Seiko vs. Akina

dedicating to this Ranbi! LOL.

it’s interesting how they compared Seiko to “light”, and Akina to “Shadow”. also, they drew parallelism between Akina and Momoe! =)


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

15 thoughts on “Seiko vs. Akina

  1. Would not it be fun to have a duo concert by Akina and Seiko on the same stage and have fans on two sides?

    That would be an sold out event!

  2. HAHAHA! well, i think Jamez and myself may have to watch it twice. once on Akina’s side, and once over at Seiko’s!! HAHAH.


  3. aRGG, I can’t stand Seiko, but I love the comparision. Seiko is light, while Akina is the more mysterious and grown up "shadow".


  4. Ha! Ha! I just find it funny that they said that Seiko was made from the Minami Saori mould. If you heard Saori sing, she sounds so different and definitely not very cutish like Seiko.

    As for the duo concert, I think Danny and I will sit in the middle, but definitely on Akina’s side. Did you see Seiko’s costumes for her concert this year. Not too different from the last few. Mutton dressed up as lamb as usual. Seriously designed to make her non-fans and some fans puke.

    P.S. For people who don’t understand the phrase "Mutton dressed up as lamb", mutton is old sheep, and is a common term used to describe older woman who dress young.

  5. thank god the YOUTUBE freeze frame displays A instead of S…. i would’ve liked the old japanese man though, he was hot LMAO

  6. Seiko? Shes more popular? All because she released a English cd in USA?.. lemme tell ppl, when i got this cd (which I still have) in 1989-1990, i found some mistakes, the main reason: almost each song have a different producer that makes a album session very unstable. And well, the fact of her fame among Akina suicide commitment, thats enough.
    I havent seen this video yet, but i have my steady point of view: Akina wont be erased from the japanese music, at least in my life. And Seiko?.. even i liked her music before.. uh.. i forgot i had that english cd yet :S fine, i admit.. i forgot her too…

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