hey guys! we’re dipping our toes here into the podcasting waters. we had some time on hand this evening and toyed around a little. it was quite fun working on it. the audio file is hosted over at my .Mac account so you’ll have pop over. enjoy and let us know what you think!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

12 thoughts on “VAMP.OD#1

  1. Very funny. It made me smile. Please keep doing it.

    I love to hear each blog about each single and album. I love the behide story or what’s going on during the time releasing single.

    Rumor and gossip are fun too.

    For example, I wonder what the reason behide of release Non-Fiction Estacy in EP format only. Why is no CD?

    Thanks for the great work again.


  2. I forgot to mention that the quality of the song section is amazing. It’s very clear. Talk section is fine but not as good as song section.


  3. I agree with Patrick. It was fun and I must compliment that the two of you are very courageous to start the ball rolling.

    For the record, I did not dislike the song. I was a little disappointed with the jacket after the fancy "Al-Mauj" and "Tattoo". There was not much promotion for this single in the magazines during that time, and it was only until I saw the single, and I stress purchased it, that I realised what the cover looked like.

    So, in abscence of much promotion and the surgence of many younger idols like Shizuka Kudo and Miho Nakayama, her sales were starting to fall … and of course there was her sister’s pictorial book and her romance with Matchy which was failing. I don’t think it was a very happy phase of her life. Still, it’s a single that I don’t mind but don’t particularly look forward to.

    Non-Fiction Ecstasy was released only as a cassette, not as an EP. Usually, Akina release Karaoke cassettes, like those that DJ Suzy had uploaded with just the A,B sides and some album tracks. However, I think she wanted it as a Christmas present for her fans, so she decided to release this as a cassette only, making her the first Japanese artiste to ever do so.

    In keeping up with my "reputation" as the stats man, the strategy worked and she hit the No.1 on its debut with sales of 25,020 copies. Total sales: 62,000 copies.

    Lastly, I did promise not long ago that we were going to do what some Chiemi fans did for Chiemi, which was to review all her singles in chronological order, and rate the songs (A and B sides), cover and reveal any juicy gossip. Now, that this podcast has started, I can see that it could work this way, in terms of posts, so watch out for it soon!

  4. Hey VAMPs! I thought your debut Podcast was brilliant! I really think you should do more, and with the other VAMPires too 🙂 Im sure there are plenty of Akina fans out there who would love to listen to more songs, remixes and comments from you bloggers, yup VERY fun I thought, keep it up!

  5. If my memory is right, I think Yui Aska’s Melody was the number on that week. 😦

    I think it will be very fun if we can talk about the top 3 on the single chart of each single release.

  6. it’s a good start! look forward to more podcasts and more songs!!! 1 song is definitely not enough…what is most interesting are the comments!

  7. Danny,
    FYI, in my iTunes pages, the main podcast title is ‘Welcome’. I think this should be VAMP or AKINA or something like that no?

    In any case, your podcast program are on the list with my other NPR(National Public Radio) programs. 🙂


  8. Danny,
    I’m sure many of us are waiting for the VAMP.OD #2. Don’t make us wait too long. ok?

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