プリマダム ep2

episode 2 was delayed by 30 mins due to a baseball match before it… started at 2230hrs instead.

This time, guess what! Akina’s role, 嵐子 has a comical part again…

here is the story….

嵐 子’s son, 遥, ordered a pizza and it was delivered to the doorstep of their home. 嵐子 opened the door and thought that the deliveryman was one of her ballet fans…and thought that the pizza was a gift for her…so she autographed on the receipt and wanted to shut the doors…leaving the deliveryman shouting for payment! Comical??! Well, at least Akina’s acting was natural enough for me to believe that in her role, she really doesn’t know about such things! haha…

on the other hand, 嵐子 met 佳奈(黒木) at a ballet dress shop, and brought her to that bridge which was previously shown in the drama, about their 約束(promise) to become ballet dancers when they grew up. 嵐子 scolded 佳奈 for starting ballet again..and even advised her to stop it as no one would like to watch 佳奈 dance…but again, there seems to be some details left out here…maybe next few episodes will explain more..

嵐 子 received a call from her doctor, asking her to be hospitalised for treatment of her heart diesase, but she refuses. She murmured that she has not much time left to do much anymore…at least to see her son to the Royal School of Ballet.

my personal comments:

at the scene of the bridge, there were some shots of Akina which reminds me of her "Liar" days…which I liked a lot that style..maybe due to her hairstyle..and dressing…

her role, 嵐子, is getting to be a naggy mother who is ignorant…’cos she was a famous ballet and everything is taken care for her.

I still do not foresee any ballet dance from Akina yet…but there were some nice pictures in the drama, which were shots of her in classical ballet costume…and nicely shot…

again, the ending song runs again….!! Hopefully, Akina gets to sing on some music program soon!!

till next week… =) 



Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

33 thoughts on “プリマダム ep2

  1. I already guessed that some time ago when I saw her clutching her heart. Maybe it will be her last dance and then she collapses …

  2. haha…but I think she should be able to sustain for quite a while…at least till the last 2~3 episodes…’cos if she dies, the story has too little developement between her and Kuroki…we’ll see more…

  3. Yes. I think that will be the last episode or half the audience will stop watching because they are all Akina fans!

  4. If that’s the case, it’s really not surprising. It wouldn’t be melodramatic enough unless one of the characters dies, right?

  5. uhm… think akina and kuroki will dance together (akina in white dress and kuroki in pink. haahaa). Then akina collapses when the curtin comes down….

  6. i think Akina’s character will be very sick, but before she dies, she manages to see Kuroki dance for her. Kuroki will continue to draw strength from Akina, and continue her legacy. she might also be the new mummy for the lil boy since they click so well.

  7. wow, thanks.
    I would have never expected to be able to watch these episodes so fast (I live in Europe)

  8. Hi Dannybunny,

    It took you 4 days to download that thang?! Really? Wow, I guess I’m lucky – it only took me a few hours in each case. The quality of the files are exceptional. Does anyone have the 2nd episode with subtitles though? Merci!

  9. Hi,
    When I tried, I got an error message

    "This is not a valid torrent file. (invalid bencoded value (data after valid prefix))"

    Do you know why?

  10. Hi All,
    I finally watch the first two episodes. Since I watch it with no subtitle and with zero Japanese knowledge, I have a few questions. It will be great if anyone can help out.

    1. Who is the lady with a daughter and love to hang out at Natural Burger cafe? She’s also one of the ballet student as well.

    2. Who is Akina’s husband? Divorce?

    3. Can anyone please give me some idea on the long conversation between 嵐子 and 佳奈. The first episode was at the ballet school and the second episode was at the bridge.

    Thank you.

    I LOVE THE SERIES. Akina looks fantastic!!

    This is a perfect role for her.

  11. Hi Patrick,

    to answer your qns:

    1. that lady sells insurance for a living. just another role in the ballet class.

    2. Akina’s husband died before the drama started.

    3. Ep 1 : mainly talked about why hitomi wanted to get close to akina’s son…what intention does hitomi wants? –> referring to the scene at the ballet school where akina turned up to get her son out of that ballet school

    as for ep 2 : at the bridge…brought back the memories that akina and hitomi had about dreams of becoming a ballerina(prima)…apparently, akina questioned hitomi why didn’t hitomi keep the promise of going to the royal ballet school together?hitomi reply was that there were some complications…then akina furiously scolded hitomi that she shouldn’t start ballet again…no one would want to see hitomi dance now(at this age)…

    that’s about what i can remember now.

    hope it helps you get around with the story.


  12. Ranbi – Thank you very much. Yes, it’s very helpful. Wow, I wonder what the story behide anger in Akina is regarding Hitomi not continue ballet. It has to be more.

    I like this series already. 🙂

    I cannot wait to see the third episode.

    Who is the pink arrogant lady? I read from Hamu’s blog that there is rumor about the fight between her and Akina. I did not know that she’s famous in Japan. First, I thought she’s just some supporting actor.

    Thanks again.

  13. Ranka (Akina) is supposed to be very sick (some kind of a heart disease) and cannot dance anymore so I assume she is simply jealous.
    As for the pink lady, Kanda Uno, she is Akina’s fan. She even came to Akina’s live few years ago. The rumor has no solid grounds, considering that the source (gendainet) is known for always reporting false (& mean) gossips.

  14. Yes, Chochotte is correct. The rumor has no solid ground. My friend, Leslie Kee, who features Kanda Uno in his upcoming book of 250 Asian celebrities, said that he approahced Kanda as well to ask Akina if she would like to appear in his shashinshu, but Akina declined. All Leslie said was that Kanda said that "Akina was a very nice person but unfortunately, she still declined."

    So, let’s put that rumour to rest … As for that Torrent file, I get an error message too, though I think I will wait for the DVD with subtitles.

  15. For Kanda Uno, I did not mean to speculate the rumor. I like to know more background of her.

    Is she just an actor or she does something else as well?

    Chochotte – I think there will be more than just be jealous. Of course, I’m just guessing. I think something happned to 嵐子 after the disappering of 佳奈. It can be as simple as 佳奈 was her only friend. I really think that there will be something more.

    You can see that I’m really into this show now. 🙂 I’m excited!

  16. Jamez – Thank you very much. I would not have known that she’s a well known actress as well. I thought she was just a some supporting actor.

    Is there anyone elase that quite famous in Primadame?

  17. Most of the cast is ‘famous’ actually.
    All the ballet students are very popular and good dancer(the old lady acts since her childhood), the ballet instructor was a prinicipal at Bejart’s dance company in Lausanne, the husband is a well-established theater actor (and is known to be an excellent dancer too), etc…

  18. Most of the cast is ‘famous’ actually.
    All the ballet students are very popular and good ballet dancers, the ballet instructor was a prinicipal at Bejart’s dance company in Lausanne, the husband is a well-established theater actor (and is known to be an excellent dancer too), etc…

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