Seiko’s Concert

Since we are on a Seiko-roll, here’s Seiko’s concert costume … 44 year old woman in mini-skirt. Enuff Said.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

27 thoughts on “Seiko’s Concert

  1. I think if you’re gonna wear stuff like that at that age, you should at least have the attitude to match. I mean, look at Madonna, she’s gonna be 48 soon but she’s still wearing those skimpy outfuts and leotards in her concerts and we think nothing of it. Same with Tina Turner – she was still shaking her booty at 60 and she was still sexy. Seiko, to me, is all surface and no substance (sorry James and Danny).

  2. To be fair, it’s part of her format. I used to follow Seiko’s work in the 80s. When the incident happened with Akina, I stop follow her work. I restarted follow her career again when she started reinvention herself with that english album with the song ‘The right combination’.

    I admire her ability to stay lively. I remember her concert format in general will be

    1st – New album work with the new image

    2nd – Formal dress with a ballad songs

    3rd – 80s songs with out of the world cute dresses (angels, minnies, and all pink or white style)

    I don’t follow her work anymore because her music has not been very interesting lately.

  3. it’s easy to dislike her but she also embodies something very interesting about a culture that’s very foreign to me… not too different from AKINA always performing hits from her "golden period" complete with similarly cringe-worthy movements – cue SOUTHERN WIND haha

  4. Wow! What a furore! I love it!

    Firstly Jerry, you don’t have to apologise. I cringe and puke at those photos as well.

    Secondly Patrick, I feel the same sentiments. I still bought her albums after the incident because I think it is gossip, though I have to agree that it was her 80s music that captivated me most. Akina and her had the best songs. The rest were mostly rejects from these 2 singers. It also sounds like her concert format has never changed. I only watched Seiko Call, which I loved, but from what little I have seen, the rest are horrible. Her energy is much admired though.

    Martin, you are corect about that view. Sad because it is plain denial … just like many parts of the culture.

    Ayami, to answer your previous question. Hate to say it but Seiko is more popular.

    Lastly Suzy, Akina commented at the Empress Concert last year when she did Southern Wind that she can no longer do those cutesy movements, which is why she sang that more mature arrangement.

    Overall, it is exactly why she causes so much talking points. Bad publicity is still publicity. Seiko is a walking PR campaign.

  5. Not sure that Seiko is more popular. But definitely she makes sure she get publicity, which she can afford (better than our 姫)…

    And I do admire her courage… to wear those cutie pink mini dresses at the age of 44….

  6. I have tried my best to refrain from commenting very much where Seiko is concerned, but I don’t think I can stomach it anymore.

    Honestly, everything Seiko does makes me want to hurl.

    She is the epitome of an entertainer hanging on to "past glory."

    Seiko may be more popular than Akina, but it sure isn’t due to an abundance of talent. In truth, she is really a marginal singer. Her childlike voice may have worked when she was a teen, but let’s see… that was over two decades ago!

    I cannot fathom why so many people continue to be fascinated by a 40-something woman behaving like a young girl. Don’t they have anything better to do?

    The way Seiko forces her "newsworthiness" with continual scandals just serves to prove how ridiculous she is.

  7. to the rest of the VAMPires (except CJ),

    I am not the alone one that dislike S.M. to such an extent (refer to CJ’s comment)…hahahaha..

    high five, CJ!

  8. I find it really funny to read all these comments. Seiko is indeed more infamous.

    I could understand the revival of Seiko a few years back and I wonder if it is the same. For many Japanese women who were brought up in the traditional sense, Seiko’s daring "I don’t care" style is something that they aspire to seek for in their lives. In many ways, she is their idol because she epitomises the modern Japanese woman as well … more so in her life than the model that she has applied for her career.

    There is no doubt that she has had plenty of work done to her face, and that can also be something that they want in their lives as well. I don’t think they idolise the way she dresses, but certainly a lifestyle which includes living in the US certainly proves to be very attractive to Japanese women of many ages.

  9. If there was any doubt before, I guess everyone now knows where I stand with regard to Seiko.

    Ranbi, it looks like you and I are on the same page! 🙂

    Jamez, I think Japanese women need to find a better role model. ha ha! 😉

    As for my previous comments, I just needed to express a few things that were on my mind. No offense intended to those who like Seiko. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that subject.

