it’s プリマダム day again…

this one is from a TV guide…introducing this season’s drama theme songs:


last wednesday, the debut of Primadam, Akina and Kuroki went on 2 news program, one in the day and one in the evening to promote the drama…here are some shots:


the above is from the morning news…Akina managed to talk about her new single "花よ踊れ", which the lyrics were meant for 佳奈 in the show…to motivate a housewife to pick up ballet again…also, Akina talked about the CD jacket…which she commented that when the staff showed her…she felt 不思議…and replied "あ。そう。"..which means " that…"..


this second series of shots are from the evening news show. Akina’s co-actor commented that Akina danced a full set of Pink Ladies at the studio to entertain the rest of the staff while setting up and getting ready for shooting. He said that Akina danced perfectly (needless to say!!!) and Akina CAN really dance!

From the interviews, it seems that we will not be expecting many, if not none, dance scenes from Akina in anyway. Most of the dance rehersals that the cast had were without Akina…=( Mainly shots of Kuroki practising with the rest…except Akina.

Anyway, the single sounds promising.

Later, epiosde 2 report.. =)



Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

4 thoughts on “it’s プリマダム day again…

  1. Wow!
    Thanks for a full report. Akina’s hair and make up looks really good during this time.
    How is the rating? Will it become a popular show?

  2. The ratings hasn’t been very good…as they are a few stronger dramas staring the younger idols now…
    I am not sure if it will get popular…we’ll see…anyway, it is still nice to see Akina on least on a regular weekly basis for the next 8 weeks left.

  3. She looks great! I wonder if the Pink Lady dance will be included in the extras when the DVD is released?

  4. Back to the new single cover one more time..

    I just saw ‘Family Stone’ last night. It’s a movie with Sarah Jessica Parker and Diane Keaton.

    Surprisly, there was a scene that Sarah Jessica Parker stayed in her boyfriend sister’s room. The wallpaper was full of ballet girls. It looks very similar to new Akina’s cover. If you have chance to take a look at the movie, don’t miss the part. It’s not exactly the same but very similar in term of style.

    BTW, it is a good movie as well.

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