But the full shot on the poster is much better!

    Mmm… great stuff!

  3. On a side note: I couldn’t figure out how to get the phone card pic added to this thread except by posting a follow-up. Sorry that the image was so big (I should have reduced it first). Ranbi, I wasn’t trying to detract from your poster pics. Gomen!

  4. Yes, that was the poster I was referring to. Thanks! It is indeed fabulous!!

    I am always interested to see all the alternate single/album posters and then try to figure out why they chose one over the other. Maybe we might be able to start a forum like that one day.

    One of Chiemi’s fansites has a whole entire section discussing her singles one by one with every administrator having their input or review on the cover, the single and coupling song (1-4 star rating), and any other gossip (like sales data, drama or CM use. I always find it fascinating and no other fan site I have been to, has been so comprehensive in covering all bases.

    They have only started out on the album and is not complete. Maybe we can emulate that, and do one for our own. What does everyone think?

    P.S. Did anyone else notice that the topic “Least Fav Akina Single” has the most number of posts. Ha! Ha! That certainly struck many nerves!

  5. Three votes for the idea now. One more for the majority.

    Why does everyone think we should do it? In the forum or a new post? The forum is good because it will always appear there, but I don’t know if we can post pictures of posters or such. The bad thing about a post is that this deserves a whole new section on its own …

  6. CJ…nice pic of the phonecard. No problems with the followup…it’s related. Black and white looks timeless always…

    Jamez, I think your idea is great!~

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