Seiko to attend the 2005 Asian Television Awards.

I was reading the newspaper just now and noticed a small column with Seiko’s photo. She will be attending the Asian Television Awards 2005 on December 1, University Cultural Centre – Hall (UCC) in the National University of Singapore (NUS). Whoa…

So I was trying to find links to show you gals & guys about the news, what stumbled upon my bigger surprise was this news article by "New Paper".  Hehehe… Read on…

Article dated 09 August 2005.

Forever young

Just what makes this ageless diva tick?
JUST what is it about Seiko Matsuda?

For over two decades, the 43-year-old Japanese songbird has managed to hog the Top 10 Oricon Chart.

Is it her girlish aura and unfading beauty, which has earned her the nickname, Never-aging Diva? Or her flamboyant showmanship on stage? It fascinates even the Taiwanese, who are eagerly snapping up tickets to her month-end concert in Taipei.

Or, could it be her penchant for courting controversy – the latest being her fall-out with her singer-daughter Sayaka, 18?

The Japanese media seems convinced that Seiko’s success lies in her remarkable ability to churn out one salacious headline after another to keep her fans intrigued.

A recent study shows that she is the queen of scandals in Japan.

In the past 34 years, her private life has hogged the most number of headlines in 300 tabloid magazine titles.

She has been featured in 4,510 articles – 1,000 times more than baseball hero Shigeo Nagashima.

From minor problems like the appearance of wrinkles on her forehead to major events, like her two divorces and numerous flings, Seiko has weathered all kinds of controversy and always emerged a winner.

Not even a sexual harassment lawsuit in 1998 – filed by her backup dancer against her, mind you – could damage her reputation.

Seiko managed to turn the tables in court and won praise from even her harshest critics for being a survivor.

While her contemporaries like Akina Nakamori and Momoe Yamaguchi have faded out of showbiz, Seiko has waded through several career lows to celebrate her 25th year in showbiz with a pictorial book that shows off her snowy skin and trim figure in a swimsuit.  (A burning rage and disbelief for this part! Our dear goddess, Akina, who has also been working hard all these years…  was thought to be FADED OUT by the writer… !!!  -.-")

Her latest album, Fairy, is another testament to her undying presence in the fickle world of pop.

Commenting on her staying power, broadcast writer Michiko Yamada told Weekly Playboy magazine that Seiko has a ‘wonderful talent’ for coining phrases that make great headlines.

Her timing is always immaculate, too. When her pictorial book was launched months ago, rumours of Seiko dating her manager also made it to the news-stands.

In May, Seiko also shocked Japan’s showbiz scene by announcing that her daughter, Sayaka, will stop all activities to concentrate on her studies.


The truth, according to insiders, is that the mother-daughter pair had severed ties after fighting repeatedly over Sayaka’s 30-year-old guitarist-boyfriend.

Despite the bad publicity, ticket sales for Seiko’s concert tour in June reportedly increased, and orders for her new commemorative DVD have also soared.

Seiko continues to be a role model to her numerous fans.

They admire her ability to look cute despite her age and for continuing to sparkle after two failed marriages.

‘Seiko Matsuda is, without doubt, the ultimate celebrity,’ conceded Ms Yamada.

What keeps this ultimate diva youthful then?

When quizzed in Taipei by the Taiwan’s ETTV last week, Seiko revealed that she always keeps herself immersed in a blissful state.

And the key to bliss is – love.

Seiko is known to date only hunks, and her latest trophy boyfriend is her handsome but much-younger manager.

The title of her upcoming new single says it all – I’ll Fall In Love.

· Seiko’s latest album, Fairy, is out in stores.

Simply unbelievable piece of news that I managed to find through the power of internet! Hahaha…


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

11 thoughts on “Seiko to attend the 2005 Asian Television Awards.

  1. I must say Seiko really knows how to create news. So… anyone interested in seeing her in person at NUS?? Keekee….

  2. oh my gawd!!! argh…when will Akina ever make a trip to Singapore …for any promotional purposes?? why Seiko?!! Who’s the organisers!?? argh~~~~~~

  3. Shaz said she was VERY mega star. has alotta aura. very gorgeous in person. funny Shaz messaged me a few days ago saying there’s this Seiko special on tv. and they did all the flashbacks and stuff. i guess it’s for her anniversary. Shaz said she’s very "li hai"! i ripped all the Seiko songs into her iPod and now she knows how to sing them! hahaha…

  4. Wow! Maybe Ranbi needs to meet Seiko to feel that aura so that he will hate her less! Ha! Ha!

    Seiko’s songs are very catchy and easy to sing along … especially the older songs. The newer ones that she insists on writing are more forgettable. It is amazing that I can sing more Seiko songs without looking at the lyrics than Akina’s. I guess they are easier to remember … less kanji. Ha! Ha!

    Hamu san, are you going to ask her her beauty secrets?

  5. I just want to say that I can identify with Ranbi’s sentiments regarding Seiko.

    (I could say a lot more, but it’s probably better if I leave it at that.)

  6. An Idea: Maybe Sharon can tell TCS (or whatever the name now is, I can’t catch up) that she wants to do a personal project on Akina (or 80’s idols) and want them to get Zing to do makeup and Leslie to photograph her. I will push the idea to Leslie too and he is close to Zing, so it is feasible. But again only if Akina’s production company allows. Leslie keeps complaining that they keep putting obstacles in front of him to get close to Akina!!

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