BEST FINGER 25th anniversary selection

It may be eve of Chirstmas eve, but hamu has some rather disappointing news for Akina fans.

Taken from an entry on Akina Nakamori Fun Site blog:

Apparently, Akina won’t be re-recording all her old hits….

Finalised(?!) Song List:-
01 落花流水
02 スローモーション ★
03 DESIRE-情熱- ☆
04 少女A ☆
05 初めて出逢った日のように
06 北ウイング ☆
07 十戒 ☆
08 Days
09 ミ・アモーレ[Meu amore…] ★
11 1/2の神話 ☆
12 難破船 ★
13 赤い花
14 The Heat~musica fiesta~
16 飾りじゃないのよ涙は ●
17 華-HANA-

★:from true album akina 95 best
●:from 歌姫DD

Disappointing, isn’t it? To think that this best album marks the start of Akina’s 25th year in show biz.
I’m really surprised that Akina didn’t push for re-recording of 「スローモーション」 , 「飾りじゃないのよ涙は」, 「ミ・アモーレ」, 「TANGO NOIR」, 「難破船」 & 「TATTOO」…
Oh well…. let’s keep our fingers crossed, UJ and Akina don’t pull out some old photo for the album jacket! x(_ _)x


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

5 thoughts on “BEST FINGER 25th anniversary selection

  1. i guess it’s inevitably a disappointment since our hope were brought so high. and now it’s like a crash-down. but at least there are a few new recordings – 5 including Desire which we’ve already heard. and thankfully none of those horrors from the Regeneration series! hahah. now that would have been a disaster.

  2. It’s not really technically her 25th anniversary is it? I thought it was 2007? Well, I think she celebrated her 20th in 2 years, so maybe she can do that for her 25th too. Maybe she can release an original album to celebrate that and hopefully, her schedule will be more eventful next year.

  3. I guess we were all hoping for a bit too much. But, as Danny pointed out, it could be worse. We probably should be happy with a handful of new recordings.

    Jamez- you’re absolutely right. By definition, an anniversary is the annual recurrence of a date that marks some significant event. Akina is (and has) applied the term "anniversary" rather loosely.

    Good marketing tactic? Or just another excuse for UJ and Warner to crank out a series of compilation CDs?

  4. yet another ‘weird’ best album of akina… recordings from the 95 true best album… rather shocked actually..

  5. even no new recordings will be fine for me… but why not just a pure ‘normal’ best album which includes all her singles from ‘appetite’ or whichever single released around that time..

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