Akina covers Momoe Yamaguchi’s classic number “Cosmos”. This song is about the love between mother and child.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

8 thoughts on “Cosmos/Kosumosu

  1. I think it was a special program (like the upcoming one) where she promoted the Zero Album, and she sang "瑠璃色の地球" as well. I have never ever seen that but Leslie, who received a promotional copy of Zero then, wrote excitedly to tell me about how much he liked the album and the program.

    I think I have to watch it somehow now … Ranbi onegaishimasu ne …

  2. I wonder what’s her vocal range? 4 or 5 octaves?

    Can’t make out whether she’s sitting on a stool, kneeling on the floor or squatting on her hunches. 😛 (just joking!)

    Jokes aside, I really think she looks great in that gown.

  3. this program is called MusicFair..which has been around since the 70s…Akina is appearing on 14th Jan on this program again..the last time she appeared was 2002…which she sang a medley,Cosmos and Ruiiro no chikkyu..

    Jamez, will try to do for you =)

  4. my personal opinion…whenever Akina covers Momoe song, she does it so well…I guess it has to do how much she wants to be like Momoe..a successful singer…on the other hand, looking @ her Utahime series…she is always so good at singing other’s songs…=)..a true Utahime!

  5. From THAT BBS, Akina recycled her DS2005 kimono-like for MF21 (to be air on 14 Jan 2006). And she will sing her hit meledy and 落花流水. やった!

  6. Oh! I wonder if it is the one that she prepared to sing "Desire" at last year’s Kohaku? If it is, then it should be kirei!!

    Thanks Ranbi. She is indeed versatile and she tries her best not to spoil other singer’s works. It shows a lot of respect and I think this is highly commendable.

    I always thought that Momoe was her idol until Tien told me that she didn’t own any Momoe’s singles or albums (Don’t worry. Not many people did too. Her best selling album was only 11 万枚. Yes, you did not read wrongly. I had to take a few "second glances" to make sure what I read was true.

    It is also true that albums did not sell well in the 70s, and if she was releasing like 2 or 3 albums a year, who would have the money to buy that, which was why singles were more popular. I also have to add that being a Momoe fan, I am not impressed with her albums that I own. 😉

    I think she admired Momoe more for her strong sense of style and I can see many similarities when I see Momoe perform. She is very professional and confident and that is what Akina strives for. She also sings in the same lower register like Akina does, and they both became famous for singing songs with suggestive lyrics, so the similarities are there. But ultimately, I think Akina admire Momoe for giving up her career to be a housewife and mother.

  7. I notice in a lot of these clips that her speaking and singing voice seems to be a little hoarse these days. I wonder if this is a temporary condition. Maybe all the cigarettes and booze is catching up with her.

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