“The Last Destination” stage dresses revealed!








OK… someoe is selling these photos on Yahoo auctions:


I have put them more or less according to the sequence of the concert. The red/green dress is for part one. Then she changed into a black pant suit.

For last session of the concert, she wore a hat + another pant suit (design is similar to the one she wore for 2002 concert). For encore, she was in a yellow mini dress (this one reminds me of Kashiwabara Yoshie on BEST TEN).


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

16 thoughts on ““The Last Destination” stage dresses revealed!

  1. The costumes look very OTT and, dare I say it, quite ugly to me. I actually expected something a bit more elegant or subtle. Oh well. And what’s with the hair?? It looks very 1988, circa the Femme Fatale era.

  2. I can not believe that you of such Akina fans cited such stealed concert pictures, which Akina dislike it the most. Furthermore her concert just finished only two stages.

    I hope if you like Akina, please delete them immediately sincerely, please.

    You are just same as one who stealed the pictures.

  3. Hi all,
    I hope people understand that this site aims at promoting Akina and not profiteering from her.
    Let’s face it. UJ and Faithway aren’t doing a good job in promoting Akina and updating the public on her activities.
    So it’s up to us, the fans, to do something.
    And since many overseas fans don’t understand Japanese and find searching the net for Akina’s news, etc, difficult, I thought it’s a good idea that we help to bridge that gap by posting whatever we can find and translate here.
    I bet Akina fans are mature enough to judge what’s good and what’s bad for themselves.
    As for the picutres, I don’t see how it would affect the sale and success of the concert. I don’t think those who have bought Akina’s concert ticket would decide not to attend her concert just because they saw (and dislike) Akina’s costumes.
    If anything, the site has let many English speaking people to get to know Akina better and hopefully help to boost her single/album sales ^^

  4. Totally agree with Hamu!!
    UJ and Faithway are really not doing a good job in promoting Akina…It depends on the Fans!!
    200% support!!

  5. Well done Hamu, both for the photos and the rebuttal. As far as I am concerned, if it is posted on a public domain like Yahoo Auctions, then I don’t see a problem. If we had infringed any copyright issues, we are most happy to hear from Akina or from her production company about it.

    Otherwise, the reason why we are posting the photos here are out of pure love for Akina, regardless of our opinions on the outfits.

    Personally, I like the second outfit the most. I think the "Yellow Canary" outfit during the encore was meant to be a variation on the ballet theme, but I think the black sheath cheapens it a little, and I’m definitely not keen on the first outfit. I hope Akina was not the designer of the dress. Ha! Ha!

    Well, I can only add that at least she changed outfits this year. If she wore the only one outfit, there would be more complaints. So, let’s just appreciate it.

    Lastly to Naho san and other Japanese fans who feel the same way, four VAMPires and many other fellow friends of VAMP will be attending her 2 concerts in July and August regardless, to show our support and love.

    Due to other commitments, I am unable to attend, but I am there morally for them and Akina. The importance is that we can all be generous and share in the joy, and not profit or be selfish.

    In the current state where Akina is not readily featured in the news, it is up to us fans to keep this flame alive. To promote and share, it is this love that Akina should be proud of, not angry and ashamed of.

  6. I wanted to post this all day but I could not post comment from my work computer anymore.

    Naho – Your comment will have more weight if Akina has more activity or commercial trade outside Japan.

    1) Akina has no international tour. If anyone wants to go to Akina concert, I doubt if they will decide base on her dress from these pictures.
    2) Akina has very minimal PR now and her photo has no longer had a mainstream commercial value. Only her true fan will buy it. That’s the main reason why most singers do not want picture taken during concert. They want to sell picture in different way or has it license for sale. My most recent concerts of Madonna and Billy Joel (international stars) have no restriction on camera. They are free to take.
    3) If these pictures are really terrible, Akina and her company should go after the Yahoo auction.

    I think you need to be fair to international fans a bit. We are part of Akina’s fan either Akina’s fan in Japan will like to accept or not. You can see that several people here bought Akina Box. I doubt that all Akina’s fans in Japan buy it.

    I have been Akina’s fan since her early career. I bought every album and every single up until “Trust Me”. I have her albums in both LP and CD versions. I have all her singles in two sets (3” and 5”). A few years ago, I was become less and less connected with Akina for several reasons.

    1) Her work quality disappointed me. I refused to continue buy the work if I don’t think it’s up to the standard.
    2) My money to renewed fan club membership was disappearing for no reason. I wrote letter to ask and offer to pay again but no response at all. This was during scandal of manager runaway with concert tickets money. The whole thing was very unprofessional in my opinion. I wish Akina stood up and protected her fan.
    3) She has almost zero news and harder and harder to hear anything about her.
    4) I felt un-welcome and un-appreciate and question why I should continue to support by buying expensive CD and merchandise if I’m taken for granted.

