Destination Review

Ranbi, Kenji and myself had a Destination listening party earlier this evening. and i say we must do this more often!

i have a nagging suspicion my swanky new audio system has a part to play with it – WE LOVED THE ENTIRE ALBUM FROM THE GET GO! track after track, Akina dished out the very nice surprises. say Beniyo!

let’s count the ways i love this latest gem, a wondrous pot of gold at the end of over 3 years of waiting.

1) the flow of the album is excellent.
2) 12 tracks at a total running time of just slightly above 52 minutes, it leaves you panting for more. i couldn’t believe i’ve heard all 12 tracks when the last sassy note on Grace Rain lingered out… I WANT MORE!!! at least a good 3 tracks more!!
3) Akina sounds different on most of the tracks. there’s even a track which rings of tonal qualities circa Crimson era. Akina employs various singing styles on the various numbers. Grace Rain sees her marrying a new and her current style of belting.
4) It’s one of the most positive albums she’s done lately! apart from the sensous Grace Rain (picture the slithering off of lingerie straps… plush velvet cushions… ostentatious opulence), and 嘘つき, the rest are pretty upbeat! I wouldn’t even compare this to Shaker nor VAMP. it calls to mind an updated version of Femme Fatale (where she hailed “Take Up A New Fashion!!”). the songs are immediately accessible due to the attitude Akina infuses, appealing composition (but not overtly textbook melodious, which means endless replays without getting bored!) and you know… you can tell Akina had fun recording this! i particularly enjoy the assertive incorporation of the more modern musical elements and how that permeates the overall aural experience.
5) arrangements of the songs are exciting and offer much pleasant surprises at unexpected nooks and corners.
6) and yes! the diva finally understands the concept of “album versions”! there’s concerted efforts in embellishing GAME and her two latest singles. Hana yo Odore ends on sucha powerful punch, shaking my walls… leading into…
7) my FAVOURITE song (for now) – LOVE GATE!! super infectious track complete with hook, line and sinker. she delivers the instantly-likeable song with finesse – and a dollop of Akina Attitude with a Capital A. this song actually makes the other tracks sound “mild”. i love the way she opens the song! Lights, Camera, Action! so shiok!
8) the artwork for the album is commendable. and i haven’t spotted any typo errors, yet!
9) i love the 25th Anniversary motif! it’s going to look gr8 on the tees we’re printing to wear to the concert!
10) the album booklet carries a flowery, almondy scent!! could be the ink tho. haha.

words can’t describe the joy (and gratification) i have hearing Akina in top form again, making the type of music i’ve always hope she’ll make. this is truly a wonderful and timely gift for her fans. i’m just so glad it isn’t some sappy soppy ballady album that’s marking the 25th Anniversary. instead, this is an offering that explodes forth with so much indelible attitude, positive energy, and vocals.

the journey was as enjoyable as the destination. Akina has arrived, in style, once again.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

27 thoughts on “Destination Review

  1. I have not ordered it because I’m not sure if they will have special version for selling at the concert. Does anyone know?

    Should I order now???????

    It’s great to hear that the album sounds great. This is very exciting!! I will be in heaven if this album is at ‘Shaker’ level. I cannot wait to hear it.

  2. it is BETTER than Shaker in my opinion. =) and yes Patrick, order right now!!! i dun think there will be a separate version.

  3. Ahhhhhh….I want to get my hands on it – but my copy won’t arrive till tomorrow morning at the earliest…..and by then I’ll be on my way to NYC to see Madonna. Awkward timing……..

  4. Which night are you guys seeing? I’m seeing Jun.28th. Danny has my number so please feel free to call me if you need any help or have any question.

  5. hey Patrick! i got your email! thanks! might be able to meet up for coffee or something for sure. i dunno NYC at all and not sure about my full itenary. i’ll contact you sooner to my departure date!

  6. Hey Patrick,

    I’m seeing the June 28 show as well! Where are your seats? I think Danny is going to a different one though, so, as he said, we’ll be brushing our "virtual shoulders".

  7. i’ll def miss you guys at the show. mine’s er…okay i can’t remember the date for now, but i leave 1st July. so…

  8. Hey Danny, I think you’re attending Madge’s show on July 3, if my memory serves me correctly. I’m leaving NYC on July 1 so we’ll just miss each other. Are you catching Akina’s show in Tokyo? Or it is Osaka/Yokohama?? Have a great time in NYC. Catch you later.

  9. My section is 90 but not sure about the seat. I bought it on ebay since I could not get any good seat from ticket master. I should be getting my ticket next Monday.

  10. Okay Pat, my section is 104 – right across from you. Danny, I’ll be in Tokyo from Aug 6…..maybe I’ll see you there. Take care you all – gonna catch my flight to NYC in 10 hours’ time. Yay!

  11. DESTINATION is fit for 2006. Great~!

    Akina is excellent in Grace Rain’s performance. What’s a sorrowful, sexy and attractive.

  12. hey Jerry! what’s the weather like over there? next week this time i’ll be eating cupcakes!!

  13. Hey Danny,

    The weather sucks at the moment – rainy and cool, with thunderstorm coming our way. Temperature-wise, it’s around 70F. The weather is supposed to improve next weekend though, around the time that I leave and you arrive!

  14. Hi Jerry,
    Welcome to NY. If you have any question about here, give me a call at 1-646-316-6863. If I don’t have to work late on Jun 28 and can get in MSG early. I will go to say Hi!

    Danny – at this time of year, it usually very hot and humid. The weather should be back to normal soon.

  15. summer has officially begun right? =) hey, where’s the cupcakes that are to die for which were made famous by SATC?

  16. Some Japanese fans just reminded me that Miran:Miran could be Akina herself! This implies that "夜の華"(作詞:何 茶李/Miran:Miran & "LOVE GATE" (作詞:Rie/Miran:Miran) are co-written by Akina!
    One good reason to buy this album ^^/

  17. Dan,
    This is the information.

    Magnolia Bakery
    401 Bleecker St (between 11th St and Bank St)

    It’s in greenwich village area. The road can be a little confusing but it’s has some charm there.

    You can take train

    No. A, C, E and walk downtown on 8th Ave. Take a left on Bleecker St and Magnolia should be two blocks from there.

  18. Thanks Pat – I’m gonna try the cupcakes tomorrow! Did a lot of shopping over the past few days: went to the same places that I visited a couple of years ago when I was in town for Madge’s re-Invention Tour. See you on Wednesday then.

  19. Patrick & Danny,

    Went to Bleecker Street and promptly got myself some cupcakes……..yes, very yummy but the frosting is VERY sweet. Each cupcake probably has a thousand calories in it! Hey, what the hell – I’m on holiday!

  20. Jerry and Patrick! thanks for the info. i’m gathering all the nice places to go to. please recommend all the not-to-miss areas to me!

    tentative itenary:

    COADF concert
    Conan O Brien Shows (got special invite)
    musicals (Wicked) / plays / dance
    Six Flags (weeeeee!)
    Shopping 5th ave / Times Sq
    museums (Met / MOMA / Guggen)
    Central Park
    Empire State / Ground Zero / Brook Bridge
    Statue of Lib

    thinking of:

    quaint art museums
    quirky shops
    nice nooky cafes
    charateristic cinemas / theatres

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