New Original Album!!!

W(本物) from this BBS has revealed that Akina will be releasing a new original album on the 21st June (Universal Music), in time for her first concert on the 24th June.

If this is indeed true, it would be the most exciting news because it has been 2 and a half years since「歌姫III~終幕」was released on 6th December 2003. It will also help to quell rumours that the concert name is an indication of that Akina has plans to retire after this. I wouldn’t be surprised if it includes the new single and I wonder if it will be 「Resonancia Part 2」. I love that album so I don’t mind. I just hope it’s not another 「La Alteracion」, which I dislike.

Anyway, any new album is exciting news! With all the drama, and pending new and re-releases, it will help to increase Akina’s exposure and is a great way to start off her 25th Anniversary celebration. Let’s hope it’s only the start of a great year for her, though us, as fans, will have to dig deep into our pockets to support her!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

17 thoughts on “New Original Album!!!

  1. Wow, aren’t we fans busy this summer? New single on May 17; Akina Box, new album and 8 DVD re-releases all on June 21. I’m aure Warner is planning something else towards the end of the year – 82-91 single re-releases, perhaps? Personally, I would prefer a DVD/DVD box-set full of TV/award performances. That would be hard though, given the copywrite issues and all.

  2. Hamu san, I immediately thought of you when I saw the news because you were complaining last year about no original album = greatest hits concerts.

    I think it wouldn’t so bad if her singles only concert always focused only on 82-89 singles and never extend beyond that.

    For all of your sake, I hope she will sing "Kisei". Enjoy the concert and let us all here live it through you VAMPires who are attending!

  3. wow…tat’s good news if its true!

    at least for the concert-goers, will get to listen to new songs from the album definitely!


    on my end, tml will be the start of the drama…look forward to it.!!
    and I will update after the show…as the ending theme song,花よ踊れ will be played i hope.

  4. i actually like her ‘unbal + bal’ album. 🙂
    shaker is very artistic, la alteracion is good.. but just not really into ‘resonancia’.. i mean latin is good, but i just dont really love that album 🙂

  5. I second Ray as well.

    I like Unbalance & Balance.

    Shaker is on one of my Top Akina’s album as well.

    I, personally, don’t like Resonancia.

  6. oh my god! It’s a round of good news after another!

    Resonancia Part 2? YEAH!~~ Hurray!!!

    I’m so looking forward to the new single!

    For me, there’s no songs or album that I dun like! Whatever Akina sings will be heaven to me, even CROSS MY PALM!! =)

  7. Resonancia was DA BOMB – there’s so many layers to it and i’m still peeling it after a few years. it’s not immediately accessible, but it grows. Shaker was powerful and satisfying on the whole as it had various genres and showcases Akina’s range. but it wasn’t a grower beyond being a stunner. still great! haha.

    Unbalance + Balance – just as the name suggests – it’s got some very strong numbers, and some weaker ones.

    BUT OH MY!!! what great news is this!!! even the tracklisting is out. GASP GASP GASP!!!! so exciting!!!!

  8. My non Japanese (a.k.a. Ang Moh) friends liked Resonancia. I agree with Danny Bunny on his comments.

  9. Another Resonancia-like album would not be my first choice of styles, but… any new original album from Akina is something to look forward to eagerly!

    Thanks for breaking this fabulous news!!

  10. I’m not surprised about the title, ties in with the name of the concert.

    I don’t think she will rehash a "Resonancia". It’s not very Akina. She likes concept albums and is always looking for new challenges. I believe it is a myriad of her favourite styles, to celebrate her 25th Anniversary. One that will have something for everyone.

  11. i knew the concert title was a clue-in to the album’s title. it could be Resonancia part 2 ‘cos of the fan club survey results? feedback showed it being one of fans’ recent favourites. akina can’t seem to get enuff of her latin influenced music so it’ll not be surprising if it’s another one. look at La Alteracion. maybe she shd just call this La Tino. HAHA.

    and CJ’s right on, i’m sure all of us wouldn’t mind one bit whatever she releases. we must be thankful she’s still making music!!!!

  12. Actually, if you guys think about it, "Resonancia" wasn’t her first latin-influenced album. She had tried that trick on "Will", but due to her problems with Gauss at the time, that album was half-done and it sounded very half-baked.

    Whatever style "Destination" is in, I just hope that it is something fun and light-hearted for a change.

  13. since the album is titled "Destination"…why the concert has to be "the LAST Destination"..?!! I dun think Akina would want to have a last album just like that…

    it says by that album description…"…Dance music full featured"…I really wonder how it will go. From 花よ踊れ…i think it is still ok…not too techno..and has style…hopefully more of such will show in the other songs…more originality.. =)

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