No More Encore

hi guys, this will be my last post on VAMP as i am so bloody disapppointed and cheesed off at the selfishness that’s plagued Akina fans. what’s wrong with you lot? with the close to non-existent promotion Akina’s doing online i can only wish her the very best.

i’ve given up. you can now merry make, and pray that she makes enough sales to cut a few more albums for your enjoyment. and when she’s doing no more encores, it’ll personally thrill me to no end to see the faces of those guilty for her nosedive. which has started anyway as hard as i may fight and deny it.

VAMP Radio Station will run till the end of the month-long period. 

that’s all folks. 


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

32 thoughts on “No More Encore

  1. Danny – I’m sorry to hear that you are upset. I can totally understand when your hard work and well intention were treated in different way.

    I can only say that VAMP made me continue to love Akina and support Akina. It’s great to take a break from work and check on VAMP to see if there is any new update.

    For example on the new LIVE video, we cannot every do the ppv from outside Japan.

    Please don’t give up. You know that many people are benefit from your website. Hey… don’t let go Finland’s fan and the a few other countries that’s probably very hard to find Akina’s information.

  2. Hey Danny,
    Don’t give up, man!! This website links up Akina Fans all over the world, even those far from Finland, Chile (can’t imagine). Cheer up!!

  3. Now you guys have ruined the best Akina blog on earth! I have not left any comments in the past, but now I feel compelled to. I’m not sure what happened that led you to such a devastating decision. Is there anything we can do to make you reconsider? Please don’t leave this blog! I’ve benefited a whole lot from it being based out in nowhere land.

  4. Thanks to this blog, I have discovered the greatness of Nakamori Akina, and have seen so many videos of her. I don’t know what happened either, but I hope that the doinks won’t get you down. Akina is so obscure among Western J-pop fandom, and your blog helps spread awareness of her amd her music. So please don’t close down this blog or leave it.

  5. What happened, Danny? I went away for the weekend and Wham! Bam! The new live videos have been removed and you posted your last post??!!

  6. Huh? ;___;
    I was always so happy about this site. This place has given me a more indepth view on Akina than I could have ever hoped for and it’s been constantly updated which is something really to be admired. Here in Finland nobody listens to anything Japanese music wise and it’s really difficult to get that kind of stuff unless you happen to have a credit card (which I now happen to have finally! STOCK, la alteracion and DESTINATION getting ordered as we speak ^^! More to come of course). Thanks to the new radio I’ve been able hear even more tracks that I had never even heard of and I’m really grateful for that. And of course the video uploads have always been much appreciated (I’m still drooling over DESTINATION sample video .__. I really want it)
    I really hope that you’re just joking :(!

  7. MG,
    Please tell us more about you. Are you an asian fan in Finland? How did you know Akina and when you started to like Akina?
    It’s fasinating to find Akina’s fan in all different part of the world.

  8. This is my first time leaving a comment. I just want to voice my appreciation for this blog and all the work you all have done all along. Before stumbling on your site, my admiration for Akina and love for her music was sort of a lonely journey. There is so little information we can get outside of Japan and new are hardly ever available in English. This site is a marvellous stop for me, and I have found like minded fans from other parts of the world sharing my passion for all things related to Akina. My love for her has grown even more all thanks to you. I will be very upset if this site gets shut down. I do not know you personally Danny B, but I know you are one of the biggest Akina fan and are very passionate about this site. Please write again. Thank you and I LOVE AKINA & VAMP.


  9. Patrick, well I already did some sort of introduction in the second radio stats comments but okay I’ve been listening to Akina since probably late 2005 when I discovered her through a totally random download which was Niji. I almost deleted it regarding it as a another not so mind blowing ballad but the vocals just kept pulling me in. Then I did some background searching and amidst all the 80s #1 seller stuff I noticed her suicide attempt which I guess made some sort of an impact on me that made me view her from a different perspective (I was wondering whether she might be singing about that kind of lost love in Niji because I still know only very limited Japanese). After that I downloaded the I hope so and Utahime 3 (I’m gonna buy them if this credit card ordering starts working for me!) But I wasn’t really that impressed until I heard Slow Motion from BEST FINGER. That’s when my jaw dropped :P. Beautiful arrangement and singing and even guitar! Then there was Meu Amore and rest is history.

