MC as I recall

I can’t really recall very much for the Yokohama concert, coz (1) by then I was exhausted, (2) fans kept interrupting Akina, making the talks in-cohesive, and (3) I sat rather behind and couldn’t catch what the fans were talking most of the time…. Fellow VAMPires, if I missed out anything pls help to add on ^^/

At Kobe

1st MC

Akina’s usual greeting, ie 「こんばんは~」

2nd MC

First, Akina asked us, the fans, to sit down.

Someone touched on Akina’s soft spot – her age.

Akina said she hates those magnifying mirror in hotel. She would always turn it around.

When asked if there would be any concert next year, Akina answered, “no”. That upset all the fans. Ignoring our protests, Akina continued, “This concert is entitled the LAST Destination, isn’t it?”

Fans tried to convince her otherwise. One shouted “Pls sing forever!”

Akina: I want to get married and have kids of my own.

Fan (too upset): that’s impossible

Akina: impossible?! If I don’t get married soon, I couldn’t have kids of my own… Imagine my own little one

Fan: Mother!

Akina: Must be cute~ I mean my kids

Changing subject,

Fan: Any plan for calendar?

Akina: Uhm.. I had said “no” before and ended releasing calendar. Make me look like a liar. What should I do…. Uhm… I would release if the touch up on my photos are well done. But there is only that much CG can do, so… Well, don’t you think nowadays artistes look so great? Uhm uhm (shaking her finger)

Fan: Akina, do you depend on CG?

Akina: Me? All my pictures are CG’ed! Otherwise I wouldn’t release them! Well… it’s like nowadays people typed their message instead of writing.

Fan: Do you carry a mobile?

Akina (loud and clear): No!

3rd MC

Akina promoted her new album

Akina: Have you heard the album? Which is your favourite?

Fan: You receive a poster if you buy it here

Akina: Yar…. Though not very interesting (the poster), I’m sure (referring to the fan) you bought it.

Then a lady from HK shouted that this is her 10th year attending Akina’s concert and DS.

That set Akina thinking whether Taiwan or HK is further from Japan. A fan told her HK is further.

Then seizing the 5s silence, 乱火 shouted on our behalf that five Singaporeans were there.

Rather impressed, Akina asked (pointing to our direction) if that’s the overseas gang.

乱火 responded “No”.

Before he could elaborate, a Japanese fan sitting in front of us rose his hand playfully and said “Singapore”.

Akina, recognising him, smiled at him.

Then someone asked about DVD release. But Akina didn’t confirm, she just said “uhm… maybe”

The talk moved to “Premadam”

Akina: Those photos (Akina in toto) were so difficult to take. A professional was present at the studio to teach me how to pose. She kept saying my posture wasn’t correct. I have to imagine there is a rope on top of my head, pulling my entire body straight.

Fan: where are the pictures?

Akina: In the office (she didn’t say if it’s her office or NTV’s)

Fan: Wow~~ I want to go to the office!

Fan: Should I get the DVD boxset?

Akina: How would I know?! If you ask me, of course I will tell you to get it.

Someone asked if Akina will be invited onto NHK Kohaku this year.

Akina reacted rather strongly “Not a chance! I was so looking forward to it last year.”

At Yokohama

1st MC

Akina’s usual greeting, ie 「こんにちは~」 Akina said that the crowd at Yokahama is the most 元気 one so far.

2nd MC

First, Akina asked us, the fans, to sit down.

Then she introduced Olivia (the black singer that provided background vocal for several songs in "Destination").

She went on to say she wish she could stay in Yokohama (Yokohama is a upper class district where a lot of successful artistes live in). Then she counted the bad of Tokyo and priased Yokohama. Someone mentioned her hometown. She said her hometown really shouldn’t be considered as part of Tokyo. And she revealed that she hasn’t been back for a long time and won’t be going home….

