“Border” Opening Theme

“Ophelia” is the theme song for “Border” – a TV series much like CSI if i’m not wrong. i haven’t seen a single episode of this. there was quite a fair bit of negative reports back then when Akina was filming for this. reports of her ill health, bad attitude, etc…

i think she didn’t finish filming for this series and somehow they killed off her character? anyone with more insight?


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

8 thoughts on ““Border” Opening Theme

  1. I thought Akina was injured during filming and they decided to cancel the show althought there was only 3 episode to finish. Of course, I’m not sure how true this was.

    I have never seen this show either.

  2. I heard that the last three episodes have been cancelled under the pressure of Sokagakkai (a religious sect which owns the japanese political party Komeito and is very powerful in Japan) : the remaining episodes were involving crimes committed by a sect similar to Sokagakkai. Akina’s alledged injury was only an excuse.

  3. Hi chochotte,
    I also understand that Akina’s injury was a cover-up, but the religion thingy is news to me ^^

    What I read was Akina had some money trouble then. Akina cancelled a birthday concert, but staff embezzled the money instead of refunding the fans that bought the tickets. That upset Akina so much so that she started to drink heavily. So bad was her drinking habit that she would smell when at the shooting. The director and other crews were angry with her and thus decided to cut the drama.
    That was later followed in Dec 1999 by her sacking by her then recording company, GUASS.

  4. From what I’ve heard, there were supposed to be 10 or 12 episodes to begin with, but due to Akina’s "injury", only 9 were shown in the end. I have all 9 episodes and from what I can remember (it’s been a few years since I saw the series), I must say it looks pretty "wrapped up" to me.

    The story lines are a bit silly and off-putting – in one particular episode, a female murderer strangles her husband’s mistresses, cuts off their breasts and, guess what, secretly places the "minced tits" in her husband’s soup. YUK!!

  5. Danny, are you sure you are from Sokka Gakkai or "Seiko Gakkai" (God knows what Gakkai" means in the first place, but you are a "Seiko Buster" (like forcing people who don’t like Seiko to listen to her songs Ha! Ha!)

    Jokes aside, this information is definitely new and rather valuable. Thanks for highlighting it. Makes Akina sound less bad. 😉

    I think the series is artistically flawed because it is repetitive with so many murders. I didn’t even finish the series. I think I stopped at Episode 7. So, they killed her by rushing the ending? If that is so, then it definitely sounds suspicious. Not surprising that they might have an effect on this.

    Maybe I should finish watching it.

  6. Yes James!! please finish the series and let us know what happens and how she exited, if she did.

    Gakkai is like "Xue Jie" i think. it means learning institution/organisation?

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