    I’m only 18 right now and I’m also very interested in Japanese music in general (pretty rare here) but Akina of course is #1 for me. I guess I like her better as of 1988 than her more earlier releases because I really love her low and mature voice. My favourite Akina album would probably be la alteracion or Stock. Thanks to Akina I think I’ve started to appreciate different music styles and realise what magic a singer’s interpration can do to a song. Oh and I’m not asian! Just a normal Finn :). How I wish we had Japanese music stores here in Finland!

    But yeah this wasn’t supposed to be about me :P. Don’t give up Danny!

  10. What happened? Please elaborate on the who made the selfish act that lead to this impulsive decision. You have many fan around the world trying to get Akina info. I check your site religiously for updates and latest videos. There are not much Akina material in Canada. The All-About-Akina site was shut down in July by the Author. I am hoping someone can change you mind. I have not posted anything before. But I must let you know how much I have appreciated your site. Please re-consider. The Akina experience is much more important than any one’s selfish act. Don’t let any fool affect you that much. It is not worth as much as Akina. Keep on the GREAT work! PLEASE!!!

  11. Hello everybody. I seems I’ve been M.I.A. for a quite a while. Sorry! I haven’t visited the VAMP site very much lately, so I was stunned when I read Danny’s post.

    Danny, I can understand your disappointment. You’re certainly justified in feeling frustrated and discouraged when your efforts are continually being thwarted by a few narrow-minded individuals.

    That said, I really hope that you will re-consider your position after you’ve had some time to think about it.

    The VAMP blog has been such a great service to Akina fans around the world, many of whom would otherwise find it exceedingly difficult to stay abreast of Akina’s doings.

    While the tremendous value of the video clips was quite obvious, the interaction that takes place on this blog, as well as the bounty of great information that’s provided, continues to make VAMP an invaluable resource for many fans to recharge and maintain their Akina mania.

    The big question is: how can VAMP go on without its creator?

    I don’t see how it could. Minus your enthusiasm and creative energy, it definitely wouldn’t be the same.

    Please don’t give up, man…

  12. Hi,
    I’m one of those people who come to this website but have not make any posts before.

    I don’t consider myself an Akina fanatic though I do listen to her songs and have a few of her older albums.

    I like to say that I am very impressed with the effort of the fans here who
    1. Set up this blog
    2. Set up the radio station
    3. Making all the Akina’s remixes and the Revamp Vol 1 CD.
    4. Even the design of the ‘old’ is very impressive.

    I haven’t done much to promote Akina online (nor do I intend to really). I did made the following home video and I like to dedicate it to the people who set up this website and the radio station.

    I don’t know what happened that causes Danny to say what he did, but hopefully he’ll be back rejunvenated after taking a well-deserved break??

  13. hi dannybunny,

    please don’t give up! this blog brings the updated news of akina/video outside japan. it also be a place for gathering the one who love akina in the world. i don’t know what have been happened before. but please, please don’t give up!

  14. hi dannybunny,

    please don’t give up! this blog brings the updated news of akina/video outside japan. it also be a place for gathering the one who love akina in the world. i don’t know what have been happened before. but please, please don’t give up!

  15. Tiffy, that was a brilliant and very good effort! Thanks for sharing. =) I wish there were more similar creatives from Akina fans!

    Hey, anyone heard from Danny yet?