  10. I dun like Seiko in the same way I like Akina. but i really have no issue with her wearing those furi furi fingies cos it shows she’s one of a kind! the cute culture is very much ingrained in the Japanese. there’s a report in the papers today, suggesting if Japan’s obsession with all things cute is to their own detriment these days.

    also, the Goth Lolita movement is something which has arisen from Japan itself. Seiko could very well be the head honcho! LOL.

    Seiko does have her more mature image. we expect people to and most do behave their age. perhaps Seiko refuses to let go of her youth. unfortunately she opts to manifest that denial into very visible forms. i find that both laughable, yet endearing at the same time.

    i agree with Jamez that Seiko did have a great back-catalogue of songs in the 80s. i was crazy over Tenshi no Winku (wink wink!), Akai Sweet Pea, Rock n Rouge, and Natsu no Flash Flash Flash! =)

    her recent works sound samey, uninspiring, uncreative, and weak. i know cos i continue to buy those crappy albums. lol.

  11. Hi CJ (and Ranbi),

    I understand your dislike or to a greater degree, hatred. I have a friend here in Australia who feels the same way. He scowls whenever he hears the name being mentioned, and he pressed the Eject button if anyone dares to attempt a Seiko song. I still love him very dearly even though he doesn’t like her, and the funny thing is that his Japanese "comrades" and most of my other friends actually like Seiko more. However, like Danny and I, they are no longer living in Japan, and whatever memories they have were trapped in the 80s.

    I read this book about Japanese pop culture, which was very interesting and on pop stars, only two singers were featured … Momoe and Seiko. They dedicated a chapter each explaining the "phenomenon" but I found it really funny how they dissed Seiko in the chapter as well. People found her fake and would catch her acting cute. I guess it is like their obsession with "Hello Kitty" and all other cute things. How can one explain that? The only few mentions of Akina in the book was unfortunately in Seiko’s chapter, with the suicide.

    Ultimately, for me, I am happy to disagree. The world doesn’t have to be round or flat for that matter. It is healthy to have differening opinions because then it helps us understand why we are who we are … and it definitely explains here why we love Akina so much.

    Akina has mentioned more than once that she is a Seiko fan but I’m not sure that is a lie or not. However, I believe that Akina is a music lover because you can always see her singing the lyrics to every pop song while she is dancing or swaying to it, even her colleagues, like Yu, Chiemi, Hidemi etc. So, why not Seiko, when barring the voice, actually does have catchy songs.

    Akina can also benefit from learning from Seiko’s "Don’t care and never say die" attitude, not the furi furi dresses. Maybe she has, which is why we are seeing this resurgence recently.

    So, CJ, don’t worry about offending Seiko lovers like me. I don’t love her as much as Akina and I find it funny, even to imitate because she is such an actress, though when she is really required to act, she fails, because she doesn’t realise that she is doing that in her life already. Don’t laugh because there are many people who do it, even though they are not in the entertainment world.

    I even imitated her once in a video as a birthday present for a friend, and drew laughter because "I managed to capture the essence". It was silly fun but if I had to do Akina, it would be totally serious. Ha! Ha!

  12. I agree that there is no right or wrong. That’s what Seiko’s fan like in her. I remember there was a period that Seiko tried to go serious direction and she did not do well at all.

    She had a big comeback with Anatani Aitakute, which she’s back with the cute look. After that, she went into extreme.

    I’m no longer Seiko’s fan but I still like seeing her for what she is.

    Obviously, I’m a big Akina fan. However, I heard a few Japanese called Akina ‘crazy’ as well. Obviously, it was very upsetting to hear that.

    I believe both Akina and Seiko market themselves differently and they both go into extreme.

  13. Thanks, Jamez! I’m glad that you (and hopefully everyone else as well) were not offended by my Seiko-bashing, which was after all entirely directed at her.

    I hate to admit this, but there was actually a time when I liked Seiko (and fairly seriously to boot!). Pretty ironic, since I can’t stand the woman now. I can definitely relate to your friend’s reaction.

