Year-end goodies

Quite a few goodies arrive today (phew…in time for 2006!):

1. New Year Postcard


Message from Akina (rough estimation as the Akina’s handwriting is a little hard to read):

" Happy New Year!  What will 2006 be like for you? 2006 will be the year that I welcome my 25th year in showbiz. I hope to spend a good year with you!" From Akina.

The 2006 calendar(7pages) can be purchased directly from the FC. It states that the style this time for the calendar is America Pop. 

2. DVD poster : Given when you order @ the Dinner show(it’s bigger than normal)


 3. Calendar 2006


Happy New Year to all VAMP readers! 


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

6 thoughts on “Year-end goodies

  1. Ranbi, thanks for sharing the pics!

    The calendar looks great! I agree with Danny that the cover shot is very nice. My next two choices (going from top to bottom, and left to right) would be the third shot and the last one, where she’s holding the mask.

  2. Happy 2006!
    I think the calendar is worth every yen I forked out ^^v Like the blue and purple ones ^^
    I hope the jacket of the limited Faithway DVD is not the same as the poster above….

  3. It’d better not be. Just some bad news … I read on the Minoru BBS at 3.30 am this morning a post from a fan that said that this VAMP site is a "bad worm" for showing off all these goods and New Year Card from Akina, which are limited to FC members. I’m not sure if the administrator has removed the message but it is what I interpret as a case of sour grapes.

    Tisk … tisk!!

  4. you know what? i am SICK AND TIRED AND SO BLOODY CHEESED OFF by these narrow-minded, bird-brained people who have the cheek to label themselves as Akina fans.

    pardon my use of strong language here, but i say SCREW THESE ANAL RETENTIVE retards.

    WAKE UP your idea folks! if you truly support Akina, it’s high time we start sharing her news, updates, and good work – be it her past or present releases.

    these very fans who hold themselves up in such high esteem on their almighty pedestals, cloaked in hypocrisy, deserved to be bitch-slapped left, right and centre.

    "keeping" Akina to oneself is a miserable act based on pettiness and testimony to these people’s selfishness. you are only contributing to the demise of her career.

    VAMP has been instrumental (and will continue to strive to be) in rekindling the love and passion of many good Akina fans around the world. international fans do not have the luxury of gaining access to Akina-related news like our Japanese counterparts. i should know better ‘cos there was a dearth of Akina news reported in English in a timely manner in the whole of my career as an Akina fan.

    now that we’ve put together a resource that is both credible and useful, these people are so fast to poo-poo on it.

    so what do these people suggest? hide and keep every piece of Akina stuff? even a postcard? so we can perpetuate the urban myth that Akina is dead? she’s successfully committed suicide? her career is in the doldrums? she’s not active anymore?

    how weak and what utter rubbish!? irrational behaviour at its most pathetic.

    it is this very same backward mentality and the refusal of joining the advent of the informational superhighway, that’s key to Akina’s weak presence on the net. She’s averse to technology and computers. her official websites can’t get any worse. and then there are those fans who echo the same philosophy.

    do us a favour and get real. it’s 2006 for heaven’s sake.

    if anyone takes issue with the sharing of Akina’s news, please look deep within yourself and do some soul searching. what’s the true reason you’re so against the propagation of Akina to the rest of the world, and what’s the real crime?

    excuse me, but who’s the real worm here?

  5. I like the green background one!! We all like diff shots…which means this calendar is perfect for all!! haha

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