  16. Sorry if the name set off a false alarm. I just happen to have the same name.

    I think the effort that has gone into this site, the bootleg remixes (they are probably the best I’ve heard done on Akina songs), the dialogue between fans are invaluable. I am amazed and very impressed with how the internet has allowed Akina to gain new fans and those as young as MG, and all the way in Finland. Without a resource like VAMP, I am almost certain many international Akina fans will find it difficult to upkeep their interest and love for her. For some time, I thought Akina wasn’t doing any more work or singing anymore. Until I discovered the old which Danny has set up. I can still remember the brilliant site design and how it makes those funny sounds. I thought to myself then – what a talented bunch Akina fans are! I also wondered if she knew of the huge support network she has outside of Japan.

    I am also dumbfounded by how some fans seem to want to clamour Akina to themselves. The Japanese sites also seem to post very little imagery and visuals, for fear of violating copyright. I can’t read Japanese for my life. So I have been relying on VAMP for the latest Akina updates and releases.

    I also buy and support Akina releases even though I’ve seen video clips, images, or heard her songs. I think the radio station is a god-sent for me. I tune in at work, and there is something magical about tuning in and not knowing which song will play next. My colleague overheard some tracks last week and asked who that moving voice is from. I took the opportunity to introduce Akina to her.

    What I want to say is sharing need not discourage sales if those fans are worried about that. I believe you guys have converted new fans from around the world. It will be such a waste if you guys stop doing this due to some irrational fan behaviour.

    Cheer up Danny and VAMP! Don’t give up!!

  17. Hey DannyB,
    I just wanted you to know that because of your website only, I have spent hundreds of $$$ on her DVD – "re-releases", and CDs! It was your shared thoughts of Akina that rejuvinated her music back for me. As far as I know, your website is the only one that is current.

    Please don’t shut it down. We would have no place to go for her news. Let us know what we can do to help out. Don’t let a few bad apples ruin the entire lot.


  18. Dannybunny, what has happened? I hope it’s not because someone takes legal action against you.

    Tiffy, I loved your home video. It is so 80s. Are you the "Femme Fatale" in the video?

  19. Hi Danny Bunny

    Please don’t shut this blog down – please…
    Please reconsider and let other akina’s fans know what we can do to help out.

    For those akina’s fans who cannot understand Japanese, this blog is really important that keeps us up-to-date. And, thanks for your greatest efforts, it has been a website that I visit every day and am always hoping to see any news about akina.

    Kit (Hong Kong guy from UK)

  20. Hello Danny,

    I am joining the legion of "armchair VAMP fans" who feels like he must "come out of the closet" and tell you how much I have appreciated your site. For 2 reasons:

    1. Your blog is wonderfully done, regardless of content. I really appreciate how updated you tried to keep it.

    2. Thanks for raising Akina awareness in the English-speaking world. Honestly, I would imagine Akina herself should probably write you a thank-you note.

    I am in my mid-30s now. I live in New York now but grew up in Hong Kong, loving Akina’s music when I was little. Having lived in the U.S. longer than I had in Asia, and initially having zero access to Akina news and music, I have all but forgotten about her, until the dawn of the internet and sites such as CJ’s and yours. It has DEFINITELY helped rekindled my appreciation for Akina’s music. I recently bought the Akina Box (yes, our Uta-hime, believe me when I say this sites do help push some CDs–even expensive ones), and while listening to Crimson, my all-time favorite Akina albums, I didn’t think I would be ready for all the memories of my childhood that it brought back for me. So I thank you for the part that your site contributed to preserving a part of my memories, and my continued interest in Akina’s new music and career.

    I, too, am at a loss as to exactly what happened. But from others’ posts here, please do know that some of us wholehearted appreciate your work.


  21. Dont know what’s happened recently. So sad, it seems all the things have a time to pass away. Just like my fd, RX, he is also a great fans of Akina, but he disappeared for a time…..

  22. It’s great to hear all different voice from different part of the world.

    Danny – See you have done? Come back soon.

