bazaar report


hello peeps! sorry for the late upload of the photos from the bazaar! we had intended to make a post last night, but alas, i was too choked from all that celebrative food and drinks after the very successful event!

all in all, it was GREAT fun. frankly, i was quite prepared to sell nothing but just be filled with glee being surrounded by Akina, Akina, and more Akina goods! the stall was easily one of the nicest with Ranbi and Kenji’s efforts! why how can it not be when the first thing that greets you is that bloody gorgeous Raka Ryushui poster!?!? man, she looked absolutely perfect in it!

the day passed by very quickly ‘cos we were blasting Akina throughout the day, with Raka Ryushui getting the most "airplay". hahahah. but we had to vy with the other old uncle who was playing his vinyls through his loud gramaphone. we only had two tiny cardboard speakers!! hmmmph!

sales was pretty brisk. we sold other merchandise other than Akina wares of course. Ranbi’s Teresa Teng goods sold particularly well. quite a windfall. so he treated us to dins! i was peddling my undesirable CDs (such as Ayumi Hamasaki) at $1 per piece! i went with two big bags and was left with one at the end of the bazaar.

many passers-by were acquainted with Akina. quite a few spoke audibly to their friends-in-tow that they used to listen to her…she used to be very famous…one even went as far as to say we were trying to relive our childhood! hello? you auntie! you older than us okay? you then relive your childhood. hahaha.

what amazed me was this pair of grandpas…one spoke in cantonese…"neh, li gor lor…koey hai zhong san meng choi leh…yi qin hou hong ge…"

to which i replied with zest, "hai er…hou hong er!" 


i tried hot-selling one of my favourite singles "Everlasting Love" to one of the buyers, played him some…but he didn’t like it. =( hmmmph! how dare you! hahaha. i bok you until you Raka Ryushui then you know ah! hahahaha. kidding!!! of course not everyone loves Everlasting Love. that’s why i love it. hahahaha.

as you can see, i’m still delirious with joy from my harvest from yesterday’s bazaar. we ended up buying things from one another! hahaha. and i scooped alotta Akina stuff as well.

one lucky auntie managed to grab a full set of 45RPMs of Akina’s singles for a steal! (i shan’t reveal the price Ranbi agreed on…but suffice to say, it was quite a shocker to both Kenji and myself!!!!!)

for those who missed this bazaar, we’ll be staging another one this coming Sunday. same venue!! those who regretted not buying more stuff, visit us again while we prowl our shelves for more good stuff to sell!

see yah~!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

14 thoughts on “bazaar report

  1. I have to thank Kenji, Usagi-chan and Joy for being there yesterday!! We had lots of fun..chatting..looking at people’s expression when they saw Akina’s name…and stuff on the tables…the music played…the we ended selling Akina stuff to fellow VAMPires…haha…the photos are superb!! This must all be credited to Daniel..for the excellent pics! Look forward to more fun next weekend! cya~~

  2. I’m so looking forward to this coming Sunday! Waahahaa… I shall look for bigger and better speakers to blast Akina’s songs!!!

    Thanks to Ranbi-chan, Dan-chan and Joy-chan for all the fun!

    Say Cheez! o(^-^)v

  3. That’s great, sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!

    How did you come up with all the Akina goods? Were you selling items from your own collections?!

  4. Wow! I want to buy too!!! Ranbi, can you reserve the CDs that you have from Prologue to Possibility. I saw Fantasy, Anniversary and Possibility there, which I am very interested in. Don’t know about Estranger, never really liked it, but might get it just for collection sake.

    Well done guys!!! I am so proud of you guys! You haev definitely created a Akina "Wind", so try for a "tsunami" with the new speakers this weekend, okay!

    BTW, did Ranbi get the poster and many people buy Rakka? Any new fans? What about that Auntie who bought all those EPs. Why? She want to do Best II dress too with the singles from Best I too? Ha! Ha!

    As for reliving out childhood, tell them that we have been fans for so long, it is them that are reliving their childhood. There are no better ways to relive their childhood through Akina, so they should buy more!!

    Dani, I love how you are going to pok the person who didn’t like Everlasting Love!! You should play any Ayu song and then "EL" and then say "Can’t you tell what is quality? Even if this is one of VAMPires least fav songs, it is still better". Any Seiko sales too?

    Love to all …

  5. This is unbearable to read. Come on… Let’s go International by going Ebay.
    This is what I have been looking for a long time, reasonable price for Akina’s items.

    Anyway, well done.

  6. Maybe we can have a mini podcast? Of the interesting shots and shocks on people’s faces when they see Akina. You can even interview willing folks on their experiences … Ha! Ha!

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