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hi guys, all karaoke tracks which DJ Suzy had contributed are now available in StrongSpace. =)

Ranbi, thanks for sharing the Best Finger 2005 versions of  少女A , 北ウイング, 十戒 , 1/2の神話.

Hamu mentioned that Akina sounded a tad cutesy in the new version of " 北ウイング". i agree that the new version is nearer to the original one and the pitch is alot higher than what she’s probably capable of hitting these days. so i’m suspecting there might be some audio tweaking there. it’s so easy to increase pitches these days with audio software.

any thoughts?


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

7 thoughts on “tracks in StrongSpace

  1. Don’t think it’s audio tweaking. For those who have attended Akina’s concert, you would have noticed that she usually puts on that tad cutesy when singing unplugged during her MC.
    Akina admitted at a radio program that she uses different tone depending on situation. For example, if she is negotiating/discussing work-related matters, she would lower her tone to sound solemn. When happy, her voice may turn high-pitched.
    Now back to 「北ウイング」, if Akina’s pitch is constantly high, I would agree that it could be due to audio tweaking. But that’s not the case. Other than the intro and a few other verses, she sounds OK.
    My conspiracy theory: Akina wants to assure her fans that her vocal is alright, that she still can hit the high notes.

  2. i have my reservations. i have not seen her sing that key live as effortlessly as the recording. speaking voice is different from singing voice lah. she can even make cartoon noises!

    if you play with audio software like Soundforge or Logic Pro, all you have to do is to push a button or drag a few bars and the entire pitch will increase without affecting the tonal quality of the voice. it will still sound like the same singer.

  3. Must say that I’ve zero knowledge on audio software…. But I would be shocked if Akina restorted to audio aid, as she has always been sunao (honest). Can’t remember if she did a short verse of "Southern Wind" during the 17 Jul Empress concert. However she did sing in her cutie voice, quite effortlessly on another night of performance…
    And at her 2004 concert(the one that hasn’t been recorded), she sang "Twilight" at the original note effortlessly….
    Maybe we can ask her. Haahaa….

  4. i wanna ask her too! actually, she has so much pride with her singing it’s hard to believe if she’ll go that route. so i’ll sit on the fence for now.

  5. This BEST FINGER version of Kita Wing sounded to me that Akina was trying her best to sing at near original key of the song. However, as we all know that her vocals are much mellower than before, it therefore sounds a bit weird on the recording. I strongly trust that Akina will not use any audio-editing software to manipulate the recording, as she’s always confident of her vocals..that’s what I believe in. After watching her live, singing all her 80s singles in 2004 and also, 私は風 in 2005, I strongly her vocals is still there…except that a more matured Akina today.

  6. I just listened to the Best Finger version.

    十戒 made me extremely worry. I’m not talking about lower/ deep tone. I like that and I don’t want Akina to go back to sound like very early career.

    I’m sorry to get back to this topic again. I’m very nervous talking about this becasue I know that it’s very different between criticize your idol and listening to someone else criticize your idol.

    The voice 十戒 is what trouble me the most. It sounded like Akina sang when she had a cold. This seemed to be more often now so I don’t think it’s a cold. It sounds almost like she could not get her voice out. The word and note get cut off from time to time.

    I’m worry and sadden. For sure, I don’t want her to stop singing or leave this career.

    What should we do to encourage her to get a good voice trainer? I think she did not use her voice properly. I believe at the beginning of the career, she has a good coach and voice trainer in studio. She might even need to rest her voice to get it fully recover.

    I’m sorry if I upset anyone with this comment. Trust me, I love Akina and want best for her. That’s why I’m very concern about this.


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