the title for 2006 Akina Nakamori Concert is…..

"The Last Destination"


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

12 thoughts on “the title for 2006 Akina Nakamori Concert is…..

  1. Doesn’t sound too auspicious … Did she just watch the movie "Final Destination" and its sequels and decided she liked the title. hope it is so, and not as the title suggests, if you get the gist.

    Maybe she just meant that the final destination for us is at her concert?

  2. the japanese fans has been trying to sense out of this title…some interpretations includes 最高(the best that Akina can get..therefore the last destination)…=)

  3. Then again, maybe she will sing songs such as "駅"、"TerminalまでのEve"、"終着駅"。。。

  4. I hope it’s just a marketing strategy to creat buzz.

    It will be very sad if it’s a final concert.

  5. oh HAHAHAHAHA. this is Final Destination Part 4. we’re all gonna die at the concert. die twice over for me (since i’m watching two shows) due to the ultimate aural pleasure!

    that shd make sense for the J-fans! hahaha.

    or maybe this will be her last concert?

    or maybe she meant it in a nostalgic way – the previous destination?

    finally it may just be a bad case of english – as usual. haha!

  6. Ha! Ha! Bad names like Best Finger you mean? 2006 will also be remembered for the year of "sala names" like her Kinku dresses.

    Let’s hope that Hamu is right, though I’m terribly excited about the songs except maybe "駅", but I think I have enough clips of her singing that. She should sing different songs, even covers. No "Singles Only" concert pleaseeeeeee, especially the Warner years only!!!!

    I know the Japanese fans have been speculating that the stage might be more spectacular as well since it is a bigger venue. Well, I guess it is more interesting than the names of her concerts of previous years, so maybe it is more exciting.

    I know it was derived from the concert tickets that the fans received. Now, wouldn’t it be funny if it was the name of the venue that is called "Final Destination" and not the concert itself. Ha! Ha!

  7. I hope I hope and I hope that

    it’s just a retire of some song in the concert instead of farewell concert.

  8. OH NO!? if this is going to be her last concert, i’m going to cry!!

    but if it is her final concert, it shd be all over the news by now right as i’m sure they will be using that as a marketing angle.

  9. It’s certainly working as an attention getter!

    I truly hope it’s nothing more than a strategic move, because the alternative–if true–would be devastating for all of Akina’s fans.

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