Ring A Bell?

Cantopop at one of its best … but doesn’t the costume look like …


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

9 thoughts on “Ring A Bell?

  1. this is one of my favourite Cantonese song =)!
    Chen HuiXian is a good singer…pity that she isn’t singing as much now..

    as for that dress, I guess it was a pretty lousy copy..the whole setting was quite near…in fact, I guess this show should be an award ceremony..which looks so much like Japan’s Yusen Taisho setting.

  2. That clip is from TVB’s "Jade Solid Gold" 1988 year-end Top 10 Awards Presentation. It’s so obvious that that is a rip-off of Akina’s Nanpasen gown. I like Priscilla, even though she is considered really uncool. She was Sandy Lam’s classmate at high-school. It’s interesting to see that they were sort of each other’s rivals in the 80’s but their careers have taken very different turns since then. She held a couple of comeback concerts in HK in 2003 and released a great original album but sadly it had very little impact chart-wise.

  3. i remember this well (cos i am an old aunty)

    i was furious even though i was a fan at that stage. she looked tacky and it was so stupid that at the end of her number, she couldn’t walk at all, and the award had to be brought to her centrestage, where she seemed like she was glued to her spot cos the dress was too much/heavy for her.


    It’s funny how we all seem to like Priscilla at some stage but agreed mostly that it was not a good copy. For starters, the hat is way too big, covering too much of her face.

    Suzy, I love your comments. Maybe the dress was glued too and it could fall anytime.

    She could have been as famous as Sally, Sandy or Faye, but "stupidly", she chose to further her education and gave fame up. I am usually a supporter of someone making that decision in life, but somehow, I felt she missed a great chance there.

  5. Did anyone notice that the PV to this song (the one playing in the background) features a then unknown Aaron Kwok?

  6. Sorry to dig out such an old post, can’t help to write a comment. I was still trying to catch up with all the "archive" blogs this wonderful site has.

    Priscilla Chan is one of my favorite artist, her voice is so sentimental. I remembered watching this show back in 1988 and loved the custome and the lighting effect so much and I thought it was so original.

    But then…. recently I saw a still of Akina wearing this at Kohagu. Though I didn’t have a chance to see that year’s Utaggasen, I am sure Akina gave justice to the beautiful costume. Akina is so elegant!

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