MusicFair 14/1


Special thanks to my generous Japanese friend…who is also a big fan of Akina! 


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

25 thoughts on “MusicFair 14/1

  1. Thanks for these wonderful photos? There were many reports on the Minoru BBS but I can’t interpret. Maybe Hamu or Ranbi can help?

  2. seems japanese fans are not quite satisfied with Akina’s performance… they are attributing her not-so-good performce in music fair to her potential illness that day..

  3. She looks amazing though.. I wish we could have seen this performance. The dresses are beautiful. I like both modern and the adapted kimono. She looks amazing, including her make up.


  4. Find her too skinny…. Fans on the BBS were commenting that Akina might have caught a cold. She didn’t sound very strong. A fan, who has attended her DS2005, also said she didn’t do the full dance for "Rakkaryusui". Comments this time are divided down the middle – 50% thumbs up and the rest sound concern over her voice and health…

  5. for the shojoA~tango noir~tattoo~ desire medley…Akina didn’t dance…and she was wearing a big white long coat..similar to FNS 2004…and no dance for Desire as well..=(

    then for the 2nd medley…she wore a simple dress which was elegant..Nanpasen was superb!

    lastly, as the pics show…that dress for 落花流水…it matches the song very nicely..and I think Akina concentrated in singing that song so less dance..but still more than wat she did for DS i read from BBS…

    overall, for a music program like this..she really performed a lot of songs..which is so good!

  6. Patrick, the file has been uploaded onto our StrongSpace account.

    if you’d like an account, pls send me an email (via contact form).


    okay, here’s my verdict of Akina’s Music Fair performance.

    i’m hoping it’s the quality of the file/sound, but she certainly didn’t look well (can anyone confirm that she was ill? did she mention it? or is it an assumption?) in all three segments. she looked gaunt, pale, and energy level was low throughout. she sounded croaky during the interview segments.

    you could tell she was focusing more on getting her vocals right and it must be really stressful trying to hit the keys if she was indeed unwell. she did hit all the right notes, but the delivery wasn’t up to her usual standards. it was straining listening to her. if i wasn’t a regular fan, i’d go away feeling she’s lost her vocal abilities (which we know isn’t the case ‘cos she sang beautifully during her recent Empress concert. just watch the DVD!)…i was cold-sweating watching the video clip.

    her Raka Ryushui gown was fabulous. she started off backfacing the audience, and that showed off the wonderful designs at the back of the gown. her dance moves were appropriate, and i wouldn’t say i’d expected more. it was just nice. but i thought it was a tedious delivery vocals wise, and was just reliefed she made it to the end, with a bit of the hand movements outta synch towards the last bits.

    i can fully understand where the thumbs down emancipated from. not really good since this is a 25th Anniversary appearance?

    BUT, I LOVE AKINA! so let’s look forward to a better performance, when she’s in the pink of health.

  7. Hi Danny,
    Thank you very much. I did email though contact.

    Akina – you made me worry……..

  8. hey Martin~! it’s a private file-sharing network we’ve created. it’s password protected and access is by invitation only. we will only offer the account to active readers of VAMP, and we know you are! and so is Patrick!

    Martin, if you want an account, email me too and i will set it up within a day or two. hear from you soon! =)

  9. Hmm… After viewing the show, it seems to me that she looked a tad not herself. Guess she might be sick or not feeling good during the recording day. Like Dan said, she hits all the notes but a bit strained and stretched for her. Also to add on, the band playing the songs is a bit weak. The music arrangement is not good too. A tad loose and no depth to it.

    Nevertheless, it’s a rare perfomance for her to do so many songs in a show. She put in all her efforts and it paid off. It’s still a GREAT performance to watch. Akina is really kawai and funny throughout the interview.

    I would say that her dresses are appropriate and nice! The "Desire plus Nanpasen" kimono is superb! Love that kimono!

    A big plus. She still looked young when sitting beside the female host. =)

    Love you, 明菜さん!

  10. Wow… I love it!!!

    I agreed with everyone that I think Akina had a cold. This became more obvious during the interview. I’m very concern about this. This is the second time that I heard she sang during having a cold (if we are right about that). The first time was in Music Station Super Live 8-10 years ago. I could not understand what they said before the show but she really sounded like she was having a terrible cold. Forcing to sing during a cold can harm the voice. No? Akina – please take good care of your voice and yourself.

    Now, regarding the show, I like it a lot. Akina did control her voice well although it seems like she has to cut it short. I thought Akina looks fabulous. I love the hair, the make up, and the dresses (not sure about the contact lenses though). 落花流水 is truly amazing. What’s going on with camera kept bluring at the beginning of this song. I thought her 北ウイング was best and Akina did not show any sign of strain voice at all. However, it seems to me that she was struggling after that with スローモーション.

    Is this the same Music Fair since ten years ago? I remember I used to see this show from time to time before moving to US. I remember Akina was on the show at one point and sang with just a piano and one female artist. It was simply fantastic.

    I’m still waiting for my CD, which should come together with my Empress DVD soon.

    Dan – THANK YOU!!!

  11. I haven’t seen the Music Fair performance, so I can’t comment on it, but… I must say I do have concerns about Akina’s health and future.

