My Akina Nakamori…


Posters, CDs, Magazines, Rare goods, Merchandise, Movie Posters and much more… All up for grabs!

So come down and join us for a day of fun and great shopping.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

12 thoughts on “My Akina Nakamori…

  1. Wow! Are you going to use that poster at the Bazaar? It is so eye catching! Wish I was able to go! What are you selling?

    Can someone take photos to show please! I wonder if you guys are going to sell goods from other artistes as well? Maybe Ranbi can take his sister’s old Seiko collection (since he hates Seiko so much) and all your Ayu and other new idol CDs and put it in a $10 cheap bin or something, next to Akina, showing them that’s where our Goddess stands! Ha! Ha!

  2. What is this? Why don’t you do it on Ebay so it’s available world wide? I’m a fan of Akina since I was still in elementary school. You can imagine that I could not afford most of her stuff then. Now, after graduate, I start to be able to afford some but it’s either too expensive or too hard to find now. 😦

  3. hi Jamez, i’ll be peddling my non-Akina wares: Ayu included of course! =)

    Patrick – we’re doing the flea market for fun and comaraderie building. it’s also for promoting Akina to the weekend crowd at the bazaar. we figured since UJ’s not doing much promo for her, we’ll go on the roads! haha.

  4. Hi Guys,

    Wish you all out there to have great fun. Same request as Jamez could anyone take photographs to show us who cannot join.

  5. Hehehe.. Thanks to all for the best wishes…

    So excited now!

    For those who are able to join, you are always welcome to come down for a day of fun! =)

  6. Hi guys, was great to see you all at the stall today, it really looked professional and definitely the best stall there too 🙂 – great idea to promote awareness for Akina in Singapore, looked like alot of hard work from you guys, so WELL DONE 🙂

  7. Wow! Can’t wait to see the photos? So, how were the sales and promotons? How many copies of Rakka Ryushui did you guys sell? Any new Akina fans?

  8. HH : Thanks for your support and encouragement. Was really happy to see you too =)

    Jamez: Photos ar…Usagi-chan is in charge of the report of the flea market…(photos with him)…
    We had 1 extra copy of RR for sale…despite our recommendation to a few Akina fans that patronized our store…somehow, they said that it was a long time since they heard of her it cannot arouse their interest for the new song…1 of them was actually looking for SOLITUDE!! wow~~ Most of the Akina stuff on sale were whopped up by the fella VAMPires(including Joy)..=) The guy who like Solitude actually bought a few old albums of Akina for his friend who is a bigger Akina fan =)

  9. It was really great seeing you, HH! Really appreciate the your thoughts and encouragement… Had lots of fun with Dan-chan and Ranbi-chan.. Plus I get to be surrounded by Akina… Wahahahaa… =)

  10. Hi HH, so good to know that behind Dani’s success is a wonderful man supporting his and our love for Akina! Hooray!

    Wow! Bigger fan that he is? Did you tell him to drag him/her down so that they can buy more! The photos were sugoi!! I am going to steal the photos and do a promotion on my blog for my friends in Singapore to go visit you guys! One of my friends is Terence, who loves "Utahime", I will definitely ask him to go down this weekend. Die die also must go and meet you guys! Ha! Ha!

    I am so jealous! We must look for opportunities to do it when I’m back, though I won’t have much to sell. Maybe Seiko only. Ha! Ha!

    Did Hamu visit?

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