who’s the worm?

according to Jamez, there’s been a post from a fan on the Minoru BBS spewing venom at this site for sharing (visual shots of) the latest Akina merchandise that’s exclusively available to FC members only. i am consumed with anger and disappointment for the umpteenth time by these unfathomable behaviour so i’m gonna lash it out once and for all to strike the record straight.

what irks me more than anything else is that these posts may actually dampen and affect the morale and goodwill of some fans who are willing to share.

here are my thoughts which i’ve left in the comments section but i think i will bring it forward so everyone is in the know and don’t miss these very strong and valid opinions of mine.

you know what? i am SICK AND TIRED AND SO BLOODY CHEESED OFF by these narrow-minded, bird-brained people who have the cheek to label themselves as Akina fans.

pardon my use of strong language here, but i say SCREW THESE ANAL RETENTIVE retards.

WAKE UP your idea folks! if you truly support Akina, it’s high time we start sharing her news, updates, and good work – be it her past or present releases.

these very fans who hold themselves up in such high esteem on their almighty pedestals, cloaked in hypocrisy, deserved to be bitch-slapped left, right and centre.

"keeping" Akina to oneself is a miserable act based on pettiness and testimony to these people’s selfishness. you are only contributing to the demise of her career.

VAMP has been instrumental (and will continue to strive to be) in rekindling the love and passion of many good Akina fans around the world. international fans do not have the luxury of gaining access to Akina-related news like our luckier Japanese counterparts. i should know better ‘cos there has been a dearth of Akina news reported in English in a timely manner in the whole of my career as an Akina fan.

now that we’ve put together a resource that is both credible and useful, these people are so fast to poo-poo on it.

so what do these people suggest? hide and keep every piece of Akina stuff? even the look of a postcard and some shots of her calendar? so we can perpetuate the urban myth that Akina is dead? she’s successfully committed suicide? her career is in the doldrums? she’s not active anymore?

what do you think the rest are gonna do? save the images and print them out to make their own postcards and calendars?


how weak and what utter rubbish!? irrational behaviour at its most pathetic.

it is this very same backward mentality and the refusal of joining the advent of the informational superhighway, that’s key to Akina’s weak presence on the net. She’s averse to technology and computers. her official websites can’t get any worse. and then there are those fans who echo the same philosophy.

do us a favour and get real. it’s 2006 for heaven’s sake.

if anyone takes issue with the sharing of Akina’s news, please look deep within yourself and do some soul searching. what’s the true reason you’re so against the propagation of Akina to the rest of the world, and excuse me, but what’s the  crime?

who’s the real worm here?


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

8 thoughts on “who’s the worm?

  1. wow…first of all, Happy New Year! okay..back to the topic of this posting, the main complain was that the new year postcard should at least be shown after the new year and not before it…which I think completely makes no sense! It is to wish the fans a happy new year…not a belated new year! haha…and most important of all, VAMP being a blog for mainly overseas fans, not all of us are so lucky to have friends in Japan to help us to join the FC…so those of us who had joined the FC should share the joy with the rest…and worst of all, it is merely a message this time w/o Akina’s photo =( and I made it a point to scan the front of the postcard, where there is promotion for the calendar and my photos of the calendar would let the rest of the world know how wonderful Akina has done for this year’s calendar! Free marketing!! haha…last but not least, any efforts here by any of our VAMPires is out of our love for Akina and to introduce her to the http://WWW…so let’s forget about those miserable comments over at the BSS…and look forward to the DVD and BEST FINGER and MUSICFAIR!!

    p.s. BTW, above the complaint posting, was another japanese fan that posted " Do not complain about other websites in this BBS! If you are not happy, drop them an English email and sort it out with them!"…was pretty scarastic ‘cos most likely the person who complained surely not proficient in English..hahaha…(grinz)

  2. Again, I want to ‘Thank you’ for all your works, videos, pictures, and everythings. It’s not only keep me update with Akina’s latest news, but also made me to continue to be Akina’s fan and support her new works.

    Regarding Music Fair, I wonder if anyone can burn it into DVD. I’m willing to pay for it.

    All of this Akina’s stuffs are usually available in yahoo jp’s auction anyway. However, they don’t sell to international buyers. Very annoying!!