    I don’t wish to rain on everyone’s parade (my apologies in advance if these comments make anyone feel depressed), but I just wanted to voice something that’s been on my mind.

    Lately she has been definitely straining to hit and sustain certain notes. It’s not a constant thing, but she clearly has some trouble with certain songs.

    It was noticeable in her "I Hope So" and "Empress" performances. Her voice at times sounds much more tired and worn. Also, she never used to make those strained expressions and body movements.

    For her sake (and that of her dedicated fans), I hope that she will resolve to take better care of herself from now on.

  12. CJ, thanks for the truthful comments. i’m afraid her voice has indeed changed and her performances are never as effortless as her past ones (just compare the Music Fair one with say the x’mas video i posted here last month).

    just wondering if a voice can ever "go back" to its original glory after it’s tarnished by alcohol and smoking? if not, i wish she would do whatever she can to stop ruining it further.

  13. I, too, am quite worried over Akina’s health. I guess apart from her bad habits, age is an importsnt factor too. For those who are nearing 40 or already in their 40s, they should know the true meaning to "every year makes a difference".
    On the Empress performance, as far as I know the 15 July recording isn’t the best performance. In fact, it is one of lousy ones. Read from Faithway news letter that she was on the drip then. It must be real tough to perform 17 shows over 11 days…

    Also, Akina is always very self-conscious and nervous when there is filming crew at her concert. She tends to look very uptight, knit her eyebrows and can’t project her voice fully…. If you’ve watched "felicidad", you would know what I mean. At the start of the concert, you could see Akina trembling in her yellow dress. She had to hold the mic with both hand. But by the 3rd part, she had totally let go and you could see how she enjoyed the audience and her performance was significantly better.

  14. Hamu, it’s certainly true about the passage of time. Like the rest of us, Akina can’t do anything about that. Those are good points you made about Akina’s nervousness during the filmed performances, and the fact that the chosen concert was toward the end of the schedule when fatigue was a factor. Hopefully, those two facts explain a lot.

    On the flip side, Akina’s always had a tendency to be nervous and self-conscious during filming. Even with her past TV performances, she would tremble at times and the MCs would comment on how cold her hands were, especially when she was singing a new song for the first time. The fatigue would be less of an issue if she was in better health. She has been much too skinny for far too long.

    Danny, I don’t think it’s possible to go back, but it’s not too late to make some changes. Quitting (or at least seriously cutting back on) the bad habits would go a long way to help in preserving her voice awhile longer. Perhaps some diet changes and a training regimen would help with her stamina.

  15. As much as we all hate to admit, what CJ has brought up is true. We can comment as much as we want to, but the important thing is how we can all act together and make a difference.

    The fact that Akina doesn’t even access the Internet makes all our well wishes seem transparent somehow. I am sure there are people in her life giving her the same advice and it is the same with all of us. We only hear what we want to.

    So, maybe what we all need to do is to write a combined yet personal fan letter and send it to the fanclub for Akina. It must strike a balance between encouragement and concern, because we don’t want her to go into high panic mode, but of course how to do that is a very skilled job.

    Maybe we can encourage her to at least sit down and have a look at what all her fans have done for her. Our concerns, our encouragement, our labour of love. They are the only ones with the power to change and empower themselves, and it never fails with love.

    If anyone has any other practical suggestions that will have an impact, let us hear your voice. Let’s combine our love and make a true difference!

  16. I finally watched it this morning. Maybe it was due to everyone’s comments that I lowered my expectations, but what I felt was that it wasn’t bad at all.

    True that she tried to focus on her vocals and didn’t look as energetic when performing, she is still leaps and bounds ahead of many other singers who can’t even hold a tune.

    I think our expectation of Akina are very high, which is not a bad thing, but I think any TV appearance of Akina is better than nothing, and for me, it was an enjoyable experience.

  17. I still haven’t seen it (haven’t had the time to download it yet), but Jamez, your thoughts on Akina’s performance were encouraging.

    For me, it isn’t so much about having high expectations–although it’s quite understandable that expections are high, given the caliber of Akina’s performances throughout her career. Rather, I can’t help feeling concerned about Akina’s well-being, when it appears that she is unable to perform at the same level.

    Then again, I suppose that hoping for Akina’s talents and performance to never decline is, in itself, a rather high (and unrealistic) expectation.

    It would be great if we fans could let her know just how much we care.

  18. haha, i’m glad the discussion is able to make at least one or two of us enjoy the performance better. it always happens when we watch movies. a friend says this movie is soooo good you gotta watch, and then you do it and feel otherwise. and vice versa.

    i guess it wasn’t an unforgiveably terrible performance by normal standards, but it was blase at best. the benchmark of her performance is Akina herself. Akina fans do have really high (and perhaps unrealistic these days) expectations of her simply ‘cos she had wow-ed us for decades. so why can’t this carry on?

    many singers maintain their edge and voice throughout their career – Sandy Lam, Madonna, Babra Streisand but to name a few.

    any singer is as good as her last performance and release. so i am hoping to see something that’ll appease my concerns. the single was awesome tho and i was so happy to see her back in form.

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