Akina’s いい日旅立ち

OK… this is no prank ^^b

Click here to watch the trailer of "旅の贈りもの★0:00発". A snip of Akina’s naiitabidachi.jpgいい日旅立ち is played in the background.


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

14 thoughts on “Akina’s いい日旅立ち

  1. http://www.tabi-000.jp/intro.html
    Looks like 「駅」will be featured in the movie too… Think should be 竹内まりや’s version….
    I like how they introduce 明菜姫’s cover of "いい日旅立ち":

    Singing the beautiful ending song "Iihi Tabidachi" is Nakamori Akina, who respects Yamaguchi Momoe. The emotional nostalgic melody to touch your heart.

  2. So, they are going to use 「駅」 as well? I think they are using 德永英明’s version this time, not to mention that the movie will already feature two songs of his, including his cover of Miyuki’s 時代.

    He is also releasing his volume 2 of his hit album "Vocalist II" and surprise surprise, it also features 「いい日旅立ち」. I think Akina’s version would be better. I think he is also very shrewd to sing very popular songs on this second volume. Most of the songs are my all time Japanese favourites.


    Ranbi, I know you like him but I’m not so keen. Before you buy this, can I colour your impressions with the original classics first? They are mostly women songs and should stay so!!

  3. Uhm… I like Takunaga’s "Vocalist" too leh…. I think he knows what type of female song to choose…

  4. I see that he’s covering Akina’s Second Love, Mariya’s Single Again, as well as Seiko’s 瞳はダイアモンド. Should be interesting but then again, I’m not sure how they would sound. James, I think you’re right – they are women songs and should stay that way. I mean, Takao Kisugi did his own versions of Slow Motion and Second Love and whilst they are not horrible, they just sound weird.

  5. I must say that I like Hideaki Tokunaga as well.

    For Akina, this single sounds very good. I’m excited to get it as well.

  6. I don’t hate Tokunaga. He has a very unique voice and he has some classics on his own. However, unlike singers I have heard do covers like Akina and Fukuyama, I find his voice rather monotonous and somehow, fails to bring out the highs and lows that a woman’s voice may bring to these songs.

    Maybe because he is attempting all of my favourties which is why I am a little defensive but at the same time, I recognise it is a great challenge and he should be applauded for even trying.

  7. It sounds very much like the original Momoe version except the melody is slower and more emotional. I love it. Thanks for posting

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