This is the poster for 「DESTINATION」, from this

yahoo auction.

The same picture is used for the promotional flyer for concert 2002, MUSICA FIESTA:

and the following is the original picture from the concert phamplet in 1988 concert, FEMME FATALE:


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

9 thoughts on “「DESTINATION」ポスター

  1. Thank you for showing this.

    It seems like 2002 picture was from the same shoot but not exactly same picture.

    On the bright side, new album gave us the full image without cutting off. I love her body position.

  2. I love the picture, but like what Hamu says, it’s weird that she would use a recycled photo for her 25th Anniversary album. I think it is UJ that is not as enthusiastic as we are about her anniversary.

    She has worked very hard but unfortunately, it is not easy for someone who has been in the showbiz for 25 years to still command big budget productions. She might have been given a small budget for this album and has decided to spend more on the concert than the album cover. Maybe she has to cut corners to make other things happen. She’d rather use an old photo than some body part or some funny drawing, and I am happy enough for that.

    Complaints aside, I think we need to be grateful that there is new material. We have only been treated little teasers, and we don’t know what it costs to make a new album and maybe Akina has been picky with the songs, which is why she has not released an original album for 2 years. She doesn’t write her own material as well, which makes it a little difficult.

    We have to be supportive nonetheless but I just want to bring up one last point: what I find really weird is that if as the official website advertises that the concert pamphlet is going to be the best ever, why can she use one of the best photos on it?

    I guess only Akina can answer this question …

  3. Hi James,
    Pardon me for being so cynical, but I doubt the "best ever" concert pamphlet will be really good. It’s just marketing catch phrase.

  4. hey guys, whilst indulging in pepper crabs last night with Ranbi and Kenji, i thought to myself, if i am the marketing team for Akina, and i have an album with an old, rehashed image as the cover art as an item to sell, how will i sell it?

    and then i came up with a really probable answer which brings good meaning to the cover. i will sell it by spinning a yarn about how this album is about celebrating 25 years of Akina. and as it is a very special and commemorative piece of work, the idea was to get Akina to choose a representative and her personal favourite photo she has taken in the span of her 25 years in showbiz. well we all know she’s taken TONS of photos. the one which finally makes it onto the cover will garner much attention, and perhaps publicity.

    i tested the idea on my crab kakis and then suddenly, it became a cover with a concept, a goood reason, and suddenly it’s fun again!

    i am delusional. and i have to regularly make up excuses for her lacklustre performance.

    i couldn’t come up with any for her Hana yo Odore MV, but at least i’ve got one for Destination. haha!

    i seriously think that a good album cover isn’t all that expensive to materialise. there are tons of up and coming photogs, and even some amateur photogs take brilliant pictures. there are many ways to do things on a shoestring budget and still achieve good results. isn’t that when creativity comes into play and usually shines? for when there is a clear lack of resoources?

    Akina. you should hire me.

  5. Jamez, those are all excellent points.

    I agree completely that we should be grateful Akina is still releasing new material.

    In our zeal, we hardcore Akina fanatics may be guilty at times of losing sight of certain hard facts.

    Akina is blessed with some truly devoted fans, and you’d be hard pressed to find any better than the group right here.

    The trouble is, there just aren’t enough of us.

    The bottom line is that Akina isn’t (and hasn’t been) racking up anywhere near the kind of sales figures she once did. In truth, some of her numbers have been downright dismal, making it very difficult indeed to seriously command much of anything.

    Her concert tours have become seriously scaled down. Last year’s wasn’t even a tour, since she only played the one club in Tokyo.

    So, we have to be realistic regarding the scope of her productions. After all, the money has to come from somewhere.

    As a certifiable Akina nut among fellow nuts, the last thing I want to do is be the "voice of doom" or anything like that.

    We just need to take off our rose-colored glasses from time to time.

  6. I think the term "best ever concert pamphlet" literally means "best collection of recycled photos".

  7. Ha! Ha! I am enjoying the cynicism and the fantasy. I wonder why Akina does employ us all. We will all gladly work for free, just to be close to her.

    As for the pamplet, I know that it is a marketing gimmick but I wouldn’t mind if it had different poses of every single or album cover she ever shot that was up for consideration as the actual jacket.

    Naoko did that for her Naoko 22 (Best Collection), presenting different covers for all her singles. I’m sure others did it too, but considering that Akina is actually going back on her word (the calendar and the pamphlet) shows that her staff is getting some sense into her stubborness.

    Regardless of how "bad" it turns out to be, Akina nuts like us will still support her. That is true love!!

    Now, we need to figure out how to get to her. Maybe Hamu can start drafting a letter from all of us to her. Since she doesn’t access the web, we have to use the conventional style – by writing!!

  8. I really like the cover and the poster, thou it was an old photo. I want the poster!!!!!

    Ganbatte, Akina-san!

  9. i dun think it’s got anything to do with budget.. that must be some reason for doing it… maybe akina is still having some kind of memory connection to that period before ‘that’ incident?

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