HMV Shibuya Appearance Report!

this is an exclusive report from Shibuya HMV!! hahaha. i got my best pal Sharon (who’s also an ardent fan Akina and currently studying in Japan) to pop by HMV and hopefully get me an autograph!! but then, FAT hope. it was a "closed door" event. they enclosed the entire area with black cloth so no one can view what’s going on inside. apparently, to gain entry, you need some pass which was given out on Tuesday.

Sharon couldn’t see what’s inside very clearly, but she said it was an intimate affair with about 4 rows of audience. she was hoping to catch a glimpse of Akina coming through the escalator area at the very least, but tough luck too. magically, Akina managed to get into the cordoned off area without going thru the public access areas. when she apppeared fans were heard shouting "kawaii"! not sure what she wore.

before she arrived, they were playing the Iihitabidachi "promotional video" from what the host said. not sure if it was a new PV or one edited from the movie tho.

Sharon called me and i was on the phone with her for a part of the talk-show. i could barely hear her as she was speaking so softly. even Sharon who was standing just right next to the black cloth couldn’t hear her very well at times.

anyhow, here are some exciting bits she managed to sieve out of what Akina said:

  • she said it’s a new year and what she was wearing signals a great new beginning.
  • the album took about a year in preparation and she highly recommends this labour of love which includes her renditions of songs sung by singers she most respects. the album means alot to her and she’s very proud and happy with it.
  • she loves Macdonald’s Big Mac with ALOTTA ketchup!! (we need to arrange a Big Mac gathering for Akina fans next time)
  • she wants a massage chair cos she doesn’t have one at home (oh man, can anyone tell me how i can buy and send one to her!?!? can we ask the fan club? i’d love to get ger any massage chair she wants!!)
  • she likes bowling (especially with Seiko. hahaha. kidding)
  • she always goes fo sports massages
  • her favourite present from fans is Hokkaido canned crabs and scallops!! she loves to eat them with rice!
  • she loves cooking huge amounts of food cos she used to cook for her brothers!
  • she said the worst thing is to cook and eat alone. she spoke nothing but food for a long time! haha.
  • to destress, all she needs is to hear fans’ shouts of encouragement and support. that’s how she goes on no matter how awful she feels before her concerts. just like how she used to feel before her ballet classes as a child.
  • and GREAT NEWS!!!! there will be a concert in the future!!! she mentioned to keep a lookout for more news regarding the concert on her website.
  • she gave out 5 autographed clear files in a lucky draw. she said she loved clear files when she was in school.
  • she kept apologising about having only 5 presents.
  • and then she bade farewell
  • no autograph session
  • her last words were "Bye Bye King!" (Bye Bye King is a word-play used when bidding goodbye. "Bai Kin" means "germs" in japanese. so it’s sounds like "Bye Bai Kin" = "Bye Germs!" she’s funny.
  • she also sang the words "Sayonaraaaaa" in exaggerated enka style!
  • Sharon took a peep and saw TV camera crew inside. so we can expect TV clips of the event maybe?
  • Akina was very touched everyone bought both the CD and DVD.

that’s about it!!! thanks to Sharon who risked having her camera confiscated by the security (they wouldn’t even allow her to snap pix of the black cloth can you imagine!?) and for staying through the event even tho there’s nothing to see. =))


Akina fanboy since 14. Still undecided which are his top ten favourite Akina tracks as it's mission impossible. Digs "Everlasting Love" a whole lot more than the average Akina fan.

6 thoughts on “HMV Shibuya Appearance Report!

  1. Thanks for the link. It’s great to see that she’s looking rather cheerful and well there. She still needs to put on some weight though – the Destination Live and Empress Live DVDs really capture her rather anorexic look.

  2. Thanks for the report too and a big Thanx to Sharon. I guess that’s what die hard fans like us do.

    MacDonalds should get Akina to promote them though I hate the product. She does need the fat though, and ketchup is better for her voice than chilli, so keep that one up.

    Lastly, great news on the concert even if I still can’t attend. At least she sounds like she will be more active this year … again!

  3. Fantastic report. This is great!!

    Thank you very much.

    Reading your report made me day dream of my day in Japan.

  4. The concert part made me really happy ^^
    Then again the thing that would have made me even happier would’ve been her announcing that she quit smoking as a new year’s resolution haha.

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