updates on new releases


It was said on the Japanese BBS that the CM for the drama, テレビ東京系新春ワイド時代劇「 天下騒乱 徳川三代の陰謀」 , has been played on TV. The background music in the CM was 落花流水, which sounded like ballad…according to the posting in the BBS.

a はがき(postcard) has been sent out to all FC members, stating info about the new releases: 

the BEST release:

The song selection for this BEST release to commemorate the 25th Anniversary was chosen by Akina herself.

the EMPRESS DVD release:

there will be 3 special limited offers for pre-order of this EMPRESS DVD–

1. Pre-order @ the Dinner Show venue : A B-size poster( used in train stations) will be given.

2. Pre-order from FC: Special limited 1000 pcs of different coverart (WOW!!!)

3. Pre-order from Yamano music store or Shinseido: Special Postcards

OMG…I think all hardcore fans want all 3 special items!! how?!! 

At least, this time , there is special limited items for the FC members. 1000 pcs only. =)




Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

4 thoughts on “updates on new releases

  1. This is great isn’t it. At least Avex is doing more for her than Universal at the moment.

    I am also glad that Akina chose the songs on the new Best herself. Makes it a lot more personal.

    Lastly, didn’t someone also mention on the BBS that the 1000 copies of the DVD via FC has "sold out"? Didn’t think her FC has so many members (someone told me before).

  2. Er…. according to a message on THE BBS:

    It does NOT sound like a ballad….

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