    Suzy, I would bet that a sizeable percentage of the hardcore Seiko fans probably feel just as strong a disliking toward Akina.

  14. Yeah, can be possible that Seiko fans would dislike Akina. Hey Suzy, dont be surprised if we hear something from those ppl.. he he But hey.. to my friends here whose are from my generation, i meant ppl who likes Akina since the 80s, the golden age.. Thats true that we are gettin older, but even we are old, we have the rite to try to look better.. even kinda "sexy".. like me.. in my late 30s i still wear long hair and leathers clothes..
    But what i try to say? all we have limits, of course, Akina Nakamori is in her 40s now, but it dont means she cant be sexy, i saw many recent videos even on the TV drama Primadam, she looks really hot with those clothes, (like in the video Aibu, from the Nagano show 2002) She dont have to wear those childish clothes than Seiko. She was one of my fave singers (i guess still being one) But since the year she released the self titled album in english (featuring the song "Righ Combination" things changed.. and i thought she was "dead", never expected to see her again till i saw those pics on this forum. Comeon. why Seiko have to do such things like to wear like JoJo, Avril Lavigne etc?. nah…
    And yes, i disagree that Seiko is "more popular" than Akina… maybe she sells more publicity, but Akina gives influence and there is a real legacy for us.. (well.. im not Japanese, maybe some would confrontate to me sayin that Momoe or Naoko Kawai haver more influences, but for me.. since my country Costa Rica, i felt the influence and passion in Akina. Long live to the JPop Goddess!

  15. I see we have a guest here. A rather unwelcome stranger who once left her mark on our blog. We don’t mind Seiko fans leaving their mark but they have to be respectful to Akina fans here. Do not use our honest comments for your own glee and do not, I repeat, create trouble, because this is after all not your turf.

    They are both 80s Pop Goddess – there is space for more than 1. Seiko dominated the early-mid 80s while Akina took over the mid-late 80s, so their era is rather different.

    Like CJ said, my friends who are Seiko fans feel rather indifferent to Akina, but I understand that somehow, we are conditioned to defend our idols. That is natural. However, I have to say that not everyone of them likes her image. They love her energy more and she does have good songs, and that is what they admire. Most frown when they see the costumes though.

    Akina is not immediately "likeable" to some people because she doesn’t act cute to endear herself to people, but her style and professionalism shines through. They appeal to different groups which was why they were able to dominate.

    Seiko did release an album called "永遠の少女" which was a rather enjoyable ballad album, but was panned by Japanese critics because of the image. I guess not everyone is blind.

  16. i guess regardless of popularity, 明菜ちゃん is crowned as the 歌姫, the diva that can sing beautifully. I guess this would be better than to be given the title of "永遠の少女", which merely means act cutesy at an age which one should not.haha.

    to our guest :


    Our blog is able to write in English, Chinese and Japanese. No matter how hard you try to say the good things about Seiko, it is useless! We support Akina Nakamori here! Can’t you read the "Akina Nakamori" wording at the top picture? haha!


  17. May I say that….

    I prefer to use this website as a tribute love to Akina.

    Let’s not trash other artists here. We all love our idol and it’s not hurtful to hear a trashy comment toward our idole.

  18. Hey ladies! Let’s calm down. Let’s not turn this blog/forum into a bitchfest. I have to admit that Seiko is someone that most of us here love to hate. I do like a few of her songs from the 80’s but I’m afraid that her voice and her image are not something that I can readily acccept. All I can say is: "to each their own". Period.

  19. sorry… I made a mistake.

    It should be "it’s hurtful to hear a trashy comment toward our idole"

    instead of

    "it’s not hurtful…"

  20. "Bitchfest" ha ha ha!! sounds funny! But yes, Jamez, ure all rite. We all have our favorite singers after Akina, and we have different comments about em, but as Patrick said: this blog is dedicated to tribute Akina. If we want to argue about another pop star.. well lets do another blog for that (Bitchfest could be the best name for that.. hehe)

    To 永遠的美少女聖子姐姐, i give u a welcome to this blog, hope u can stay longer and share our passion for Akina.

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