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Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

45 thoughts on “Suzy’s Mixes

  1. Hey DJ! ;D

    Thanks Very Much! SUZY DJ. For The Lastest Three EXTENDS Re-Mix’s And SUPER CLUB Mega-Mix, I LOVIN’ IT. In ESPECIALLY The Intro With TATTOO.

  2. Dear Suzy, I can’t believe there’ll be more. I love them especially Meu Amore and Akai Tori which are my all time favourites. Once again, thank you so much for your sharing. I hope you’ll continue your fabulous work in the future. Luv’em, luv’em, luv’em !!!!!!!!

  3. so nice to hear the feedback…

    i remember the impact "Meu Amore" had on me as a young fan. with that single, the UTAHIME was born, a diva that everyone knew was going to make a real mark in music history… it was hard to make too many changes to that song, but i’m sure the fans will enjoy my 2 simple versions of "Meu Akaitori" and "Akaitori Nigeta (edit)" anyway.

  4. Dear Suzy, there’s something wrong with the Moonlight Shadow link, an error message came out. So anxious……..

  5. Thank you very much!!

    I’m surprised by Night Shift and Everlasting Love. They are less popular but I do love them. Night Shift is one of my favorite song.

    Nothing can top Super Club Mix.

  6. Dear Suzy,

    You keep surprising us but I like these pleasant surprises!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

  7. Suzy, the links for the last two songs (Tomadoi and Appetite) do not work, I guess the numbers in front of the song names are missing. Can you take a look at them? Thanks!!!!!

  8. Hi Suzy, you’ve done a good job on the remix. I have never listened to Akina’s songs from the ‘VAMP’ EP. Is there a chance that you could remix some of the songs from this EP?

  9. Thank you Suzy – You have certainly brought more sunshine to my day! VAMP is simply one of the best from Akina.

  10. I listen and meet it, and only a good work of the result is very enough. It is done good work.
    If there seems to be a continuance, please improve.

  11. "I listen and meet it, and only a good work of the result is very enough. It is done good work.
    If there seems to be a continuance, please improve."

    Er….excuse me? Meaning?

  12. Jerry, i think Kotyan may have used an online translator to express his/her appreciation for the mixes. from what i can gather perhaps he meant he’d like to continue to see more (and even better) mixes in the future. =)

  13. Oh, IC. Well, as long as it’s an expression of his/her appreciation then that’s fine, ‘coz nobody should knock our bveloved DJ Suzy!

  14. Oh, IC. Well, as long as it’s an expression of his/her appreciation then that’s fine, ‘coz nobody should knock our beloved DJ Suzy!

  15. Online translation can be scarly. I wish they came up with something that is more reliable.

    DJ Suzy – Thank you very much again. Love it!! Vamp is fantastic. Kata Omoi is beautiful.

    BTW, I have the empress box, which has 3 instrument cds. I don’t know if those can be useful for you. Please let me know if they can.

  16. Yes. I wish to know it too. It’s so exciting to know that she sang プレイバック part2 as well. Sounds like a plan for a double A-side single to me.

  17. This is driving me insane. I downloaded the file but can’t decrypt it without the passphrase. It’s like giving a doggie a can of dog food without opening it!

  18. Kotyan – oh dear, all this "killing" going around. this is a classic case of Lost In Translation. Rip My Stockings, anyone? LOL.

    Hamu, can communicate in Japanese with Kotyan for the passphrase? and better be soon, before my stockings gets ripped inside out! LOL.

    Thanks all.

  19. It has just been revealed by Ranbi that this file is a hoax.

    We welcome anyone and everyone to share with whatever we have on Akina and the only thing that we ask for is harmony.

    In this current world of cultural misunderstandings and impending civil wars, there is further need to be sensitive on all fronts and try our best not to infuriate. In our desire to love and protect Akina, we have to understand that human values lie first and foremost.

    Let this be a lesson to all. We may be low brains to some, but we will take the higher road here. Loving and sharing will eventually see us through …

  20. 吓!真不知谁才是个低能儿?!

    I wonder who is the one that is brainless here?! Shame on you to use the name of "Akina" to spread such a rumour!

  21. okay guys, now that we know someone’s impersonating Kotyan and being a total prickhead, i’ve deleted all of his/her comments and reported his IP as spam to Squarespace.

    the best way to deal with pathetic trolls is plainly – ignore them. makes them really angry apparently. how "bird brained" is that? Uhuhuhu.

  22. Haha….

    That’s really a strange one.

    It’s getting extreme and extreme. Now, it made me laugh and sad at the time.

    Hope that person is well and in peace now.

  23. Wow, what happened exactly? I was away on a business trip all day yesterday and judging by the comments it seems that someone was stirring some shxx around here.

  24. Liang, looking at the literary pattern, i’m prone to believing you’re the same Kotyan poseur. what do the others think? shall we begin to exterminate all questionable forms of conduct (and bad English)?

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