Very Best?

Another Best compilation? However, this is due for release in a few days … wonder why the rush?

Doesn’t actually reveal which company it is from as well, so could it be GAUSS, since she never had a BEST collection released – "WILL" does not count because they are remixes.

On another note, they are re-releasing for the hundredth time, 5.1 revamped versions of her Warner DVDs, but this time, they are all packaged in a "DVD Collection" BOX:


4Live In ’88: Femme Fatale – 5.1 Version

4Live In ’87: A Hundred Days – 5.1 Version

4夢: ’91 Akina Nakamori Special Live – 5.1 Version

4ビター & スウィート: 1985 サマー ツアー – 5.1 Version

4イースト ライヴ: インデックス 23 – 5.1 Version

Unfortunately, they still do not contain the expanded versions, and the price is ¥9,479. Other news include the setlist from her dinner show from the Akina Fun Site (Thanks):


03 愛撫


06 色彩のブルース
07 恋の予感
08 ジュテーム
09 愛はかげろう


11 十戒(1984)
12 ミ・アモーレ
13 飾りじゃないのよ涙は
14 少女A(DDバージョン)
15 DESIRE-情熱-(DDバージョン)

Like the owner of the site, I am wondering if she is singing the songs from her upcoming 歌姫ベスト? I would be delighted if she has some new songs in it but I’m "so-so" on the songs 7 and 9. I just think there are better songs. Lastly, the Seiko cover "瑠璃色の地球" is the latest song confirmed on the list. No surprises really …


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

11 thoughts on “Very Best?

  1. so fed up with the setlist really. can’t understand why she always have preferences for some songs. she’s got loads of other songs in her carrer!

  2. This is the tracklist:

    1 飾りじゃないのよ涙は
    2 セカンド・ラブ
    3 難破船
    4 スローモーション
    5 ミ・アモーレ
    6 ジプシー・クイーン
    7 Desire-情熱ー
    8 Tango Noir
    9 月華
    10 愛撫
    11 Liar
    12 Blonde
    13 Moonlight Shadow~月に吠えろ
    14 Tokyo Rose
    15 原始、女は太陽だった
    16 二人静ー天河伝説殺人事件より

    Almost identical to "Special Best" released in 1999. Shshhh.

  3. I agreed with someone mentioned here before that all this greatest hit albums is not really good for Akina’s career. I used to buy them just for collection sake.

    Now, I have to stop and only buy if it comes with something very special.

  4. Hi Ray,
    I, personally, think that Akina has to deal with two different group of fans. Many artist has this problem. One group just wants to listen to the old hit classic. The other want a new or different material.

    I love Madanna’s latest concert, which majority of the songs were from her new album. However, someone said that they will not go again because they dont’ know those songs.

  5. well yeah, that’s true, i’ve only got to listen to akina since the ‘unbalance + balance’ album, so i don’t really share that much ‘passion’ for those old classics as some of the other fans may do. personally i think one major problem in akina’s carrer is that she lacks one really big (or bigger at least) hits in the last say 10 years. honestly so many singles of hers were so badly chosen, and she missed quite a number of really good chances to be back in the map again (well, ‘the heat’ is such a big disappoinment as a follow-up strategy after the big hit of utahime 2, i think…).. again, it’s always this love-and-hate feelings that akina fans are having… lol

  6. I think many true fans having same feeling toward the artist. We love the artist so much that we want the best out. We want the artist to have forever ever career.

    Like many others, I’m disappointed by Akina’s recent work although I must say that ‘Destination’ is very good and refreshing.

    However, after involving with this entertainment business, I realized that one key factor of successful is MARKETING. Massive money can certainly generate buzz.

    For Akina, every mistake in her life did has effect for us to love her as well. I wish Akina took care of her voice better than she has been. I love her but I do think that she need to repair her voice. Many famouse artist continue to do voice training and expand the range.

    Well, sorry for such a long comment.

  7. i love Akina’s voice circa ’87-89. that had the best balance of her sultriness, power and clarity. her voice has changed dramatically over the years (smoke, drink, not taking care maybe), but stangely, i cannot imagine her doing her new songs with her old voice. i do enjoy her new voice too.

    marketing IS almost everything in this age. Ayu is the sole product of brilliant packaging and endless stacks of yen thrown into promoting her as the next big thing, until people actually believe she was! and then everyone helps perpetuate the product of marketing mastery. Jolin Tsai is another lame duck thriving on the same businesss model.

  8. haha… thanks for bringing up jolin here.. my dad always frowns whenever he sees her on TV, he always asks me why she is so beloved by fans.. well, mm… lol

  9. My friend who attended the dinner show in Tokyo last night just informed/alerted me that this year’s rundown is exactly the same as the one in 2004. What’s more, the costumes are exactly the same, too! What’s going on??? She really is a lazy cow. Or maybe she just can’t be bothered anymore??

  10. wow…

    Same costumes with same set list does not sound like a fair treatment to her fans.

    I’m sad and don’t have a good feeling about this.

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