Akina also said that she had a hard schedule for the past few months as she needed to record her album and shoot for the drama. She thanked those who have bought and listened to her albums and urged those who haven’t listened to her album to buy one. Even if they don’t intend to buy it, they can rent it. Then she added "Maybe that explain why the sales of my CDs are so bad." When fans clapped, she joked, "those who clapped are those who haven’t bought my album, right?"

Akina also revealed that intially she thought she couldn’t express the numbers in "Destination" and hence didn’t like the songs. Eventually after the recording, she fell in love with all.

Fan wanted confirmation that Akina wrote two of the songs. To that, Akina replied that she was one of the lyrists. And once again Akina said that this is the last year for concert. And fans protested.

3rd MC

Akina remind fans that she would be on Hey!x3 the next day.

A Japanese fan, who has moved to Australia, was there at the concert. She stressed that she made the trip to attend Akina’s concert. Then a Japanese friend of ours shouted on our behalf that there were many Singaporean at the concert. Then Taiwanese fan asked Akina to hold a concert at Taiwan. Akina declined flatly. She continued with " まとめてありがとう thanks to all overseas fans for coming".



Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

7 thoughts on “MC as I recall

  1. clarification, when I shouted that we were from Singapore and when Akina asked if we were the overseas gang, akina was referring to the 5 of us + the hong kong lady that sat beside us. Akina was asking if the 6 of us(in total) came together as a group. then, I replied "No, we did not come together as a group with that hong kong lady".no offences to the hong kong lady, but just to clarify things =)

    hamu-chan, thanks for the MC review. I will recall and see if I can remember anything else.

  2. Yes, I know you meant to clarify, that why I wrote "Before he could elaborate…" ^^
    Anyway, it was great to know that so many people flew into Japan to see Akina.

  3. Hamu, thanks for sharing the MC dialogue!

    Akina really has the power to draw people from around the world!

    Hmm, if Akina is serious, I guess she may really be contemplating retirement?

    Of course, it’s hardly the first time for her to discuss marriage and kids (she was talking about that way back in the ’80s). But now that she’s in her 40’s, she must be all the more keenly aware of the passage of time.

    We fans should be prepared…

    On a brighter note, there should be no reason not to release a concert DVD, especially given the upcoming TV broadcast.

  4. Thanks Hamu, for the clear translation because most of us who do not understand Japanese as well, can only skim and try and pick up what the Japanese BBS says.

    CJ is right. She might be considering retirement which is why she is so happily singing all these songs. It’s like there will be no such "suffering" anymore. However, like Ranbi’s lobang said, she likes to go back on her words … see calendar and concert pamphlet.

    Anyway, we should be happy for her if she chooses something she had wanted all her life … to get married and have kids. As long as she is happy, we are happy.

  5. Thanks all of the Vampires for the detailed concert reports and translation of MC. I did attend Yokohama concert but really had no idea what Akina was talking about. But I can tell from the responses of the audience that that she was very happy, relaxed and humorous and liked to make jokes of herself. Fans kept laughing and enjoyed chatting with her. I remembered there was a very long MC session, could be over 10 mins. I don’t believe many singers can keep talking to their fans for such a long duration in a concert. If someone can highlight some of the jokes that Akina made during the MC, it would be much appreciated.

    BTW, based on the report of the Vampires, I have a feeling that Akina is really planning for retirement or a change of her career from the front to back stage very soon. The theme of the concert tour, the new album title both gave us some hints on her decision to retire. I have a feeling that Akina will make some announcement during the release of her new song いい日旅立ち. Don’t you think the meaning of the song implies a new chapter of her life?

  6. Thank you very much for the report.

    Like Suzy, this is the first time that I understood and knew what they are talking about.

    It’s amazing how Akina is willing to talk with her fan this way.

    Regarding retirement, I, of course, want to continue to have Akina’s new work. However, if Akina choose her way of happiness, I will stand on her side and happpy for her. Afterall, I can only say thank you for such a great time over two decades.

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