  23. I’m experiencing a little shock (I didn’t miss it). Before this site I never got to see Akina perform I only had a few CDs. I really appreciate all the effort that has gone into this site. Is there a way that we could write Akina and ask her to make this her official english site? Would that be helpful? I’m still a little confused but maybe we need to let her know that her "english speaking" fans ( I’m not a fanatic but she is my favorite singer of all time) really need a place to come togeather. Maybe if that happened Dannybunny would feel some more support and help and even some proper recognition for the spectacular effort put into this site (and others). I have bought CDs only becasue I’ve gotten to see on Vamp and All About Akina Nakamori that she was coming out with something new. If it wasn’t for the websites I’d be in the dark. Well I’ve enjoyed it while it was here. Back to the dark ages….

  24. Maybe we all just need to write Akina an english album that will get her noticed in places other than Japan. Just a big thought to throw out there but…is she even interested in singing anymore?

  25. To Dawn:

    Akina did release an English album in 1987 called "Cross My Palm". It was even released in the States but it bombed…..BIG TIME. To be fair, apart from her heavily accented English, the music just wasn’t very good. Even if the music was great, at the end of the day, I think it’s just hard for Asians to break the US/European markets (why is that?). Just look at Seiko and Coco Lee, to name a few.

  26. Hi Jerry,

    I know it is difficult but not impossible. I have Cross My Palm and I see the reason that it bombed.The songs are less thatn average. I just think that with actual good songs and focus on proper annunciation Akina could have at least one good english album. No offence to anyone but sometimes culture mind sets don’t translate like the HEAT video with the stuffed animal thingy. She looked and sounded wonderful but what the heck….huh? She’d have to have something that would just blow people away. I think it could be done with the right people and the right timing.

    Am I too optimistic?

  27. When Cross My Palm came out, it sounds good for its time. Watching its MV, it was beautiful.

    Am I the only one who like Cross My Palm when it came out? Well, I don’t listen to it now. just not often. 🙂

  28. Cross My Palm in my opinion is way below Akina’s vocal gifts. It’s nice but honestly would not hold up in an American market. She needs songs that are going to match her abilities. The majority of her songs are wonderful and I’m not complaining but you have to look at it from a business standpoint. Her PR was probably not that good either. You know Sarah McLachlan had the Lilith tour. Well perhaps a tour similar to that featuring Asian female singers would be the break through PR that they need to gain a foothold. Akina could be the co-ordinator/executive producer. From that PR she could perhaps with the right people do a tremendous english album.

    It’s not impossible if the will is there to do it. I’m not so sure that Akina is interested in singing anymore though. I know there is alot of interest in J-Pop in the USA and I’m sure a tour would have good success. That would be great exposure for Akina and other Asian singers. You have to lay the foundation carefully before moving forward. I think it’s a great idea. Is there a way to contact Akina? Whoever her manager is does not seem to be doing a very good job but since I don’t know too much about her management I could be incorrect.

    There are alot of things that can be done.

  29. Hey DannyB,
    Can we help pay to keep the music streaming? Give me your paypal account name and I will help fund the radio station to keep it streaming. I don’t want it to end. You can setup a generic VAMP fund account too.

    We would like to help in any which way we can.


  30. Hey Danny,

    I am really devastated to hear about your decision. You have done such a wonderful job in uniting Akina fans around the world. I have been a loyal fan of Akina’s for 22 years and never had I been able to read so much about Akina or see her video clips until the creation of this website.

    I was crazy enough to buy two copies of the same magazine just because Akina’s pictures are printed on both sides of a page. I used to drive my Mom nuts and now she finally understands. My husband who never knew who Akina was now listens to her songs in the car. He even surprised me with tickets to see her concert two years ago. My Dad who just turned 65 is also a fan of Akina’s and is currently learning Japanese just so that he can understand her songs better.

    Come on, Danny…. Please reconsider. We really appreciate what you have done. There are many diehard Akina fans out there that crave anything and everything about Akina. And don’t forget those of us who are trying to learn more about her.

    Like RT, I would like to help too.

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