AIBU – Music Station Special 1994

check out the pained expressions at the beginning and the “powerful” dance steps during the bridge! Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me Srrruuuuu Ze Night!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

6 thoughts on “AIBU – Music Station Special 1994

  1. Why does Akina have this pain expression very often?

    I personally dislike it and don’t think that it’s good for her career. For non-akina fan, it will make them feel painful to watch.

    I love this song though.

  2. I always noticed that in every song video from her, i guess she really lives through her songs, shes very melancholic (i could say that) Well, to argue if its good or not, i think that it dont affect her career, i personally feel she tries to show ppl how she experiences herself from a song… Am i right?…

  3. i think it’s perfectly in tune to feel a song. but her "pained expressions" for fast tracks especially (Aibu, Kazari, Desire even sometimes) are not so much in line! i think it’s more a case of her trying to show that she’s very "li hai" (powerful)…as in the moves and singing is so challenging she’s using all her might and gusto to sing. she’s giving it all. so you better be impressed. that’s my take. HAHA!

  4. Danny – Thanks for your courage to say that. I’m consider myself one of her biggest fan. Like I said before, I collected all my money to buy every album and single of her.

    I do agree and feel the same way with you. The clip that you showed gave a perfect example. She has not start singing yet so it’s not about her voice. I wish she will minimized her pain expression.

    Well, I’m sure we love her either way.

  5. Hey Patrick,

    I second you. I’ve the same thought as you.
    Really wish Akina minimized her pain expression.

  6. Again I say: i love the way Akina express tru her songs… she show she have feelings.. as she sings.. what sense can have if u see someone sad, singin a happy song?.. u know what i meant.. I saw the video again and again (and yes.. she have the same expression at Live ’87, which i love) My point of view: AKINA is very sincere when show us her songs. Akina rulz 🙂

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