Fantastic News!! Another Theme Song

This is fantastic news that has just been posted on サンケイスポーツ!!! The full comeback of Akina!!!








Akina is to sing her first theme song for a movie starring 徳永英明 (Tokugawa Hideaki) in his first starring role and she will be covering her idol Momoe Yamaguchi’s best known hit 「いい日旅立ち」(No. 3 highest, Oricon sales: 530,000 copies but another magazine rates it as Momoe’s only million seller) , which if you remember, pipped Akina’s 「Desire」to the No. 10 position on last years "Kohaku SukiUta Poll".

Akina has previously covered Momoe’s songs twice (though this article states only once probably because only 「秋桜」created news, not 「愛染橋」, which was a minor hit for Momoe. There are high expectations for Akina’s version because she was specially selected from other idols for her vocal prowess. Akina says that she is very happy because she has loved Momoe’s songs since she was a child and she remembers that she had difficulty singing the song then due to the difficulty of the song and its technique. She also added that it is always a challenge to sing Momoe’s songs.

Lastly, Akina will also be holding a special talk live at Osaka HMV (as reported earlier) to promote the movie, song and also album (which is not mentioned in the article). All in all, I think this is very healthy promotion, and if I didn’t still harbour angry thoughts about NHK for shunning her last year, I would say that she is a shoo in for this year’s Kohaku. Now … I just don’t care that much. I think Akina should hold a special countdown concert for her fans instead.

More Updates:

中森明菜が百恵「いい日旅立ち」カバー  山口百恵が78年に歌った代表曲「いい日旅立ち」をデビュー25周年の中森明菜(40)がカバーする。10月7日公開の徳永英明主演の映画「旅の贈りもの/0・00発」の主題歌として制作される。関係者から今回の企画を伝え聞いた現三浦百恵さんは「1度、明菜さんに歌って欲しいと思っていた。明菜さんでよみがえるなら最高にうれしい」と喜んだという。明菜も百恵さんと面識こそないが「子供が歌うには難しすぎてうまく歌えなかった思い出があります。大きなチャレンジです」と、意気込んでいる。伝説の歌姫は引退から26年を経ても、後輩たちからあこがれられ、目標とされている。 (日刊スポーツ)

Don’t know if it is true, but the underlined sentence seems to reflect Momoe’s desire (from authorised personnel) for Akina to sing the song one more time. After all, it has been covered a few times and Akina has sung it live with other Ladies before in 1999. It is expressed here that if Akina manages to revive the song’s glory, it would bring most joy.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

2 thoughts on “Fantastic News!! Another Theme Song

  1. oh wow, what a MAGNIFICENT feat and honour of the highest magnitude to have the "backing" of Momoe herself! looks like a really fruitful year for Akina and her fans!

  2. I always feel that 感傷紀行 from "New Akina Etranger" reminds me of いい日旅立ち. Not surprisingly, both are written by 谷村新司.

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