私たちの女神! Burning Desire 2006… REVISIT


Declare your love for Akina!

Let us drown in the burning DESIRE and LOVE for our goddess, 中森明菜…

Drop your comments including the following:

1. What do you look forward from Akina in 2006?
2. What kind of songs or music do you wish Akina to cover or sing?
3. Wanna see her in what kind of dressing, costume or makeup?
4. Hairstyle for our dear 歌姬?
5. Who do you wish that she can work with? Be it composer, duet with or anyone.
6. If you are given a day to be with her, where would you bring her?
7. You will be her producer for 2 months, what kind of album would you want to make for her?
8. How would you shoot her music videos for this album that you produced? Who would you invited to co-star? (Ranbi-san must be screaming Seiko-san! ;)) Marketing plans are welcome, in case Akina’s manager visits our site.. hehe..
9. In this year, do you wish Akina to be in movie or drama? And what kind of genre?
10. Lastly, WELL-WISHES for our goddess!

BURNING DESIRES that everyone hopes and wishes, so let us share with each other… The joy of sharing! If you want to post pics, you are welcome to email us.

Get up! Get up! Get up! Burning Love!

Happy New Year, みなさん!



Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

9 thoughts on “私たちの女神! Burning Desire 2006… REVISIT

  1. 1. anything positive to us fans
    2. Mm… maybe Indian music? Middle East? think she’s gonna match that genre…
    9. yes, absolutely.. she’s just so good at acting.. it’d be great if she starred in one of those movies with a hit fiction tie-in..

  2. 1. A new album/ single by top song writers with real quality re-invention style.
    2. I think a Duet album can be another good comeback. Duet with current and past top artists can be fun.
    3. Light make-up is always good with Akina, in my opinion. I love her in any style but I desperately want her to be back in the top again. If she cannot afford best hair/ make-up stylist, it’s best to go with simple white and casual look. This calls Utahime who is not trying too hard and comfortable with her own look.
    4. Long hair is always best. Putting her hair up always looks good also. Actually, it can be anything but shoulder length (unbalance & balance hair style).
    5. Mariya Takeuchi – Tomoyasu Hotei (Miki Imai’s style can be good for Akina. no?)
    6. I will take her to Yosemite with a meditation instructor, a voice trainer, and a non-smoking police.
    7. I will make an album that is more mature in content. I will stay away from broken heart songs because I don’t think it’s good for her both mentally and career. I will do something related to world peace, Unicef, or save the world style album.
    8. I will try to link her with Unicef and do a joint promotion. Yes, a portion of album sales will go to Unicef foundation. It will have a massive PR for both Unicef and Akina to bring awareness to the world problem.
    9. Only with TOP drama or movies. Don’t get involve in the grade B level.
    10. If you read to this No.10, you know that I’m a fanatic. Akina – You can release a blank CD and I will buy it anyway. You can just tell that I’m not kidding by looking at all the best collection released by Warner that I have. I just want you to continue to do the work so I still have a focus of my life. Gosh…I need help. 🙂

  3. i think it’ll be really cool for Jay Chou to write her a song as i think the combustion of his musical style and her vocals will bring some surprises. after that, Jolin Tsai can die of embarrassment.

    i want Akina to do a full-on dance album, with heavy riffs and synths, and electronica all thrown in! ala Maddie’s Confessions On A Dance Floor. that will be truly shiok!

    i want Akina to release a kick ass remix album and banish our nightmares from all the Degenerate (typo intended) remix albums.

    i want Akina to release more HAPPY works, like Dear Friend, and Blue Ocean.

    i want Akina to do HIP HOP.

    i want Leslie Kee to shoot her a coffee table book, and also feature her on the cover of SuperMag 3!

    i want her to make one quality music video, without her excessively touching/caressing/fondling her mane.

    i’d bring her to the dentist for BriteSmile treatment if i can have a date with her. after that, we’ll go for coffee and talk about the next project i have in store for her. and she’ll realise her teeth is still whiter after the coffee.

  4. 1) A healthier, happier Akina.
    2) Some up-beat, happy songs would be nice for a change of pace.
    3) No heavy makeup or gaudy attire. Akina’s always done well for the most part.
    4) I’ve always preferred her with long hair, but she looks great either way.
    5) Hmm… have to think about this one.
    6) A tropical paradise with clear blue skies and waters, pristine beaches, and few people. A place where she can truly relax and forget about everything (at least for awhile).
    7) Something provocative with catchy tunes and clever lyrics. When I figure out what, I’ll let you know.
    8) I would shoot her being beautiful and active in exotic locales.
    9) I’d like to see her do another drama series like "Sugao no Mamade" (but have it run longer than 12 episodes!).
    10) Akina, I love you and wish you the best always!

  5. 1) Good Health,More music and to Tour USA ( english speaking countries, England, Australia, Canada)

    2)I would love to write an English album for Akina ( I know I’m dreaming but it’s so much fun)Influences:Kate Bush, Bjork, Sarah Brightman, Ofra Haza, Bee Gees. Instruments Lots of precussion,erhu,violin

    3)Skirt suit or dress like Emma Peel ( from The Avengers)

    4)1940s hairstyles, but she looks good with most any style

    5)Composer: Danny Elfman, Vangelis (Blade Runner type kinda Fushigi influences) ( perhaps a Native American Composer) Duet:Tom Jones ( I think their vocals would match nicely-Shakira, Gwen Stefani and Sarah Brightman could be backup singers for her heheheheh)

    6)Sonoran Desert or Venice

    7)Why one album? With good rapour many projects could be achieved. I’d love to see an album with a completely different album as a B side.On the A side it would be english and the b side would be songs that Akina wrote herself or colaborated on. (My songs( please humour me here) her songs.)

    8)Always on film. Black and white with spectacular lighting and use of shadows as well as complementary composition.( Marketing Plans-break english speaking market–promotion coordination with Vamp ( best English website for Akina) get her cameos/reoccuring character on good TV shows. Duet with Tom Jones (sing with him in Vegas)Tour USA ( dinner shows in select cities)get her in a Broadway or off Broadway musical/play (perhaps a song with a Native American composer would help her win something at NAMA Native American Music Awards)

    9) Movie! Capable, intelligent, courageous female character. ( along the lines of Ellen Ripley(Alien), Sarah Connor (Terminator), Emma Peel (see above). Noir, Sci Fi or Western ( she’d probably like to to a comedy or something that Audry Hepburn would have done), the character she plays must develope well and MUST be a match for any man ( I think she would have been perfect for Memoirs of a Geisha)

    10)an excellent man but still keeps her career, lots of joy

    Thank you so much this is way too much fun!!!!
    Great idea!!

  6. You are not in NY. Are you? I’m in NY.

    Hey! all folks in Singapore, we have two member in NY now. 🙂

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