MC@横浜 cond’t

i will add my part here…as much as I can recall for the MC @ 横浜…

 1. After performing 「LOVE GATE」, Akina began her talk by inviting the audience to be seated as she had a chair on stage as well(similar to the EMPRESS LIVE chair last year). She joked " Your legs must be tired after standing for such a long time, right!?" Akina goes on to joke that "She doesn’t take the subway or train at all…and since her age is also catching up with her(so is her physical health)…if anyone sees her on the train, please give the seat to her…hahahaha!!!"

2. Akina also mentioned about her good impression of 横浜  as a place to live in, as compared to 東京…..the tax rates, the urban development in 横浜…etc…

3. A fan shouted " I bought the Akina BOX!"…Akina appeared to be a bit lost and attempted to reply.."You meant the BEST FINGER album right..!!!"…to change the topic…

 During ENCORE @ 横浜, Akina performed 3 songs without music…

first was  「十戒」…Akina said " JUKKAI?!!! ah!!! I see….this layer of dress(referring to the black layer) similar to the dress I wore during 「十戒」, correct!?…okok…I will sing 「十戒」!" and she started to sing…"ぐ・・・ぐ・・・ぐ・・・ぐ・・・ぐ・・・ぐ・・・ずね・・・" she was trying to catch the correct pitch for the song since without music…a fan shouted jokingly " Please be serious in singing!!" Akina replied, also jokingly " I am trying my best to get the right pitch…can’t you see I’m trying my best?!!!" The atmosphere was funny and enjoyable! This is really the diva〜no nonsense!

second was 「ヨコハマA・KU・MA」…Akina managed to sing a few verses and hmm the song…and she said " This song is from my first or second album! It is difficult to remember to all the lyrics!hahahah..!!"

third was 「Slow Motion」.

for the double ENCORE 「GAME」、林田健司, the  composer for this song appeared on stage out of surprise to duet with Akina(for the rap part)…also, since the next day was the telecast of Heyx3 for this song.

tat’s all that I can recall =) 



Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

One thought on “MC@横浜 cond’t

  1. you forgot to mention that 林田健司 (Kenji) looks alot like our Kenji! Sharon got a shock and thought Kenji wore my shades and ran on stage!! LOL.

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