so nice!

thanks for the new info Hamu!

i really like what they’ve done graphically wise as the teaser for the Uta Hime Best, as opposed to the previous more “old fashioned” (Empress Box Set) and “lame” (walk-of-fame-cross-my-palm Best Finger) efforts. this one’s breezy and a style reminiscent of Silent Love!

i’m proned to believing Iihitabidachi will be released as new material on the album instead of as a standalone single. if she’s clever, she’ll do that to secure better sales. but then, she can milk our love for her since i am willing to slurp up ANYTHING she releases these days. so yeah, bring in on, Akina!

i know it’ll most probably be a compilation across all Uta Hime series, but if i have it my way, i’d make overhauls to all selected tracks so they’re all renewed. but then again, i’ve always shuddered at her “self renewal works” (Regeneration horror, True Akina half heartedness, and SuperBest-where-in-the-world-is-the-remix-remix? oh i geddit, it’s in the heavier bass beats).

other dream list items even tho it’s not congruent with the theme: remixes of Raka Ryusui (ala Dinner Show ’05 version) – technically that’s a remake, no? hahahaha – and Hana yo Odore (can’t get enough of that song!! i swear she’s singing witchcraft to us!)

and finally, a non-stop dance remix of Destination – the album that shall have the honour of being the most ubiquitous album in my car, house, hotel, gym, bathroom… you get the drift.

i love you, Akina! thanks for keeping us hooked and continuing with the releases and i’m finally ok with the way you pronounce “gras rei. rey ey.”


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

15 thoughts on “so nice!

  1. what a good news!

    I have 2 guesses:

    1. this BEST will be selection from her previous 3 releases of 歌姫series…which is highly and it includes いい日旅立ち as bonus track..since it is also a cover song…

    2. or this will be another cover album??

    anyway, I am still wondering about the above pic…which perfomace was that pic taken from…

  2. According to HMV review:

    So…. guess it’s confirmed that it is a best album of the Utahime series (re-mastered). And 「いい日旅立ち」(both Akina and Momoe version??) will be included in the album…

  3. I guess the record company realizes that they can make more money by putting 「いい日旅立ち」on an album as opposed to putting it out as a single. The 3,500 yen version probably contains a DVD of the video for 「いい日旅立ち」.

  4. wow. 2 different pricings/versions. see, she’s becoming a great milker! LOL.

    i’m so used to seeing her in recycled clothes that i can’t fathom where this teaser is from! which performance, which show,…?

    but it could jolly well be an all new shoot. perhaps from MV for Iihitabidachi? what is she holding on to? a stalk of flowers?

  5. The dress seems too modern for the songs. no?

    It looks like she’s swining chain or something like that.

  6. oh yah you’re right Patrick. looks like some chain dangling off her bottom. could be part of the belt?

  7. I’d like to think she’s gone all adventurous by being a dominatrix but seriously, I think it’s a belt for her to play with, in absence of the big trench coat.

    If she is really clever, she will add more than one new song on the series. Maybe it might include live versions that we never got to hear? I think I’m dreaming on this … Ha! Ha!

  8. yar! like Sepun and Hotel No Riverside!

    great to see you today Jamez!! =)) take care and see you again soon!

  9. Great to see all of you too!! We always have so much fun together. Everytime I think of the possibility of Joy meeting her on the plane, I can’t help but laugh … and dance. Ha! Ha!

  10. the stickers seem to only accompany the Normal version hor? so clever. then we have to buy both versions just to get DVD and stickers. i dun wanna think about the cover. no expectations – no disappointment. she’s let me down so many times recently.

  11. Very clever of Akina to have different freebies for the two version. 「いい日旅立ち」could be the only new work in this album….

  12. I don’t think this album is going to have a lot of budget in it. It’s hard to top the empress box. That box is just stunning and beautiful.

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