「第56回 NHK紅白歌合戦」の出場歌手 – 残念です

I don’t know if this is true but someone posted this list on the Kohaku blog and unfortunately, Akina was not on the list. Surprisingly, so isn’t Orange Range and 平井堅. It was posted at 5 pm. Well, if this is true, then I guess we will not be sitting in front of the TV on New Years Eve then.

I am disappointed but I believe Ranbi san will be even more so. I guess Akina will have to work harder next year then!! Ganbare ne!

A I (初)
aiko (4)
石 川 さ ゆ り (28)
伊 藤 由 奈 (初)
大 塚  愛 (2)
川 中 美 幸 (18)
倉 木 麻 衣 (3)
香 西 か お り (13)
倖 田 來 未 (初)
小 林 幸 子 (27)
ゴ リ エ (初)
坂 本 冬 美 (17)
島 谷 ひ と み (4)
鈴 木 亜 美 (3)
天 童 よ し み (10)
中 島 美 嘉 (4)
長 山 洋 子 (12)
夏 川 り み (4)
浜 崎 あ ゆ み (7)
一 青  窈 (3)
平 原 綾 香 (2)
藤  あ や 子 (14)
B o A (4)
松 浦 亜 弥 & DEF.DIVA (5)(初)
松任谷由実with Friends Of Love The Earth (初)
水 森 か お り  (3)
モ ー ニ ン グ 娘 。 (8)
森 山 良 子 (10)
渡 辺 美 里 (初)

ア リ ス (2)
五 木 ひ ろ し (35)
w-inds. (4)
m-flo Akiko Wada (初)(29)
氣 志 團 (2)
北 島 三 郎 (42)
北 山 た け し (初)
グ ル ー プ 魂 (初)
C H E M I S T R Y (5)
ゴ ス ペ ラ ー ズ (5)
コ ブ ク ロ (初)
さ だ ま さ し (17)
ス キ マ ス イ ッ チ (初)
S M A P (13)
T.M. Revolution (3)
D - 5 1 (初)
Def Tech (初)
T O K I O (12)
鳥 羽 一 郎  (18)
氷 川 き よ し (6)
布 施  明 (21)
細 川 た か し (31)
ポルノグラフィティ (4)
前 川  清 (15)
美 川 憲 一 (22)
森  進 一 (38)
森 山 直 太 朗 (2)
山 川  豊 (11)
山 崎 ま さ よ し (初)
W a T (初)


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

26 thoughts on “「第56回 NHK紅白歌合戦」の出場歌手 – 残念です

  1. er…hello? the list seems like a list from any other year lor. what’s all that freaking voting for?

    that’s it. i’m boycotting Kouhaku. and cursing it with bad ratings. die Kouhaku die.

  2. stupid voting stuff… i believe the list had been confirmed even before the f**king voting started… wasted my precious time.. better not to attend it anymore, akina san..

  3. Talk about getting people’s hopes up and then trashing them in a big way!

    NHK blows. Just one more confirmation that Kouhaku is truly not worth the time wasted on it!

  4. I don’t see Namie Amuro and Utada Hikaru’s names in the list. Is there any reason why they are not included?

  5. HOW COULD AKINA NOT IN THE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  6. I agree with everyone else. This sucks! What the heck was the purpose of voting?

    They took what could have been a memorable & magical show & flushed it down the toilet.

    No Akina & No Namie! BOO.

    At least Dreams Come True will be there 🙂

  7. Ha! Ha! I have to laugh because I guess if I don’t I will cry. No, not that serious!

    If NHK believes that lying about the poll will get people watching they are wrong. If you look at their criteria, they are still choosing based on sales for the year. The poll is only secondary:


    If self respecting artists like Southern All Stars, Hirai Ken, Utada Hikaru and all other singer songwriters like Miyuki, Mariya etc etc or even Seiko can decline the invite, then Akina can do it too.

    NHK is mistaken to think that with such a young lineup, the young will stay at home to watch it. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! They only want to party now. Kohaku is for us loyal fans of the 70s and 80s JPop singers who still want to watch it for what we remember it for, so Good Luck to them!

    We should all suggest Akina hold a year end Countdown concert like Seiko and have her fans cheer her on (instead of just a handful in NHK Hall) and spend New Years Eve with her!! Forget Kohaku!! It’s Akina all the way!!!

  8. For overseas fans with access to NHK broadcasts, a Kouhaku appearance would have meant a rare opportunity to catch a live Akina performance on TV, so this turn of events hurts.

    But if Akina did decline an invite, I can’t say that I really blame her.

    Kouhaku is hardly the "be all and end all." It sure isn’t what it used to be, but obviously NHK doesn’t think it needs fixing.

  9. Akina should just hold a special concert or TV special on 31st…Sing Desire and beat Kouhaku’s ratings for this year…make them a new low in history again…and never appear on Kouhaku ever again…haha. evil grinz.

  10. wow, all the responses the event has elicited. hello to the new names we’re seeing in here for the first time!!

    if they sincerely wanna create a retro/flashback theme for this year’s Kouhaku, then the Sales criteria they’ve included can’t be lamer. at the very least, they shd "allocate" a fixed number of positions for these singers and base these on the voting results per se. as for the newcomers and currently popular singers, they can base them on sales figures.

    stupid lah, the programming donkeys.

  11. Yes, I agree with you on all accounts. The silent ones that we have never seen. It is so good to see everyone so passionate, speaking of which, where is Hamu san? Hibernating?

    I have read many Kohaku BBS and there are many fans upset, and many of them mention Akina. One person even went down to the point of tabulating all the White Team singers that scored more than 2 songs on the Top 100, and only 5 of 20 singers (who had more than 2) were selected.

    The funniest are posts on BBS that call NHK a liar. Maybe they can use "Liar" as their theme song! Ha! Ha!

    Lastly, welcome everyone!

  12. Oh! That changes the whole story then, if that is true. I feel better now but I hope it is not just an excuse from NHK. Dani please Sharon to ask Akina this at her Dinner Show!

  13. another gossipy news again about Akina not attending Kouhaku..


    this one claims that insider (of Kouhaku) mentioned comments such as "…wonder if Akina could perform as well as before(ie. 1986 Desire)…"..and commented on Akina’s over-drinking habits..


    since Akina is not on Kouhaku anymore for this year, why can’t they just leave her alone…or report about the new single!!!!!

  14. I think someone at Zak Zak hates her. After her 2002 performance, they said it was a farce and it was a miss, and only a mirage. Blink and you will miss it. Idiot!

  15. Don’t you hate people like that? They have nothing good to say, but they’re plenty eager to say it.

    For those types, it would be refreshing if they just once made an exception and took a break from the routine celebrity-bashing.

  16. I guess that’s the tabloid for you. Even if alcohol did eventually affect Akina’s voice over the years (and spicy food too), she is still leaps and bounds ahead of most of the Japanese singers still around.

    Have they pricked their hears to really listen anymore? Most of them are shockingly bad!

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