This is the most exciting news that has emerged for a really long time!!! Our Akina will star as a prima ballerina together with talented actress 黒木瞳 which will start screening on Japan television in April after 10 pm (Ranbi san can update us). It has been almost 7 years since Akina’s incomplete "Border" that Akina will star in a drama again.

I am sure we are all very excited about this news as this would be definitely part of Akina’s G Project.  They will both star as ballerinas but 黒木瞳 will be a mother who is attempting to restart a career in ballet to help support her family during the tough times. Here is the news article (mature ballerinas):

中森明菜&黒木瞳 熟女バレリーナ






The collaboration between the two of them is definitely a talking point and it is great that they are taking another chance with Akina after her dismal "Border" pullout. This is definitely a great start for her 25th Anniversary and the only way to top that besides good ratings … Akina singing the theme song and hitting the Top 10 again (No. 1 Dare I Dream?)!!!

Another article that confirms that it is 日本テレビ, and that the filming will start in March. Akina also expressed that she is happy and that she hopes that people will like it. How wonderful that the news is spreading all over the sports papers today:













Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

17 thoughts on “約7年ぶり日本テレ系連続ドラマ!!!!

  1. She stars as a psychic police investigator, kind of like one of the task forces in CSI (Don’t ask me which one because I don’t watch it), but she has special powers that enable to get under the killer’s skin.

    I haven’t finished watching it because it’s not my favourite type of drama but the storyline seems quite repetitive. Akina suffered from osteoporosis in the midst of shooting and the drama was incomplete.

    It was another scandal for her, which was why it took so long for them to re-employ her again.

    Judging from the short excerpt above, it sounds like another "Sugao no Mamade" type of drama (which is like the extended Japanese version of the US movie "Beaches" starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey) but I think it is closer to another 1977 US movie named "The Turning Point".

    "The Turning Point" is the story of two prima ballerinas and the different lives they took on. Anne Bancroft went on to become the top ballerina while Shirley Maclaine decided to get married and gave up her career (Yes, another Beaches though no one dies in this and Beaches was made in the mid 80’s, so this was the original). They were best friends who secretly admired each other but was jealous at the same time. There was a famous catfight scene that garnered them both Best Actress Oscar nominations in 1977.

    However, it is infamously remembered in Oscar history as the first movie (the second being "The Color Purple") to be nominated for 11 awards but walk away with none.

    Nevertheless, it is a good movie and I think this drama seems to mirror the movie. Good on Akina and her management team for finally doing something exciting besides rehashing her old stuff!!!

  2. This is fantastic. Do you know what channel and what time it is? I wonder if it’s a popular chanel and popular time slot.

    I hope this will generate new heat to Akina. I’m so happy to hear this although I doubt I would have a chance to see it.

    Thanks for the news as always.

  3. I don’t know which channel because it only says "日テレ" but it could mean one of the major networks "Nihon Telebi" and I think Wednesdays at 10 pm is quite a popular slot. Afterall, what would you do if you were in Japan on a Wedneday night at 10 pm, except sit at home and get ready for work again the next day? Maybe some may have just gotten home but considering that they are targeting at housewives, they would probably have finished their chores, ready to sit down in front of the TV to relax.

    Let’s hope that it is not pitted again SMAP x SMAP again this time, like "Tsumetai Tsuki" was …

  4. 日テレ=NTV. Think it works closely with Fuji TV, which started the trendy drama back in the 90s. It’s also the station that produced "Tsumetai Tsuki" ^^
    The storyline of the upcoming spring drama is not bitter as "Tsutai Tsuki". It’s about two middle aged women, played respectively by 黒木瞳& 中森明菜, taking up ballad classes to relive their teenage years….
    Happy that Akina is acting again ^^V What’s more! With 黒木瞳! 黒木瞳 is a respectable and popular actress in Japan. This is sure to create news~
    Yeah!!!! ^^V
    Envy Ranbi-kun, you get to watch it in Osaka ^^/

  5. Uhm… just crossed my mind… if Akina is busy with the drama, it would imply her summer concert may start in June…

  6. Official site
    Hope there’ll lot of Akina pic.

    BTW, Akina is second fiddle, playing a successful ballarine 嵐子 who used to take ballet lesson together with 佳奈(played by 黒木瞳)
    Read from 黒木瞳’s official site that she has been taking ballet refreshing course for the past month ^^ 黒木瞳 isn’t new to ballet. She used to dance in the 60s when she was with the famous 宝塚歌劇団.
    Guess we can look forward to Akina dancing in the drama.
    Clever of NTV to capitalise on Akina’s ballet skill ^^b

  7. Danny, did you add that "Ballerina Quilt" ad on the side or is that just a freaky coincidence.

    Yes, I guess they must have approached them with the idea that Akina’s specialty is ballet and if they could do something about it. I don’t mind her playing second fiddle to someone accomplished.

    I think the idea is tried but refreshing considering we are talking about women in their 40s having starring roles, and it sounds like a good drama too.

    I guess we will be seeing Akina in ballerina leotards and maybe for once, we will not complain she’s too thin because hers is a typical ballerina figure.

    As for her concerts, I think it could be delayed till June but I don’t think it is a bad sign because she might get some new fans and there might be an Akina revival in her old fans in time for them to buy tickets to her concert this year. Let’s hope she doesn’t do another "Warner Singles" only concert because of her 25th Anniversary concert.

    What she should do is to hold a "nation-wide" poll and ask her fans or anyone interested, what songs they want to hear and then sing the top 30 (I’m too greedy but I’ll accept medleys). Then maybe she will attempt "Kisei" for all of you whose neck is almost as long as a giraffe just from waiting.

  8. hahaha, Jamez, yah i was thinking about the same thing scrolling down this page and then i saw your comment! hahaha.

    the ads are served based on key words on the page, so it’s being too clever for its own good! hahaha.

    the other time there were ads about Vampires on the main page. funny not?

  9. Needless to say, this is a fantastic development!

    Congrats to Akina for landing another acting role (even if it is a supporting one)! The premise certainly suits her.

  10. OMG!! this is the best piece of news i heard so far!!! cant wait to watch here again on Screen!!! Thanks for the info!

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