    Thanks to this website and a few others, my love to Akina has started again. By having update news and pictures weekly, it keeps my interest on Akina. I started to buy her single, album, and DVD again.

    Bottom line, I don’t see any negative on posting this picture. A few months ago, I remember someone complained about posting fanclub newsletter. After that, I don’t see anyone posting detail information inside the fanclub newsletter anymore. I hope this does not happen with posting her pictures. It will be really sad if we kept censor ourselves. At the end, we will be just like Akina’s own website with update news every three or four months.

    Regarding her dress,

    1. I gave Akina credit on trying on the blue and pink dress. It did not come out well but at least, she tried. I just wonder why she had the yellow dress inside on the first and wore it again at the end.
    2. The black pant suite reminded me of STOCK era. Her hair is similar to that time as well. Overall, it reminded me on hundred days. I do think that Akina need to stop this raincoat with big should pad style. It looked fantastic during FIN but not now.
    3. I like the yellow dress for encore. I thought Akina look fantastic in that dress but I’m not sure if I like the hair style. In my opinion, it should look a little cleaner and more elegant.

  7. I owned most of her vinyl/ CD/ LD/ DVD and most recently have bought the AKINA BOX, too!

    We have a crew of 6 will fly to YOKOHAMA to support Akina!!

    I think we love and crazy for Akina not less than the fans in Japan! HA! HA!

  8. Thanks for comments by fellows of VAMP.

    I can understand for international fans this website is very appreciated for getting Akina’s latest news.

    Surely it may be more difficult for overseas people to get Akina’s news compared with Japanese fans.

    But we have internet now and like me I can visit this site so easily and appreciate for letting us know Akina’s old and rare movies in the past.

    If posting any pictures or TV films released on public, it is no problem for me but this time …

    I am sure many Japanese are also visiting here and some without having pure love for Akina might. Some might be further profitting from these or using them just for a kind of gossip.

    If they were all in the past and remind us of happy memories, I support it personaly.

    At least what I can say is Japanese fans like who run for Akina’s website do not release those pictures but perhaps share with limited fellows.

    I have visited this site for about a year and I have been very happy to know there are Akina fans overseas and come to Japan to join her concert by spending a lot of money.
    I know VAMP fellows really support Akina with pure love and am also happy to hear your frank comments on Akina’s works or visual performances.

    I can fully understand those who can not attend her concert this year appreciate for posting concert pictures but I doubt people who see pictures become to want to be participating concert with only her outfits.

    As for posting details of latest fanclub newsletter, I also do not support it because nobody will become a member of fanclub if we can see it on website.
    It will be against Akina’s support.
    (if it was revealed after a few years passed. it will not affect badly)

    I joined 1st concert at Hiroshima. Different from pictures revealed, she looked very beautiful and her first outfits are just like a Rio Carnival costume but as far as I saw the pictures, it does not look so. I think it is due to lightning. Red parts were more light.

    Patrick san, I feel so sorry for losing fanclub membership fees though I just knew it from the rumor. I heard most of fanclub members could take the money back in the end, but I knew not all.

    What I most feel on Nakamori Akina is that she is very sensitive, stubborn and too kind for those with concerns.
    Such her character sometimes brings about some troubles or slanders.

    I think she has not permitted herself of having the 1989 incident.

    She is never like Ayu, Seiko, Amuro. I think her sorrow of the past is deep.

  9. Thanks everyone for being mature and understanding ^^
    I think we all are entitled to our opinions and comments. I personally hope Akina and her staffs can read our constructive criticisms. This is how an artiste that is serious about his/her work improve!

    Lastly, true fans won’t stop supporting Akina just because of her bad costumes!

    I may not really like her stage dresses, but I’m still looking forward to the concert!

    Let all keep supporting Akina and give her our most sincere comments and criticisms!

    Cheers everyone!

  10. questionable costumes aside, i’m glad she’s looking a bit fleshier on the face! i’m glad there are costume changes. altho this shdn’t be an excuse, but i think the costumes need to be assessed from far as they may appear OTT in these pictures, and probably OK from the audience’s pespective. stage costumes tend to be larger than life mostly.

    i’m not too keen on the Maggie Mee hairdo.

    final costume looks the best for now. we’ll give a proper run down after watching the concert.

    as for openly sharing akina-related information, including pictures, videos, and audio samples, i have only one thing to say – this is the power of the internet. if you can’t fight it, join it and make the best outta it.

    Madonna eventually had her entire catalogue available on iTunes now, after years and years of being anti-digital.

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