  3. I forgot to mentioned that I’m sure that many of us would be her member in a heartbeat if it’s easy for us to be.

    Like I mentioned before, I lost one year memeber ship fee for nothing before. I sent the money but heard nothing back and could not contact anything. I don’t know Japanese so I wrote in english and hope they would try to translate it but no. nothing!

    I’m happy to pay by credit card and double membership fee if they will gaurantee that I can order any products and not losing money for nothing again.

    The more I talk about this, the more upsetting I am too.

  4. Danny, thanks for expressing those thoughts so well and so candidly. I agree with you completely.

    Unfortunately, there will always be people like that. Their selfish and mean-spirited attitudes produce only negativity that can be disheartening for the rest of us.

    That will only be the case if we allow them to trouble us.

    Akina, and her true fans around the world, can only benefit from the wholehearted enthusiasm and spirit of sharing exhibited by VAMP.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

  5. Well done, Danny. I share your exact sentiments. There is a lot of joy to gain from giving and sharing, but there are small minded people who want to either:

    (a) keep it for their own private use

    (b) sell it for profit purposes

    We are not uploading free music files of new songs or albums, so we are not guilty of copyright infringement. All we are "guilty" of is our love for Akina and the joys of sharing.

    Like many other times in our lives, not everyone has the same resources (let it be due to distance or financial) to access Akina’s news (past, present and future), so I believe that we are doing our best not only in re-introducing past fans but also hopefullly in enlisting new ones.

    For those who never had an idea of what she was like in her heyday, we provide plenty of proof, and not only through the simple news and discography information but also of video clips, which may help to bring back sweet old memories.

    So, I guess you’ve spoken for us all in this rage. We can hence move on from now and look forward to a glorious 2006, for Akina and us all …

  6. Yup, well said Danny, we all know there are lots of selfish, jealous and petty minded indivduals who can think of nothing other than themselves, wrapped up in their own ungrateful little worlds unwilling to share anything with anyone else. How they can call themselves a fan is beyond me, as part of being a fan is SHARING a common interest, in this case Akina!These sort of people though arent worth bothering with wasting the time of day with – if they want to keep everything to themselves, they should shut up and crawl back into their tiny little world they exist in and not bother voicing their viscious and scathing opinions. At least the rest of the community REALLY knows what that person is like now, in that respect they have done us all a favour I guess! They deserve the tongue-lashing they have behest upon themselves, lets hope they learn something from it too!

  7. I am forever grateful that true Akina fans are so generous in sharing the latest news, pics, and whatnot. It is so hard to get a hold of all that in Canada. Being a fan of Akina’s for over 20 years, never have I been able to follow so closely on Akina’s career until now. And I can’t thank the people behind this site enough. And to imagine all the time and effort they’ve put in so that Akina fans from all over the world can enjoy this fabulous site and support Akina. I’m appalled that anyone would have anything negative to say about that.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  8. I can understand that people may feel that they took the time to join Faithway and that the "merchandise" should be exclusive but I also feel that having glimpses of the latest calendar etc is fantastic promotion!!! It is almost like one of the album promotions that can be viewed on this site. You hear a sample of each song while it is being advertised which makes you want to buy the album even more. I felt very isolated until I found All About Akina and Vamp on the internet(even from Faithway because I don’t read Japanese). This site is SUPER!!!!! I never got to see any video of Akina till December 2005 and she has been my favorite singer for about 14 years. If it wasn’t for these websites I would not know when her next album is coming out or even if she is still alive (it was a complete shock when I heard Teresa Teng died). I think that perhaps this person should think that maybe not everyone has access to Akina and it is great that she has many overseas "fans" and that something should be done to include them like a suggestion to Faithway that if they could have some info on their site in english (payment methods etc.) for those of us who don’t know Japanese (not fluent or cannot read it).Instead of complaining offer a positive suggestion. I have been trying to figure out how to budget in a Faithway membership since I started visiting this site. It would be nice if we could make it a joint effort between Vamp, Faithway and Akina to recognize this site and work with them on promotion and access to her (in english) officially. Otherwise it is back to the wasteland of I wonder how Akina is doing today. I don’t think any of us want to violate copyrights etc we just want to support her and share, at long last.

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