Idea for Anniversary Release

In 2004, Iwasaki Hiromi released a special box set to commemorate her 30th Anniversary.  I think the concept of that box set ("Hiromi Iwasaki 30th Anniversary Box") is one that Akina might consider as she marks her 25th year.

30box.jpgThe set features 7 CDs of re-mastered recordings and 3 DVDs of video content.  All of Hiromi’s single A-sides as well as a selection of B-sides and albums tracks are contained on 4 of the CDs.  The other 3 CDs include a collection of favorite songs (fan requests), an assortment of rare tracks (duets, etc.), and a live best selection.

The DVDs feature a concert ("Pyramid Live"), promotional videos, and a selection of TV performances, including rare "Star Tanjo" clips.

The discs are housed in a nice box and accompanied by a booklet containing photos, discography, and other information.

Not to knock "Best Finger"; I just think Akina’s 25th year warrants a lot more.  It would be great if she has a release along these lines!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

9 thoughts on “Idea for Anniversary Release

  1. I am still considering whether to attend Hiromi’s concert in Feb here , in Osaka….

    she is one of those singers who is still being respected well…and has much more decent releases…

    I really wish Akina could have something like these!

  2. There were rumoured that Akina has quite a few unreleased works during her WP years… Would be great if WP can release them now… Any chance of it materialising?!

    Personally, I don’t care very much for re-mastering/re-releasing of past singles….

  3. Nakajima Miyuki wrote a song for Hiromi last year. I was quite surprised to find that out recently. Hopefully, Miyuki will write something that Akina will sing someday and the idea for a 25th Anniversary Box is great, but with no more remakes of her WP singles please.

  4. i second Jamez thoughts. no more remakes. just leave those classic tracks alone, i say!

    but yah, it’ll be awesome if she releases something like that. it takes effort tho’, and i’m not sure if she’s keen on going down that route these days. she’s quite bo-chap of late.

  5. What’s about a box of unreleased concert during 80s and 90s?

    What’s about collection of Akina’s TV apperance?

    What’s about collection of Demo’s version?


  6. Too many re-releases does nothing for good promotion and not much for sales. It states again and again in the public eye that a singer is a has been. It seems too much of Akina’s older songs ( no matter how excellent they are) appear on compilation albums. I think it is a waste of Akina’s excellent vocal gift. I am hoping that she can do something totally new for her 30th. Something that would be suprising for everyone.


  7. I guess at this point, it probably is little more than a nice thought. Because of the high price, only true fans are likely to buy a box set of this type (Akina’s recent sales figures haven’t exactly been inspiring).

    For long time fans who’ve already collected everything that she’s released, the old recordings (whether or not they are re-mastered) would probably not seal the deal.

    I do think that the rare track and video content elements would definitely be a major attraction though.

    The idea that there might be some previously un-released material is intriguing to say the least!

  8. Going to Hiromi’s concert is an experience of a life time. I was very lucky as I went to hers in 1987 when I was in Hong Kong and I shaked her hand after the concert in the parking lot when she was leaving the concert hall. I also have her anniversary cd/dvd box, holy cow, the Canadian customs charged 30% import tax when I bought online shipped from Japan, but it was worth it. The live concert in Egypt is absolutely stunning.

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