Akina New Single 「花よ踊れ」


It has been confirmed this morning by an article in Sanspo that the title of Akina’s new single is 「花よ踊れ」, which is the ending theme for her new drama 「プリマダム」.


Attached above is one of the new photos that was updated on her Faithway gallery as promotion for the new drama. I was a little surprised to read that the new song will be of Latin dance flavour, which is one of Akina’s favourite style of music. They are confident that it is a fitting end to the drama and that Akina was offered not only the role in 「プリマダム」 but also to sing the ending theme when they appraoched her. Lastly, Akina expressed that she loves Latin numbers and is very happy being involved in the drama production after the long 7 year break.

My Japanese isn’t very good, so maybe Ranbi or Hamu san can translate more of the article and share with us.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

12 thoughts on “Akina New Single 「花よ踊れ」

  1. Thank you for a great report and also picture. 🙂

    It’s nice to hear detail story on what and how Akina’s doing.


  2. it was mentioned in the article that Akina said " The arrangment of this new single is passionate! "..which she is very confident of.Hamuちゃん translated 1 phrase from the single that was quoted in another news article:
    ♪おいで力よ眠った力 今新しく生まれるの
    (come on power! Untapped power I’m reborn again)♪

    * i’m juz praying that everything will be under control and hopefully no more bass beat..or treble beat..hahaha… *

  3. the picture is so heavily airbrushed/contrasted. a bit too jarring for my liking.

    i hope it’s nice latino, and not laolaotino. she never stops her latino business one! tsk.

  4. Akina is really hung-up on the Latin flavor, isn’t she. Well, at least it means it will be an up-tempo number.

  5. Agree with Hamu. I thought she was referring to the air-brushed photo above, so I was a little surprised but then I saw the newspaper clipping, and she does look great.

    I don’t think it is the single cover because it’s too simple. I just think that it is rare that Akina would take photos like this anymore and I think it should be applauded. I don’t want to see covers with palms, eyes or just any body parts. Bring on the full face!!

  6. Has anyone else seen the promotional program for 「プリマダム」 at Akina Fun Site?


    If not, please do not miss downloading it. It shows quite a few scenes of Akina acting in the drama and she looks great.

    It does look like it is heading towards the ending of "Sugao" because Akina’s character looks like she is suffering from some abdominal pains. I guess that’s where the "Namida" part is going to be …

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