DESTINATION promo pop-up

destination.jpgSomeon is selling the 告知 pop-up for "DESTINATION" on Yahoo auction.

Just for record, the pic is taken from 1988 FEMME FATALE Summer Concert pamphlet.

Don’t tell me this is it?! The cover art?!


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

11 thoughts on “DESTINATION promo pop-up

  1. Akina has charted many firsts, and she’ll be the first to rehash an old photo of hers on an all-new original album!

    there can be only two outcomes:

    1) it IS the cover art – makes sense if it’s already plastered on the standee.

    2) it IS NOT the cover art – the actual cover art will not be released till actual day so it can be kept a surprise. maybe it will show her in the exact outfit and pose but with a current her? that will make for a good juxtaposition and illustration of how far she has come since she’s started, peaked, and perhaps now having reached her "destination".

    there might be a deeper meaning to the cover if she uses an old photo. maybe it’s playing on nostalgia. maybe it’s cos she hates putting herself on cover these days. maybe it’s for cost savings. maybe it IS a new photo? (haha). maybe it is meant to stir up some controversy.

    whatever the reasons and outcome, this is TONS better than the cover for Best Finger, Akai Hana, Days, and Will.

  2. From the past two years, it seems like Akina started to re-use a lot of her previous works.

    I agree with Danny that I do like this cover MUCH BETTER than Best Finger, Days, and Will. I thought Akai Hana was ok, not best but good enough.

    I feel bad to say this but it seems like Akina is cutting her budget.

    The following is purely my guess and may I remind that I truely love Akin and still continue to support here.

    However, I cannot help to feel that we might be experience the section of her career that she will be either retired or taking a break soon.

    Akina cannot be a successful artist by herself. She needs a successful team support. To have a successful support, she needs either to have invest in a lot of money or someone truly wants to support her and reinventing her career. As we all know, Akina is very controlling her image and career. This is hard for anyone to try to reinvent her career, in my opinion.

    Recently, I feel bad to hear her singing. As much as I love to continue to hear her new song, I think it might be a best idea for her to take a break and try to get her voice back. It’s risky way to do it since we know that taking a break can be hard to make a come back.

    The closet example that I can come up with is Cher. I think that can be a path to successful for Akina. She can come back with a strong dance club style song. However, she needs to take a break first and come back with totally new image.

    Well, whatever way Akina choose, we all know that we will be there. I’m still on the edge of getting the new Akina Box. My heart is there now but I’m still waiting for my wallet to loosen up. Should I get it? 🙂

  3. If this is what the final cover looks like, at least Akina’s image will grace the new album.

    No body parts or drab artwork! 🙂

  4. honestly, though i’ve been buying all her cds, i feel it’s more like a mere habit than a wholehearted action.. i mean, her songs in recent years cannot really get to me (well, actually there are virtually no songs in recent years that haunt me like before.., music elements seem repeating in themselves..).. i’m still sticked to her music in MCA, when i just started my new era in japanese music.. every japsnese song seemed so fresh to me, and i particularly appreciated akina’s challenge of different genres of music (at the time i thought akina was only an idol singing stupid bubble songs..).. i dun know how akina is going to make a difference now, but i am sure she needs some kind of change.. like engaging in a project for a big movie.. i have total trust in her acting, and if luck comes to her, i will not wow if she finally makes her name in some western context.. just my silly thoughts anyway.. all the best to akina, and i WILL always support her because i just love her!

  5. it’s always been one of my favourite fotos of AKINA, and i’ll be glad to have it on a cover for posterity. besides, i think it goes quite well with the album title. her career has always been about the 80s anyway, but it’s nice to acknowledge that she’s reached a destination now.

    btw, i think her singing sounds amazing in RAKKA RYUSHUI and HANAYO ODORE

  6. Suzy – I agreed. I like this album cover. I thought the fonts and color are done very well as well.

    I thought her singing in Rakka Ryushui is fine. This will be one of my favorite Akina’s single since Kisei, I think. However, I do not like her singing in Hanayo Odore. I thought it sounds like she shout out phase by phase.

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