Sing Sing Singles Quiz (Part 2)

It’s time for another quiz. It’s not as exciting as the first because I should have tapered that a little and asked a question at a time. I have thought for some time on how to make it more exciting, so here are my little attempts:

(1) Till today, Akina has 21 No. 1 singles in total. Name the 3 singles that stayed at No. 1 for the longest period of time.

(2) A song’s popularity can be judged not only by the number of weeks it topped the charts (or number of total weeks), but more powerfully, its return to the top after relinquishing the pole position. Which 3 Akina singles returned to the No. 1 spot after giving up the No. 1 crown?

(3) To add on the degree of difficulty, how does she compare with Momoe and Seiko in terms of number of weeks at No. 1?

I will present the answers in a format that I believe no one has ever charted in any of the Akina websites I have been to. I will put down the number of weeks Akina’s singles each spent at No.1 and from my memory, what the approximate first week sales figures were (for the latter singles – mostly after "Desire", and not only the No. 1 singles). If anyone has this information as well (since I can only deduce some of them), it would be most welcome.

If anyone has a question that they want answered on her singles chart action or any facts on her singles, let it be asked and we will do our best to answer. If this proves popular, I will proceed with the albums quiz later.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

6 thoughts on “Sing Sing Singles Quiz (Part 2)

  1. Great questions, Jamez! Your mastery of the chart statistics is impressive. By comparison, I would have to say I am almost a total ignoramus! :o)

    Anyway, I will give it a shot:

    For question #1, I’m thinking they were earlier ones… so I will guess:

    1) Second Love (this one should be definite, since it was her best-selling single)
    2) 1/2 no Shinwa
    3) Jukkai (1984)

    For question #2, my guesses are:

    1) Second Love
    2) Jukkai (1984) (I think 1/2 no Shinwa was solid?)
    3) Dear Friend (I may be totally wrong about this one, but it seems I vaguely recall it)

    And for question #3, hmm… we’re talking about total weeks at #1…

    I know Momoe was really popular in her time, but I’m not sure how that translates to the chart statistics, and she did retire immediately upon getting married.

    As much as I hate to say it, Seiko was a hot idol well before Akina debuted…

    I will say:

    1) Seiko
    2) Akina
    3) Momoe

  2. All I’m going to say here is that CJ did very well … I guess you’re not so ignorant after all. Anyone else want to guess?

    I might be misleading you as well, judging from my love for mischief. Give it your own interpretation.

  3. My pathetic try: I can only answer question 2, and for that, I can only name 1 single that returned to the top after giving up the No. 1 spot: Nanpasen. Someone (I forgot whom) told me that it return to the top spot 5 times or something like that.

  4. Q1:
    Second Love, 1/2 no Shinwa and “Jikkai(1984)”. The 3rd one is my guess. The first two are given by Jamese on the first quiz

    Q2: Think “Jikkai(1984)” is one of them. Someone corrected that 「十戒」 is read “Jikkai” and not “Jukkai”. The other is “1/2 no Shinwa”.

    Q3, refering to, my guess is:
    No 1 = Akina! (although Seiko has more No1 singles than Akina, I think Akina’s singles stay at the top position longer)
    No 2 = Seiko, with a proud record of 25 no 1 singles!
    No 3 = Momoe, since she has only FOUR no 1 singles

  5. All very good guesses. Anyone else who wants to attempt.

    I am trying to create a table on this blog to make it look better. I can’t paste from Ms Word, so does anyone else know how to do it?

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