Destination makes it to Top 20

With its debut at No. 20 this week, 「DESTINATION」 makes its gallant entry on the yet to be released (due later today) Oricon Weekly Album chart with sales of 6,664枚 (according to this site)

The expensive 「AKINA BOX(18枚組)」 also makes an impressive entry in the Top 100, at No. 97, though the actual number of sales is unknown at this point and will be updated later.

In comparison with her recent debuts, this is her first Top 20 hit since  「I Hope So」 . Akina Fun Site has also listed the debut positions and first week sales for her albums since 2000.

ZERO album~歌姫Ⅱ(10) – 47,280 (229,744 total)

Resonancia (15) – 18,970 (31,030)

歌姫 Double Decade (8) – 31,239 (83,046)

I Hope So (15) – 9,756 (17,964)

歌姫3~終幕 (25) – 14,257 (31,311)

BEST FINGER (29) – 6,630 (13,557)

So, it sold slightly better than 「BEST FINGER」, but as the author pointed as well, 「BEST FINGER」 did have 5 different variations in cover.

To add some interesting trivia, here is quiz time:

(a) Which 3 Akina albums debut at No. 2 on Oricon LP/CD chart and then climbed up to no. 1 eventually?

(b) Which Akina album scored a No. 1 in LP sales but only No. 2 in cassette and No. 3 on CD , and therefore its total first week sales rounded up the album at No. 2?

(c) Which Akina album scored No.2 in all categories but No. 1 in total sales for the first week?

(d) What was Akina’s most impressive first week album (LP/CD) sales?



Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

10 thoughts on “Destination makes it to Top 20

  1. 告訴明菜迷兩大好消息:

    1.這次發行的18CD-BOX,台灣華納會進口,而且價格不到台幣7000元,非常便宜.可向五大唱片預約,到六月底止,約七月四日到貨,可到台灣五大唱片網站看看~我訂了三套喔 哈哈哈 ^^

    2.同樣日本六月二十一日發行的新專輯,台灣環球會台壓,發行日期未定,記得要多多捧場,這樣環球才會繼續發行明菜的專輯.(雖然我已買日版,蛋我還是會買台壓,看看會不會送海報 ^^)

  2. 谢谢你,明菜最棒。这消息的确让人感到兴奋。不知道新加坡会不会销售这个版本。


    To translate what our fellow Akina fan has written above:

    He/She has exciting news to let us know:

    (1) Warner in Taiwan has bought the distribution rights to 「AKINA BOX(18枚組)」, and is selling the Taiwan version for 7000 Taiwanese dollars (roughly US$214.20). It can be purchased from the major 5 retailers.

    He/She feels that it is very cheap and has ordered 3 sets.

    (2) Universal Taiwan is also releasing 「DESTINATION」, which could be the first time since 「歌姫3~終幕」, that they have released a Taiwan version.

    Even though our fellow fan had already purchased the Japanese version, he/she is urging all to support this release, so that Universal will follow up on Akina’s future releases.

    He/She is also waiting to see if they are giving away free posters before taking the plunge on this purchase.

    Sounds like another one of our fellow VAMPires, 乱火さん。

    Akina Box定價 NT$6798,加上國際運費(我在上海)都比從日本購買運費不計便宜1萬日元,orz !當時日本如果是這個定價肯定整個BOX订了,現在已經收到了BEST II、不思議和CRIMSON三張了,STOCK、CRUISE、Femme Fatale、BEST原來計劃以后訂,现在好為難啊!

  4. Good placing, although you might think Destination could have hit a bit closer to the results for Resonancia or I Hope So.

    Still, Akina can be pleased with the top 20 showing. All things considered, we should all be glad.

    Jamez- are those numbers in parenthesis seriously the overall totals for those albums? If so, her recent numbers are even weaker than I’d imagined.

  5. Hi CJ,

    Yes, they are. However, I believe they are obtained fom Oricon who only tabulates the sales from major retailers or a selected list. The actual sales could be higher and no one will have the figures of those copies sold at concert venues and such.

    They might not be significant but they do count. Compared with her peers and others who are also trying to make a comeback, I think they are quite respectable.

  6. I wonder how many of those are ordered by international fans.

    Akina do have a lot of fan outside of Japan in my opinion.

    (PS. I have problem with posting comment from work so I can post comment less often now. so annoying… 😦 )

  7. Thanks for the confirmation, Jamez.

    I would have to think (hope?) the actual sales are higher.

    But regardless of what the figures may actually be, obviously they are enough to sustain Akina’s career (much to our collective relief).

    Considering that most of Akina’s peers were kaput a long time ago, it wouldn’t take much to outdo that group. Is there anyone among them with a realistic shot at a comeback?

    Speaking of problems posting comments, I can no longer post any comments unless I login first. It’s been that way for the past few weeks.

  8. You’re welcome CJ.

    I don’t think there are any except Ms SM.

    As for problems with posting, I think sometimes, it just doesn’t remember the author because I experienced that lately. So, if you just key in the author as CJ when you post a comment, it should work.

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